An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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kâvâk (#)

Fr.: cavité   

1) An apparently hollow formation in the structure of an astronomical object, for example a sizable hole on the surface of a → molecular cloud created by → ultraviolet photons of a → massive star.
2) In a semiconductor laser, two reflective parallel edges forming a resonator that amplifies the light through stimulated emission.

From M.Fr. cavité, from L.L. cavitas "hollowness," from L. cavus "hollow."

Kâvâk, related to verb kâvidan (kâftan) "to dig; to examine, investigate," cf. L. cavus "hollow" (E. derivatives: cavity, concave, cave, excavate), Gk. koilos "hollow," Armenian sor, PIE *kowos "hollow."

si-si-di (#)

Fr.: CCD   

charge-coupled device.

Short for → charge + coupled, from → couple, + → device.

CCD array
  آرست ِ سی‌سی‌دی   
ârast-e sisidi

Fr.: détecteur CCD bidimensionnel   

A CCD detector having two dimensions.

CCD; → array.

CCD detector
  آشکارگر ِ سی‌سی‌دی   
âškârgar-e sisidi (#)

Fr.: détecteur CCD   

charge-coupled device.

CCD; → detector.

CCD frame
  تک تصویر ِ سی سی دی   
tak-tasvir-e sisidi

Fr.: image CCD   

One of a series of astronomical images obtained using a CCD detector in particular for calibration purposes.

CCD; → frame.

CCD gain
  بهره‌ی ِ سی‌سی‌دی   
bahre-ye CCD

Fr.: gain de CCD   

In a → CCD detector, the ratio of the initial number of electrons in a → pixel to the final number of → analog-to-digital units (or counts) reported by camera software. For example, a gain of 1.8 e-/count means that the camera produces 1 count for every 1.8 recorded electrons.

charge-coupled device (CCD); → gain.

CCD shutter
  بستار ِ سی‌سی‌دی   
bastâr-e si-si-di, bastâvar-e ~

Fr.: obturateur CCD   

A mechanical device of a CCD camera that controls the duration of a an exposure, as by opening and closing to allow the stellar light to expose the CCD detector.

Shutter, from to shut, from O.E. scyttan from W.Gmc. *skutjanan + → -er.

CDM model
  نگره‌ی ِ ماده‌ی ِ سرد ِ تاریک   
negare-ye mâdde-ye sard-e târik

Fr.: théorie de la matière noire froide   

A → cosmological model that attributes the formation of structures in the → early Universe to an exotic particle (→ cold dark matter) which was → non-relativistic at the time of → decoupling. According to this model, CDM began clumping together soon after the → Big Bang, while the → baryonic matter was still coupled with the → photons, and prevented to condense. Smaller → clumps of dark matter merged to form larger and larger clumps, and when the normal visible matter had decoupled from the photons, at the → recombination era (380,000 years after the Big Bang), it collapsed onto these dark matter clumps. In this way, the dark matter clumps acted as seeds for galaxy formation.

cold; → dark; → matter; → theory.

âsmâni (#)

Fr.: céleste   

Of or relating to the sky or visible heavens.

M.E., from O.Fr., from M.L. celestialis, from L. cælestis "heavenly," from cælum "heaven, sky."

Âsmâni related to âsmân, → sky.

celestial axis
  آسه‌ی ِ آسمانی   
âse-ye âsmân (#)

Fr.: axe du monde   

The Earth's axis extended to the → celestial pole.

celestial; → axis.

celestial body
  اختر، جسم ِ آسمانی   
axtar (#), jesm-e âsmâni (#)

Fr.: corps céleste   

astronomical object.

celestial; → body.

celestial coordinates
  هماراهای ِ آسمانی   
hamârâhâ-ye âsmâni (#)

Fr.: coordonées célestes   

Any system of coordinates used to define a point on the celestial sphere (zenith distance, altitude, celestial latitude, celestial longitude, etc.).

celestial; → coordinates.

celestial equator
  هموگار ِ آسمانی   
hamugâr-e âsmâni

Fr.: équateur céleste   

An imaginary great circle on the sky half-way between the → celestial poles. It is the projection of the → equator of the Earth on the sky.

celestial; → equator.

celestial globe
  گوی ِ آسمانی   
gu-ye âsmâni

Fr.: globe céleste   

A small globe representing the celestial sphere, on which the apparent positions of the stars are indicated.

celestial; → globe.

celestial horizon
  افق ِ آسمانی   
ofoq-e âsmâni (#)

Fr.: horizon céleste   

A great circle on the → celestial sphere having a plane that passes through the center of the Earth at a right angle to the line formed by an observer's → zenith and → nadir.

celestial; → horizon.

celestial latitude
  ورونای ِ آسمانی   
varunâ-ye âsmâni

Fr.: latitude céleste   

Angular distance → north or → south measured from the → ecliptic to a → celestial object.

celestial; → latitude.

celestial longitude
  درژنای ِ آسمانی   
derežnâ-ye âsmâni

Fr.: longitude céleste   

Angular distance to an object measured eastward along the → ecliptic from the → vernal equinox.

celestial; → longitude.

Derežnâ, → longitude; âsmânicelestial.

celestial mechanics
  مکانیک ِ آسمانی   
mekânik-e âsmâni (#)

Fr.: mécanique céleste   

The branch of astronomy that deals with the calculation of motions of celestial bodies under the action of their mutual gravitational attractions.

celestial; → mechanics.

Mekânik, → mechanics; âsmâni, → celestial.

celestial meridian
  نیمروزان ِ آسمانی   
nimruzân-e âsmâni (#)

Fr.: méridien céleste   

The great circle on the → celestial sphere, passing through the two → celestial poles and the observer's → zenith.

celestial; → meridian.

celestial object
  بر‌آخت ِ آسمانی   
barâxt-e âsmâni

Fr.: objet céleste   

astronomical object.

celestial; → object.

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