An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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  ۱) سازالگری؛ ۲) سازالگان   
1) sâzâlgari; 2) sâzâlgân

Fr.: instrumentation   

1) The design and use of scientific instruments for detection, measurement, control, computation, and so on.
2) The ensemble of instruments contained in a given machine or system.

From → instrument + -ation a combination of -ate and -ion, used to form verbal nouns.

Sâzâlgari, noun from sâzâlgar, → instrumentalist. Sâzâlgân, with plurality suffix -gân.

  عایق کردن   
âyeq kardan (#)

Fr.: isoler   

To cover or to separate from conducting bodies by means of nonconductors so as to prevent or reduce the passage, transfer, or leakage of heat, electricity, or sound. → insulation, → insulator.

From L. insulatus "made into an island," from L. insula "island."

From âyeq, → insulator, + kardan "to do," → -or.

âyeqkâri (#)

Fr.: isolation   

1) The act or fact of insulating.
2) Any material used to reduce or prevent the transfer of electricity, heat, cold, or sound.

Verbal noun from → insulate.

âyeq (#)

Fr.: isolant   

1) A material or an object that does not easily allow heat, electricity, light, or sound to pass through it.
2) Electricity: A material, such as glass or porcelain, that opposes a very high resistance to the passage of an electric current so that the flow of current through it is negligible; a nonconductor.
3) One who, or that which, insulates.

Agent noun from → insulate + → -or.

Âyeq, loan from Ar.

bimé (#)

Fr.: assurance   

The act, system, or business of insuring property, life, one's person, etc., against loss or harm arising in specified contingencies, as fire, accident, death, disablement, or the like, in consideration of a payment proportionate to the risk involved (

insure; → -ance.

Bimé, from bim "fear, danger" (variant bâk "fear, hesitation"); Mid.Pers. bīm "fear, fright, dread;" Av. b(a)ii- "to fear;" cf. Skt. bhayi- "to fear," bhīmá- "terrible;" Lith. bijoti(s), Latv. bîtiês "to fear, be afraid;" O.H.G. biben "to shiver;" PIE *bheiH2- "to fear" (Cheung 2007).

  ۱) بیمه کردن؛ ۲) درتنزیدن   
1) bimé kardan; 2) dartenzidan

Fr.: s'assurer   

1) To provide or obtain → insurance on or for.
2) Make certain that something is definitely so. Same as make sure and ensure.

Variant of → ensure.

1) Bimé kardan, from bimé, → insurance, + kardan "to do, make," → -ize.
2) Dartenzidan, from dar-, → in-, + tenz, → sure, + -idan infinitive suffix, → -ize.

dorost (#)

Fr.: entier   

Same as → integer number.

From L. integer "whole," literally "intact, untouched," from → in- "not" + root of tangere "to touch."

Dorost "whole, complete; healthy; right," → integral.

integer number
  عدد ِ درست   
adad-e dorust (#)

Fr.: nombre entier, entier   

Any member of the set consisting of → positive and → negative whole numbers and → zero. Examples: -5, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 5.

integer; → number.

  ۱) درست؛ ۲) دُرُستال   
1) dorost; 2) dorostâl

Fr.: 1) intégral; 2) intégrale   

1) Consisting of whole numbers or integers.
2) Mathematical function obtained by the process of → integration.

Integral, from M.Fr. intégral, from M.L. integralis "forming a whole," → integer "whole."

1) Dorostâl, from dorost "whole, complete; healthy; right," related to dorud "benediction, praise, thanksgiving," from Mid.Pers. drust "whole; healthy; well, right," drôd "health, thriving;" O.Pers. duruva- "firm, certain, immune;" Av. druua- "healthy;" cf. Skt. dhruvá- "fixed, firm, immovable, lasting, certain;" Russ. zdorovyjj "healthy;" See also → sound.
2) Dorostâl, from dorost + -âl, → -al.

integral calculus
  افماریک ِ دُرُستالی   
afmârik-e dorostâli

Fr.: calcul intégral   

Branch of the calculus that deals with integration and its use in finding volumes, areas, equations of curves, solutions of differential equations, etc.

integral; → calculus.

integral equation
  هموگش ِ دُرُستالی   
hamugeš-e dorostâli

Fr.: équation intégrale   

An equation involving an unknown function that appears as part of an integrand.

integral; → equation.

integral field spectroscopy
  بیناب‌نمایی ِ درست ِ میدان   
binâbnemâyi-ye dorost-e meydân

Fr.: spectroscopie intégrale de champ   

A technique in spectroscopy for recording a spectrum from each point of an extended object. The field of view image is divided into a multitude of small components using different methods, e.g. lenslet arrays, fiber bundles, or image slicers. From each component a spectrum is extracted or an image is reconstructed at a particular wavelength.

integral; → field; → spectroscopy.

integral function
  کریای ِ دُرُستالی   
karyâ-ye dorostâli

Fr.: fonction intégrale   

A function whose image is a subset of the integers, i.e. that takes only integer values.

integral; → function.

integral operator
  آپارگر ِ دُرُستالی   
âpârgar-e dorostâli

Fr.: opérateur intégral   

Math.: An operator whose inverse is a differential operator.

integral; → operator.


Fr.: integrand   

The function which is being integrated in a given integral.

From L. integrandum, noun use of neuter of integrandus, gerundive of integrare, → integrate.

Dorostâlân, pr.p. of dorostâlidan, → integrate.

  دُرُستالیدن، دُرُستال‌گرفتن   
dorostâlidan, dorostâl gereftan

Fr.: intégrer   

1) To carry out the mathematical operation of → integration.
2) To add up photons when exposing a detector to incoming light through the telescope.

From L. integratus p.p. of integrare "to renew, restore," → integer + -ate a verb forming suffix.

Dorostâlidan, infinitive of dorostâl, → integral; dorostâl gereftan "to take (an) integral;" gereftan "to take, seize" (Mid.Pers. griftan, Av./O.Pers. grab- "to take, seize," cf. Skt. grah-, grabh- "to seize, take," graha "seizing, holding, perceiving," M.L.G. grabben "to grab," from P.Gmc. *grab, E. grab "to take or grasp suddenly;" PIE base *ghrebh- "to seize").

integrated circuit
  برقراه ِ یکپارچه، ~ دُرُستالیده   
barqrâh-e yekpârxcé, ~ dorostâlidé

Fr.: circuit intégré   

A circuit whose components are found on a single semiconductor substrate.

Integrated, p.p. of → integrate; → circuit.

integrated electronics
  الکترونیک ِ یکپارچه، ~ دُرُستالیده   
elektronik-e dorostâlidé

Fr.: électronique intégrée   

The branch of electronics that deals with integrated circuits, especially the interdependence of material, circuits, and design.

Integrated, p.p. of → integrate; → electronics.

integrated magnitude
  برز ِ دُرُستالیده   
borz-e dorostâlidé

Fr.: magnitude intégrée   

The magnitude an extended object (nebula, galaxy,etc.) would have if all of its light were concentrated into a point source

Integrated, p.p. of → integrate; → magnitude.

integrating factor
  کروند ِ درستالنده   
karvand-e dorostâlandé

Fr.: facteur intégrant   

A function that converts a → differential equation, which is not exact, into an → exact differential equation. This is done by multiplying all terms of the original equation by the integrating factor.

integrate; → factor.

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