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unpolarized light
  نور ِ ناقطبیده   
nur-e nâqotbidé (#)

Fr.: lumière non polarisée   

A light whose electric vector of vibration is randomly oriented. Light is an → electromagnetic wave possessing an electric vector and an associated orthogonal magnetic vector. Both vectors are → transverse to the axis of propagation. In unpolarized light the electric and magnetic vibrations occur in all possible planes. Ordinary light emitted by the Sun, by a living room lamp, or by a candle flame is unpolarized light. → polarization.

un-; → polarized light.

unreddened star
  ستاره‌ی ِ ناسرخیده   
setâre-ye nâsorxidé

Fr.: étoile non rougie   

A star whose light is not affected by→ interstellar absorption. → reddening

un-; → reddened star.


Fr.: non résolu   

Describing an image whose constituent or elementary parts are not resolved. → unresolved source.

un- + → resolved.

unresolved source
  خن ِ ناواگشوده   
xan-e nâvâgošudé

Fr.: source non résolue   

A source of radiation whose angular size is too small for details of its structure to be revealed.

unresolved; → source.

unsharp image
  تصویر ِ ناتیگ   
tasvir-e nâtig

Fr.: image floue   

An image in which finer details are not visible. → blurred image

un-; → sharp image.

unsharp masking
  ماسک‌زد ِ ناتیگ   
mâskzad-e nâtig

Fr.: masque floue   

A process for amplifying fine details in a registered image. Generally speaking, the process consists of creating a mask which contains larger scale features of the image and then subtracting the mask from the initial image.

un-; → sharp; → masking.

nâpâydâr (#)

Fr.: instable   

Not → stable, as in → unstable atom, → unstable equilibrium.

un-; → stable.

unstable atom
  اتم ِ ناپایدار   
atom-e nâpâydâr (#)

Fr.: atome instable   

An atom whose nuclei → decay by → radioactivity.

unstable; → atom.

unstable equilibrium
  ترازمندی ِ ناپایدار   
tarâzmandi-ye nâpâydâr

Fr.: équilibre instable   

An equilibrium state of a system in which if a small perturbation away from equilibrium is applied, the system will move farther away from equilibrium state. For example, mechanical equilibrium in which the potential energy is a maximum, as a sphere placed on top of a hill. Mathematically, if the second derivative of the energy with respect to the coordinate of interest is negative, the system is in an unstable equilibrium. → stable equilibrium.

unstable; → equilibrium.

Onoqelhayyé (#)

Fr.: Unukalhai   

The brightest star as well as the Alpha star of → Serpens, thus also known as α Serpentis. It is a third magnitude (V = 2.65) an orange giant of spectral type K2 with a radius 15 times as large as that of the Sun and a surface temperature of 4300 kelvins. It is approximately 73.2 light years from Earth. Unukalhai is in fact a triple star system. The second star (α Serpentis B) is 58 arcseconds from the primary and has a magnitude of 11.8. The third star (α Serpentis C), 13th magnitude, lies 2.3 arcminutes from A. Other designations: Cor Serpentis, HR 5854, HD 140573.

From Ar. 'unuq al-hayyah (عنق‌الحیه) "Neck of the Snake," from 'unuq "neck" + al-hayyah "snake."

bâlâ (#)

Fr.: en haut   

To, toward, or in a more elevated position.

M.E. up(pe) (adv.), O.E. up(p) "to a higher position;" cf. O.Frisian up, O.S. up, M.Du. up, op, O.N. upp; O.H.G. uf; (Ger. auf), Goth. iup.

Bâlâ "up, above, high, elevated, height" (related to boland "high," borz "height, magnitude" (it occurs also in the name of the mountain chain Alborz), Lori dialect berg "hill, mountain;" Mid.Pers. buland "high;" O.Pers. baršan- "height;" Av. barəz- "high, mount," barezan- "height;" cf. Skt. bhrant- "high;" L. fortis "strong" (Fr. & E. force); O.E. burg, burh "castle, fortified place;" Ger. Burg "castle;" Goth. baurgs "city;" E. burg, borough; Fr. bourgeois, bourgeoisie, faubourg); PIE base *bhergh- "high."

  ۱) فراز-پداک؛ ۲) فراز-پداکیدن   
1) farâz-padâk; 2) farâz-padâkidan

Fr.: 1) rampe, montée; 2) promouvoir, revaloriser   

1a) An incline going up in the direction of movement.
1b) An increase or improvement.
1c) A new version, improved model, etc.
2a) To promote to a higher grade or rank.
2b) To improve or enhance the quality or value of (

up; → grade.

  ۱) بارگذاشتن؛ ۲) بارگذاری   
1) bârgozâštan; 2) bârgozâri (#)

Fr.: 1) mettre en ligne; 2) mise en ligne   

To send data from one's computer to another computer. See also: → loading, → download.

up-; → load.

Bârgozâštan, literally "to put load," from bâr, → load, + gozâštan "to put, to place," → passage.

  بالا، زبرین   
bâlâ (#), zabarin (#)

Fr.: supérieur   

Higher, as in place, position, pitch, or in a scale.

Upper, from → up, → hyper-.

Bâlâ, → up; zabarin, → superior.

upper atmosphere
  هواسپهر ِ زبرین، جو ِ ~   
havâsepehr-e zabarin, javv-e ~

Fr.: atmosphère supérieure   

The general term applied to the atmosphere above the → troposphere.

upper; → atmosphere.

upper culmination
  بالست ِ زبرین   
bâlest-e zabarin

Fr.: culmination supérieure   

Same as → superior culmination.

upper; → culmination.

upper level
  تراز ِ بالا، ~ زبرین   
tarâz-e bâlâ (#), ~ zabarin (#)

Fr.: niveau supérieur   

In atomic physics, an initial energy state in an emission transition.

upper; → level.

upper limit
  حدِ بالا، ~ زبرین   
hadd-e bâlâ (#), ~ zabarin (#)

Fr.: limite supérieure   

Of an integral operator, the point at which the integration ends.

upper; → limit.

upper mantle
  گوشته‌ی ِ زبرین   
gušte-ye zabarin

Fr.: manteau supérieur   

The upper part of the Earth's → mantle which begins at the base of the → crust around 35 km and extends downward to about 410 km.

upper; → mantle.

upper mass cut-off
  بره‌ی ِ بالایی ِ جرم، ~ زبرین ِ ~   
bore-ye bâlâyi-ye jerm, ~ zabarin-e ~

Fr.: coupure aux masses élevées   

Same as → upper mass limit.

upper; → mass; → cut-off.

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