An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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noise temperature
  دمای ِ نوفه   
damâ-ye nufé

Fr.: température de bruit   

A means for specifying the noise generated as unwanted → electromagnetic radiation in a receiver system or one of its components. It is usually measured in terms of the equivalent temperature in a → Rayleigh-Jeans spectrum. Noise temperature is used mainly in radio astronomy.

noise; → temperature.

noise voltage
  ولتاژ ِ نوفه   
voltâž-e nufé

Fr.: voltage de bruit   

Fluctuations of electric potential in a physical system due to spontaneous disturbances in the system.

noise; → voltage.

noise-equivalent power
  توان ِ هم‌ارز ِ نوفه   
tavân-e ham-arz-e nufé

Fr.: puissance équivalente de bruit   

A measure of the sensitivity of an electronic detector, defined as the power input to the detector that will create a signal to noise ratio of one for an integration time of half a second.

noise; → equivalent; → power.

nâmgozâri (#)

Fr.: nomenclature   

A set or system of names or terms assigned to objects or items in a particular science or art.

From Fr. nomenclature, from L. nomenclatura "calling of names," from nomenclator, variant of nomenculator "one who announces names, namer," from nomen, → name, + calator "caller," from calare "to call."

Nâmgozâri, from nâm, → name, + gozâri, verbal noun of gozâštan "to place, put; to allow, let," related to gozaštan "to pass, proceed, go over;" Mid.Pers. vitar- "to let pass, lead; to pass;" O.Pers. vitar- "to go across," viytarrayam "I put across;" Av. tar- "to cross over," vī-tərəta- "taken away, isolated;" ultimately Proto-Ir. *ui-tar-.


Fr.: nominal   

1) Of, pertaining to, or constituting a name or names, a noun or nouns.
2) Describing a value quoted for commodity, expectation, or its current estimate, as opposed to the actual value. → nominal value.
3) Within acceptable limits; as expected.
4) a) Grammar: Relating to a noun or to any word or word group that functions as a noun. b) A word which differs from a noun but functions as one.

From L. nominalis "pertaining to a name or names," from nomen "name," cognate with Pers. nâm, as below.

Nâmin, from nâm, → name, + adj. suffix -in.

nominal focal length
  درازای ِ کانونی ِ نامین   
derâzâ-ye kânuni-ye nâmin

Fr.: distance focale nominale   

An approximate value of the → focal length, used for the classification of lenses, mirrors, or cameras, as opposed to the measured one.

nominal; → focal; → length.

nominal value
  ارزش ِ نامین   
arzeš-e nâmin

Fr.: valeur nominale   

The assigned, specified, or intended value of a quantity.

nominal; → value.

nâ- (#)

Fr.: non-   

A prefix meaning "not."

From O.Fr. non-, from L. non "not," from Old L. noenum "not one;" in some cases perhaps from M.E. non "not" (adj.), from O.E. nan.

Nâ- "no, not," variants na, ni, ma- (prohibitive) "not;" from Mid.Pers. nê, ma "no, not;" O.Pers. naiy, nai "not;" Av. nôit, naē "not;" cf. Skt. "not;" cf. L. ne-, in-, un-; Gk. ni; Lith. ; O.C.S. ne "not;" PIE *ne-.

non-algebraic function
  کریای ِ ناجبری   
karyâ-ye nâjabri

Fr.: fonction non algébrique   

A → transcendental function. Examples are: exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

non-; → algebraic + → function.

non-baryonic dark matter
  ماده‌ی ِ سیاه ِ ناباریونی   
mâde-ye siyâh-e nâbâriyoni

Fr.: matière noire non-baryonique   

Dark matter composed of → non-baryonic particles.

non-; → baryonic; → dark; → matter.

non-baryonic matter
  مادّه‌ی ِ ناباریونی   
mâdde-ye nâbâriyoni (#)

Fr.: matière non-baryonique   

Matter that, unlike the ordinary matter, is not made of baryons (including the neutrons and protons). It is proposed as a possible constituent of dark matter.

non-; → baryonic matter.

non-coherent radiation
  تابش ِ ناهمدوس   
tâbeš-e nâhamdus (#)

Fr.: rayonnement incohrént   

Radiation having waves that are out of phase in space and/or time; radiation which is not → coherent.

non-; → coherent; → radiation.


Fr.: non contingent   

Describing a → proposition that is either → true in every possible circumstance or → false in every possible circumstance. A proposition that is not → contingent.

non-; → contingent.

non-dispersive medium
  مدیم ِ ناپاشنده   
madim-e nâpâšandé

Fr.: milieu non dispersif   

A medium in which the → phase velocity is independent of frequency.

non-; → dispersive; → medium.

non-Euclidean geometry
  هندسه‌ی ِ نا-اقلیدوسی   
hendese-ye nâ-oqlidosi (#)

Fr.: géométrie non-euclidienne   

Any of several geometries which do not follow the postulates and results of Euclidean geometry. For example, in a non-Euclidean geometry through a point several lines can be drawn parallel to another line. Or, the sum of the interior angles of a triangle differs from 180 degrees. According to Einstein's general relativity theory, gravity distorts space into a non-Euclidean geometry.

non-; → Euclidean geometry.

non-hierarchical multiple system
  راژمان ِ بستایی ِ ناپایگانی   
râžmân-e bastâyi-ye nâpâygâni

Fr.: système multiple non hiérarchique   

A → multiple star system that lacks the characteristics of a → hierarchical multiple system.

non-; → hierarchical; → multiple; → system.

non-inertial frame
  چارچوب ِ نالختی‌ناک، ~ نالختی‌مند   
cârcub-e nâlaxtinâk, ~ nâlaxtimand

Fr.: référentiel non inertiel, ~ non galiléen   

Any frame of reference in which the law of inertia does not apply, such as in accelerating and rotating frames. For example, the Earth is a non-inertial frame because it is rotating about its axis. But the rotation is so slow that the associated acceleration is negligible compared to other accelerations commonly encountered in everyday life. However, the non-inertial nature of the Earth appears in, e.g., the → Coriolis effect. → inertial reference frame.

non-; → inertial; → frame.

nâyonidé (#)

Fr.: non ionisé   

Not ionized, → neutral.

non-; → ionized.

non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (NLTE)
  ترازمندی ِ گرماتوانیک ِ نامحلی   
tarâzmandi-ye garmâtavânik-e nâmahali

Fr.: hors équilibre thermodynamique local   

A physical condition in which the assumption of the → local thermodynamic equilibrium does not hold.

non-; → local thermodynamic equilibrium.

non-luminous matter
  ماده‌ی ِ ناتابان   
mâdde-ye nâtâbân

Fr.: matière non lumineuse   

Not ordinary matter. Same as → dark matter.

non-; → luminous; → matter.

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