An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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image intensifier
  تنوگر ِ تصویر   
tanugar-e tasvir

Fr.: intensificateur d'image   

Device that produces an observable image that is brighter at output than the image at input.

image; → intensifier.

image plane
  هامن ِ تصویر   
hâmon-e tasvir

Fr.: plan d'image   

The plane in which is formed an image produced by an → optical system.

image; → plane.

image point
  نقطه‌ی ِ تصویر   
noqte-ye tasvir

Fr.: point image   

One of the points constituting an extended image formed in an → optical system.

image; → point.

image processing
  آمایش ِ تصویر   
âmâyeš-e tasvir

Fr.: traitement d'image   

The use of techniques to produce, extract, identify, and display images for evaluation, interpretation, and further interaction with the data.

image; → processing.

image quality
  چونی ِ تصویر   
cuni-ye tasvir

Fr.: qualité d'image   

1) The degree of visibility of relevant → information in an image.
2) The → full-width at half-maximum of a long exposure stellar image obtained by an instrument mounted on a telescope observing in the presence of → seeing.

image; → quality.

image resolution
  واگشود ِ تصویر   
vâgošud-e tasvir

Fr.: résolution d'image   

The separation between two detached but adjacent points in an image.

image; → resolution.

image restoration
  بازسازی ِ تصویر   
bâzsâzi-ye tasvir (#)

Fr.: restauration d'image   

The process by virtue of which the original image can be created by removing the blurring and the noise that occur during image formation.

image; → restoration.

image scale
  مرپل ِ تصویر   
marpel-e tasvir

Fr.: échelle de l'image   

The quantity that relates the length on the image to the angular or physical separations on the sky.

image; → scale.

image space
  فضای ِ تصویر   
fazâ-ye tasvir

Fr.: espace image   

In an → optical system, the space defined by the totality of → image points. The corresponding points in image space and → object space are called → conjugate points.

image; → space.

image tube
  لوله‌ی ِ تصویرگر   
lule-ye tasvigar

Fr.: tube imageur   

A device for amplifying faint images by electronic means. Electrons, released when the incident radiation forms a pattern on a photocathode, are accelerated by a magnetic field so that they form a second, brighter image when they strike a phosphor screen.

image; → tube.


Fr.: imaginaire   

1) Existing only in the imagination.
2) Math.: → imaginary number.

imagine; → -ary.

imaginary number
  عدد ِ پنداشتی   
adad-e pendâšti (#)

Fr.: nombre imaginaire   

A number that is or can be expressed as the square root of a negative number; thus √ -1 is an imaginary number, denoted by i; i2 = - 1.

imaginary; → number.

pendâštan (#)

Fr.: imaginer   

1) To form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses).
2) To think, believe, or fancy.
3) To assume; suppose.
4) To conjecture; guess (

M.E. imaginen, from M.Fr. imaginer "sculpt, carve, paint; decorate," from L. imaginari "to form a mental picture, picture to oneself, imagine," from imago "an image, a likeness," from stem of imitari "to copy, imitate" (from PIE root *aim- "to copy").

Pendâštan "to imagine, consider, think," from Mid.Pers. pad êd dâštan "to consider," from pad "to, at, in, on" + êd "this" + dâštan "to have, hold, keep" (Mod.Pers. dâštan); O.Pers./Av. root dar- "to hold, keep back, maintain, keep in mind;" Skt. dhar- "to hold, keep, preserve," dharma- "law;" Gk. thronos "elevated seat, throne;" L. firmus "firm, stable;" Lith. daryti "to make;" PIE base *dher- "to hold, support."

tasvirgari (#)

Fr.: imagerie   

The visual representation of an astronomical body using a two-dimensional detector and computerized techniques.

From → image + → -ing.

Tasvirgari, from tasvirgar agent noun from tasvirimage + -gar from kar-, kardan "to do, to make" (Mid.Pers. kardan; O.Pers./Av. kar- "to do, make, build;" Av. kərənaoiti "makes;" cf. Skt. kr- "to do, to make;" krnoti "makes," karma "act, deed;" PIE base kwer- "to do, to make").

Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique (IACT)
  تشنیک ِ تصویرگری ِ چرنکوف ِ جوی   
tašnik-e tasvirgiri-ye Čerenkov-e javvi

Fr.: téchnique d'imagerie Čerenkov atmosphérique   

The method used to detect very brief flashes of → Cherenkov radiation generated by the → cascade shower of → relativistic charged particles produced when a very high-energy → gamma ray (in the range 50 GeV to 50 TeV) strikes the atmosphere at a typical altitude of 10 km. Owing to this technique, it possible to discriminate cosmic gamma rays from the cosmic ray background and to determine their energy and source direction. More specifically, the incoming gamma-ray photon undergoes → pair production in the vicinity of the nucleus of an atmospheric molecule. The electron-positron pairs produced are of extremely high energy and immediately radiate in a → bremsstrahlung process. This radiation is itself extremely energetic, with many of the photons undergoing further pair production. A cascade of charged particles ensues which, due to its extreme energy, produces a flash of Cherenkov radiation lasting between 5 and 20 nano-seconds. The total area on the ground illuminated by this flash corresponds to many hundreds of square meters, which is why the effective area of IACT telescopes should be large.

imaging; → atmospheric; → Cherenkov; → technique.

imaging detector
  آشکارگر ِ تصویرگری   
âškârgar-e tasvirgari

Fr.: détecteur d'image   

A detector with two-dimensional capability, such as a CCD.

image; → → scale.

  ۱) آنی، امدیم؛ ۲) امدیم   
1) âni, amadim; 2) amadim

Fr.: immédiat   

1) Occurring or accomplished without delay; following or preceding without a lapse of time. → instant.
2) Having no object or space → intervening; without intervening medium or agent; direct (

M.E. immediat, from O.Fr. immediat, from L.L. immediatus "without anything between," from → in- "not, opposite of," + mediatus, p.p. of mediare "to be in the middle," from L. medius "middle," → medium.

Âni, from ân loan from Ar. ân "time, a short time."
Amadim, literally "with nothing interposed," from the negation prefix → a- + madium, → medium.


Fr.: immerger   

To plunge into or place under a liquid; dip; sink (

in- + merge, → submerge.


Fr.: immersion   

The disappearance of a star, planet, moon, or other body at the beginning of an → occultation or → eclipse. Also called → ingress.



Fr.: émigrer   

To come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence.

in-; → migrate.

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