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interference order
  رایه‌ی ِ اندرزنش   
râye-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: ordre d'interférence   

order of interference.

interference; → order.

interference pattern
  الگوی ِ اندرزنش   
olgu-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: figure d'interférence   

A wave pattern that results when two or more waves interfere with each other, generally showing → interference fringes. In acoustics, the interference pattern appear as the effect of → beats.

interference; → pattern.


Fr.: interféromètre   

1) Physics: A device that divides a beam of light into a number of beams and re-unites them to produce → interference. → Fabry-Perot interferometer; → Michelson interferometer.
2) Astro.: An arrangement of two or more separate telescopes placed at some distance from one another, each one receiving electromagnetic radiation (optical, infrared, or radio) from a celestial object and brought together to form an interference pattern.

Interferometer, from interfer, → interfer, + -o- a connective/euphonic infix + → -meter.

Andarzanešsanj, from andarzanešinterference + -sanj, → -meter.

  اندرزنش‌سنجی، اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
andarzanešsanji, andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: interférométrique   

Of or relating to → interferometry.

interferometer; → -ic.

interferometric array
  آرست ِ اندرزنش‌سنجی، ~ اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
ârast-e andarzanešsanji, ~ andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: réseau interférométrique   

A system of several telescopes coupled together in a particular configuration to carry out → interferometry.

interferometric; → array.

interferometric technique
  تشنیک ِ اندرزنش‌سنجی، ~ اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
tašnik-e andarzanešsanji, ~ andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: technique interférométrique   

An observational technique based on principles of → interferometry.

interferometric; → technique.


Fr.: interférométrie   

1) The technique and study of the → interference phenomenon produced by → coherent electromagnetic waves.
2) Astro.: An observational technique that uses the interference phenomenon to substantially increase the → resolving power of telescopes.

Interferometry, from interfer, → interfer, + -o- a connective/euphonic infix + → -metry.


Fr.: intergalactique   

Of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies. → intergalactic absorption, → intergalactic cloud, → intergalactic matter , → intergalactic medium , → warm-hot intergalactic medium.

inter-; → galactic.

intergalactic absorption
  درشم ِ اندرکهکشانی   
daršam-e andarkahkešâni

Fr.: absorption intergalactique   

Absorption features in the spectra of bright sources like → quasars attributed to a tenuous matter filling the medium between galaxies.

intergalactic; → absorption.

intergalactic cloud
  ابر ِ اندرکهکشانی   
abr-e andarkahkešâni

Fr.: nuage intergalactique   

Intergalactic matter in the form of clouds.

intergalactic; → cloud.

intergalactic matter
  مادّه‌ی ِ اندرکهکشانی   
mâdde-ye andarkahkešâni

Fr.: matière intergalactique   

Very low density material found indirectly in the space between galaxies. → intergalactic absorption.

intergalactic; → matter.

intergalactic medium
  مدیم ِ اندرکهکشانی   
madim-e andarkahkešâni

Fr.: milieu intergalactique   

The matter or environment between the galaxies of a → cluster.

intergalactic; → medium.


Fr.: intérim   

1a) An intervening time; interval; meantime.
1b) A temporary or provisional arrangement.
2) For, during, belonging to, or connected with an intervening period of time; temporary; provisional (

L. interim (adv.) "in the meantime, meanwhile," originally "in the midst of that," from → inter- "between" + im, an old accusative of "is, he, this, that."

Andarim, from andar-, → inter-, + im variant em "this;" Mid.Pers. im "this;" from Old.Pers./Av. ima "this;" Skt. ima; cf. Lori (Laki) im "this side." The Mid.Pers. im occurs in Mod.Pers. as em- in emruz "today," emšab "tonight," and emsâl "this year."

daruné (#)

Fr.: intérieur   

The internal or inner part. → differentiated interior.

From L. interior "inner," comparative adj. of inter "within."

Daruné, from darun "in, into; within" (Mid.Pers. andarôn "inside," from andar, → inter-, + rôn "side, direction;" Av. ravan- "(course of a) river") + nuance suffix.

  میانی، اندرمیانی، میانجی   
myiâni (#), andarmiyâni (#), miyânji (#)

Fr.: intermédiaire   

1) (Adj.) Being or acting at the middle place or stage, or between extremes.
2a) (n.) A person who acts between others; something intermediate.
2b) Chemistry: A molecular entity that is formed (directly or indirectly) from the reactants and reacts further to give (either directly or indirectly) the products of a chemical reaction (PAC, 1996, 68, 149, A glossary of terms used in chemical kinetics, including reaction dynamics, IUPAC Recommendations 1996).
See also:
intermediate boson, → intermediate frequency, → intermediate infrared, → intermediate-mass black hole, → intermediate-mass protostar, → intermediate-mass star.

Intermediate, from M.L. intermediatus "lying between," from L. intermedius "that which is between," from → inter- "between" + medius "located in the middle;" PIE root *medhyo- "middle;" cf. Pers. miyân, as below; Av. maidiia-, Skt. mádhya-; Gk. medos, messos "middle;"

Miyâni, adj. of miyân "within, between, center," from Mid.Pers. mayân "middle; among, between," Av. maidiia- "middle, the middle," maiδiiāna- "middle, center;" cf. Skt. mádhya- "middle, located in the middle;" G.H.G. mitti "located in the middle."
Andarmiyâni, adj. of andarmiyân "in the middle," from andar-, → inter-, + miyân, as above.
Miyânji "intermediary, mediator," from Mid.Pers. mayânjig, from mayân.

intermediate boson
  بوسون ِ میانجی   
boson-e miyânji

Fr.: boson intermédiaire   

A hypothetical → elementary particle that mediates the → weak interaction, carrying its effect from one particle to another as the photon does for electromagnetic interactions. First introduced in 1961 by Sheldon Glashow.

intermediate; → boson.

intermediate frequency
  بسامد ِ میانی   
basâmad-e miyâni

Fr.: fréquence intermédiare   

In a → superheterodyne receiver, a frequency resulting from the combination of the received modulated → carrier frequency and the → local oscillator frequency.

intermediate; → frequency.

intermediate infrared
  فروسرخ ِ میانی   
forusorx-e miyâni (#)

Fr.: infrarouge moyen   

The infrared radiation with wavelengths between about 1.5 and 20 microns. → near infrared; → far infrared.

intermediate; → infrared.

intermediate-mass black hole (IMBH)
  سیه‌چال ِ میان‌جرم   
siyah câl-e miyân jerm

Fr.: trou noir de masse intermédiaire   

A → black hole with a mass in the range 102-104 solar masses. IMBHs may form as the result of multiple → mergers of smaller objects in the centers of dense stellar clusters in the present universe, assuming → mass loss from → stellar winds is not significant. They may also arise from the evolution of → very massive stars early in the history of the Universe, forming black hole "seeds" in the centers of massive halos (the precursors of the galaxies we see today) early in the history of the Universe, to redshifts z > 10. Currently the best observational evidence for IMBHs comes from models of ultraluminous X-ray sources (See, e.g., J. M. Centrella et al. 2010, astro-ph/1010.5260).

intermediate; → mass; → black; → hole.

intermediate-mass protostar
  پورواستاره‌ی ِ میان‌جرم   
purvâsetâre-ye miyân-jerm

Fr.: protoétoile de masse intermédiare   

A protostar that evolves into an → intermediate-mass star.

intermediate; → mass; → protostar.

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