An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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auroral line
  خط ِ اوشه‌ای   
xatt-e uše-yi

Fr.: raie aurorale   

1) A prominent → forbidden line in the spectra of the aurora at wavelengths of 5577 and 6300 Å giving the aurora its characteristic green and red colors. Both are emitted by atomic oxygen, the former in its transition from the second lowest excited electronic state (1S) to the lowest excited electronic state (1D), the latter in its transition from the lowest excited electronic state (1D) to the atomic ground state (3P).
2) A forbidden line emitted by interstellar ionized gas by several atomic species (O, O+, O++, N+, S++, etc.) corresponding to the transition from the state 1S to 1D. → forbidden line; → nebular line; → transauroral line.

auroral; → line.

auroral zone
  زنار ِ اوشه‌ای   
zonâr-e uše-yi

Fr.: zone aurorale   

A roughly circular band around either geomagnetic pole above which there is a maximum of auroral activity. It lies about 10 to 15° of geomagnetic latitude from the geomagnetic poles.

auroral; → zone.

râstin šomârdan

Fr.: authentifier   

1) To establish as genuine.
2) To prove beyond doubt the authorship or origin of (e.g. to authenticate a painting). → authentication.

From L.L. authenticus, from Gk. authentikos "original, primary, at first hand," from authent(es) "one who does things himself," from aut-, from autos "self, one's own," of unknown origin, + -hentes "doer" + -ikos, → ics.

Râstin "genuine, authentic," from râst "right, true; just, straight" (Mid.Pers. râst "true, straight, direct;" O.Pers. rāsta- "straight, true," rās- "to be right, straight, true;" Av. rāz- "to direct, put in line, set," razan- "order;" cf. Skt. raj- "to direct, stretch," rjuyant- "walking straight;" Gk. orektos "stretched out;" L. regere "to lead straight, guide, rule," p.p. rectus "right, straight;" Ger. recht; E. right; PIE base *reg- "move in a straight line," hence, "to direct, rule") + -in adj. suffix.
Šomârdan "to consider; to reckon, count, compute;" Mid.Pers. ôšmârtan, ôšmurtan "to reckon, calculate, enumerate, account for," from Av. base (š)mar- "to have in mind, remember, recall," pati-šmar- "to recall; to long for," hišmar-, cf. Skt. smar- "to remember, become aware," smarati "he remembers," L. memor, memoria, Gk. mermera "care," merimna "anxious thought, sorrow," martyr "witness."

  راستین‌شماری، راستین‌آزمایی   
râstinšomâri, râstin-âzmâyi

Fr.: authentification   

Computers: The process by which a user's identity is checked within the network to ensure that the user has access to the requested resources.

Verbal noun of → authenticate.


Fr.: auteur   

1) The writer of a book, article, or other text. One who practices writing as a profession.
2) An originator or creator, as of a theory or plan.
3) Author God.

M.E. auctour, from O.Fr. autor, from L. auctor, "creator, enlarger, founder, master, leader," literally "one who causes to grow," from auctus, p.p. of augere "to increase," from PIE root aug- "to increase".

Dâtâr, from Mid.Pers. dâtâr/dâdâr "creator," from Av. and O.Pers. dâtâr "creator," from dâ- "to create, make, appoint," Skt. dhatr "author, creator, preserver, bearer." The Mod.Pers. form of this word in classical literary works is dâdâr, used mainly as noun or adjective for "God, the creator."


Fr.: autoritaire   

Of, relating to, or characterized by strict obedience to authority.

From authorit(y), → authority, + suffix -arian.


Fr.: autoritarisme   

1) The enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
2) Lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others (

authoritarian; → -ism.


Fr.: qui fait autorité, digne de foi   

1) Recognized or accepted as being true or reliable.
2) Exercising or asserting authority; commanding.
3) Possessing or supported by authority; official (

From authorit(y), → authority, + suffix -ative.


Fr.: autorité   

1) The power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command, or determine (
2) A person or body of persons in whom authority is vested, as a governmental agency (

author; → -ity.

Dâtârgân, from dâtâr, → author, + -gân, on the model of xodâygân "a great lord."


Fr.: paternité   

1) The act, fact, or occupation of writing.
2) Source or origin, as of a book or idea.


auto-, aut-
xod- (#)

Fr.: auto-, aut-   

Gk., from autos "self, one's own," of unknown origin.

Xod-, from xod "self," Av. hva- "self, own."


Fr.: autocorrélation   

1) In radio astronomy, a process performed by an → autocorrelator.
2) In statistics, a linear relation between values of a random variable over time.
3) In electronics, a technique used to detect cyclic activity in a complex signal.

Autocorrelation, from → auto- "self" + → correlation.

Xod-hambâzâneš, from xod- "self" + hambâzâneš, → correlation.

autocorrelation function
  کریا‌ی ِ خودهم‌باز‌آنش   
karyâ-ye xod-hambâzâneš

Fr.: fonction d'autocorrélation   

A mathematical function that describes the correlation between two values of the same variable at different points in time.

autocorrelation; → function.


Fr.: autocorrélateur   

In radio astronomy, a spectrograph which correlates the signal with itself with various time delays, and extracts the frequency spectrum of the signal. → correlator.

Autocorrelator, agent n. from → autocorrelate + → -or.

Xod-hambâzângar, agent n. from xod-, → auto-, + hambâzângar, → correlator.


Fr.: autocovariance   

The → covariance of a → time series overt time.

auto-; → covariance.

autocovariance function
  کریای ِ خود-هم‌ورتایی   
karyâ-ye xod-hamvartâyi

Fr.: fonction d'autocovariance   

The autocovariance function (ACF) is defined as the sequence of covariances of a stationary process.
A mathematical function that expresses the autocovariance of a series in terms of the interval of separation.

autocovariance; → function.

  خودراهبر، راهبر ِ خودکار   
xodrâhbar, râhbar-e xodkâr

Fr.: autoguideur   

An electronic equipment used to automatically guide a telescope during long exposures.

Autoguider from → auto- "self" + guider, from O.Fr. guider "to guide, lead, conduct," from Germanic origin; akin to O.E. wltan "to look after" witan "to know," akin to O.H.G. wizzan "to know," L. videre "to see," Gk. eidenai "to know," idein "to see," Av. vaêd- "to know," Skt. veda "knowledge; finding."

Xodrâhbar from xod-, → auto + râhbar "guide," from râh "way" + bar, from bordan "to lead."

  خودراهبرد، راهبرد خودکار   
xodrâhbord, râhbord-e xodkâr

Fr.: autoguidage   

The act or process of guiding a telescope automatically.


xodkâr (#)

Fr.: automatique   

Having a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism.

From Gk. automatos "self-acting," from → auto- + matos "willing," from PIE *men- "to think;" compare with Av./O.Pers. man- "to think."

Xodkâr from xod-, → auto-, + kâr "acting, actor," from kardan "to do, act."

automatic photometric telescope
  دوربین ِ شیدسنجیک ِ خودکار، تلسکوپ ِ ~ ~   
durbin-e šidsanjik-e xodkâr, teleskop-e ~ ~

Fr.: télescope photométrique automatique   

A telescope developed to perform photometric observations automatically.

automatic; → photometric; → telescope.

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