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Fr.: calcul différentiel et intégral   

The branch of mathematics that deals with limits and the → differentiation and → integration of → functions of one or more → variables. Same as → infinitesimal calculus and → differential calculus .

L. calculus "small stone," from calx, calcis "limestone," → calculate, + -ulus diminutive suffix, → -ule.

Afmârik, from afmâr, → calculate + Pers. suffix -ik denoting a subject, a branch of sciences, a discipline, → ics.

calculus of finite differences
  افماریک ِ دگرسانی‌ها‌ی ِ کرانمند   
afmârik-e degarsânihâ-ye karânmand

Fr.: calcul des différences finies   

A → claculus based on the properties of the successive values of → variable quantities and their → differences or → increments.

calculus, → finite, → difference.

Afmârik, → calculus, degarsânihâ, plural of degarsân, → difference, karânmand, → finite.

calculus of probabilities
  افماریک ِ شوانایی‌ها   
afmârik-e šavânâihâ

Fr.: calcul des probabilités   

A branch of mathematics that deals with the calculation of the probabilities of events.

calculus; → probability.

Afmârik, → calculus; šavânâihâ, plural of šavânâiprobability.

calculus of residues
  افماریک ِ مانده‌ها   
afmârik-e mândehâ

Fr.: calcul des résidus   

The application of → Cauchy's theorem to compute residues and poles, evaluate contour integrals, sum infinite series, and carry out related calculations.

calculus; residue from O.Fr. résidu, from L. residuum "a remainder," neut. of residuus "remaining, left over," from residere "remain behind."

Afmârik, → calculus; mândehâ, plural of mândé "remained," from mândan "to remain," Mid.Pers. mânidan, mânenitan, O.Pers./Av. man- "to remain, to stay," Skt. mand-, mamandhi "to stand still, pause," Gk. menein "to wait."

calculus of tensors
  افماریک ِ تانسورها   
afmârik-e tânsorhâ

Fr.: calcul tensoriel   

The branch of mathematics dealing with the differentiation of tensors.

calculus; → tensor.

Afmârik, → calculus; → tensor.

calculus of variations
  افماریک ِ ورتش‌ها   
afmârik-e vartešhâ

Fr.: calcul des variations   

The study of maximum and minimum properties of → definite integrals.

calculus; → variation.

Afmârik, → calculus; vartešvariation.

calculus of vectors
  افماریک ِ بردارها   
afmârik-e bordârhâ

Fr.: calcul vectoriel   

The area of calculus dealing with differentiation and integration of vector-valued functions; a sub-area of tensor calculus.

calculus; → vector.

Afmârik, → calculus; bordâr, → vector.

differential and integral calculus
  افماریک ِ دگرسانه‌ای و درستالی   
afmârik-e degarsâne-yi va dorostâli

Fr.: calcul différentiel et intégral   

The two branches of mathematics that make up the → calculus. → differential calculus; → integral calculus.

differential; → integral; → calculus.

differential calculus
  افماریک ِ دگرسانه‌ای، ~ دگرسانه‌ها   
afmârik-e degarsâneyi, ~ degarsânehâ

Fr.: calcul différentiel   

A branch of calculus which is concerned with the instantaneous rate of change of quantities with respect to other quantities, or more precisely, the local behavior of functions. → integral calculus.

differential; → calculus.

first-order predicate calculus
  افماریک ِ فراسنی ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست   
afmârik-e farâsani-ye râye-ye naxost

Fr.: cacul des prédicats du premier ordre   

Same as → first-order logic.

first; → order; → predicate; → calculus.

infinitesimal calculus
  افماریک ِ بی‌کران‌خُرد   
afmârik-e bikarânxord

Fr.: calcul infinitésimal   

The body of rules and processes by means of which continuously varying magnitudes are dealt with in → calculus. The combined methods of mathematical analysis of → differential calculus and → integral calculus.

infinitesimal, → calculus.

integral calculus
  افماریک ِ دُرُستالی   
afmârik-e dorostâli

Fr.: calcul intégral   

Branch of the calculus that deals with integration and its use in finding volumes, areas, equations of curves, solutions of differential equations, etc.

integral; → calculus.

matrix calculus
  افماریک ِ ماتریس‌ها   
afmârik-e mâtrishâ

Fr.: calcul matriciel   

The treatment of matrices whose entries are functions.

matrix; → calculus.

operational calculus
  افماریکِ آپارشی   
afmârik-e âpâreši

Fr.: calcul opérationnel   

A method of mathematical analysis which in many cases makes it possible to reduce the study of differential operators, pseudo-differential operators and certain types of integral operators, and the solution of equations containing them, to an examination of simpler algebraic problems. It is also known as operational analysis.

operational; → calculus.

vector calculus
  افماریک ِ برداری   
afmârik-e bordâri

Fr.: calcul vectoriel   

The study of vector functions between vector spaces by means of → differential and integral calculus.

vector; → calculus.