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sidereal hour angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ ساعتی ِ اختری   
zâviye-ye sâ'ati-ye axtari (#)

Fr.: angle horaire   

The angle on the celestial sphere measured westward from the hour circle of the vernal equinox to that of the celestial body.

sidereal; → hour angle.

solid angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ فضایی، ~ دفزه   
zâviye-ye fazâyi, ~ dafzé

Fr.: angle solide   

The figure formed by three or more planes meeting at a common point or formed at the vertex of a cone. The solid angle completely surrounding a point is 4π steradian. → steradian.

solid; → angle.

Zâviyé, → angle; fazâyi "of or relating to space," → space; jâmed, → solid.

spherical angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ کُره‌ای   
zâviye-ye koreyi

Fr.: angle sphérique   

An angle formed on the surface of a sphere by the intersection of two great circles of the sphere.

spherical; → angle.

spherical triangle
  سه‌بر ِ کُره‌ای   
sebar-e kore-yi

Fr.: triangle sphérique   

A triangle drawn on the → surface of a → sphere. A spherical triangle, like a plane triangle, may be right, obtuse, acute, equilateral, isosceles, or scalene. The sum of the angles of a spherical triangle is greater than 180° (π) and less than 540° (3π). See also → spherical excess.

spherical; → triangle.

subtended angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ زیرتانیده   
zâvie-ye zirtânidé

Fr.: angle sous-tendu   

An angle whose two sides pass through the endpoints of an arc.

Subtended p.p. of → subtend; → angle.

summer triangle
  سه‌بر ِ تابستانی   
sebar-e tâbestâni

Fr.: triangle d'été   

The triangular shape formed by the three bright stars → Altair, → Deneb, and → Vega on the northern hemisphere's → celestial sphere, particularly visible during the summer months.

summer; → triangle.

supplementary angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ آُپرنده   
zâviye-ye âporandé

Fr.: angle supplémentaire   

The angle that when added to a given angle makes 180°. → complementary angle.

supplementary; → angle.

tilt angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ گرا   
zâviye-ye gerâ

Fr.: angle d'inclinaison   

The angle a rocket makes with the vertical as it curves along its trajectory.

tilt; → angle.

  سه‌گوش، سه‌گوشه، سه‌بر   
seguš (#), segušé; (#), sebar (#)

Fr.: triangle   

The plane figure formed by three lines intersecting in pairs at three points; a three-sided → polygon. → equilateral triangle, → isosceles triangle, → scalene triangle.

M.E., from O.Fr. triangle, from L. triangulum "triangle," from neuter of adj. triangulus "three-cornered," from tri-, → three, + angulus "corner," → angle.

Seguš "three-cornered," from , → three, + guš "corner, → angle."
Sebar "three-sided," from , → three, + bar "→ side; breadth; breast."

triangle inequality
  ناهموگی ِ سه‌بری   
nâhamugi-ye sebari

Fr.: inégalité triangulaire   

1) A theorem according to which any side of a triangle is always shorter than the sum of the other two sides.
2) The third requirement for a → distance function describing a → metric space.

triangle; → inequality.

viewing angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ دید   
zâviye-ye did (#)

Fr.: angle de visée   

The maximum angle at which a display, such as a TV screen, can be viewed with acceptable visual performance.

Viewing, from view, M.E. v(i)ewe (n.); M.Fr. veue "sight," feminine p.p. of veoir "to see," from L. videre "to see," → vision; → angle.

Zâviyé, → angle; didvision.

Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP)
   WASP: جستجوی ِ سیاره با زاویه‌ی ِ گشاده   
WASP: josteju-ye sayâré bâ zâviye-ye gošâdé

Fr.: WASP: recherche à angle large de planètes   

An international collaboration, more accurately named SuperWASP, led by the United Kingdom, that aims at detecting → extrasolar planets by means of the → transit method. SuperWASP consists of two robotic observatories that operate continuously all year around, providing coverage of the sky in both hemispheres. The first, SuperWASP-North, is located on the island of La Palma. The second, SuperWASP-South, is located at the site of the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). The observatories each consist of eight wide-angle cameras that simultaneously monitor the sky for → planetary transit events. Using the array of cameras makes it possible to monitor millions of stars simultaneously at an → apparent visual magnitude from about 7 to 13.

wide; → angle; → search; → planet.

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