An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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line identification
  ایدانش ِ خط   
idâneš-e xatt

Fr.: identification de raies   

The process of recognizing the spectral lines in a spectrum.

line; → identification.

line intensity
  درتنویی ِ خط   
dartanuyi-ye xatt

Fr.: intensité de raie   

A measure of the total effect of an absorption or emission line. The line intensity is equal to the integration of the absorption coefficient over the entire shape of the absorption line.

line; → intensity.

line of action
  خط ِ ژیرش، ~ کنش   
xatt-e žireš, ~ koneš

Fr.: ligne d'action   

Of a force, the straight line along which the force → vector is directed. The action of a force on a → rigid body does not change when its point of application is displaced along the line of action. Hence, forces applied to a rigid body can be regarded as non-localized, or sliding, vectors.

line; → action.

line of apsides
  خط ِ هباک‌ها   
xatt-e habâkhâ

Fr.: ligne des apsides   

Of an elliptical orbit, the straight line drawn from the → perigee to the → apogee.

line, → apsides.

line of equinoxes
  خط ِ هموگان‌ها   
xatt-e hamugânhâ

Fr.: ligne des équinoxes   

The intersection of the planes of ecliptic and celestial equator.

line; → equinox.

line of flow
  خط ِ تچان   
xatt-e tacân

Fr.: ligne d'écoulement   

Same as → streamline.

line; → flow.

line of force
  خط ِ نیرو   
khatt-e niru (#)

Fr.: ligne de force   

One of many → imaginary lines whose direction at all → points along its length is that of the electric or → magnetic field at those points. In → electric fields the lines of force are directed toward → negative charges and point away from → positive charges. In magnetic fields the lines of force are directed from the → north pole to the → south pole.

line; → force.

line of induction
  خط ِ درهازش   
xatt-e darhâzeš

Fr.: ligne d'induction   

Same as → line of force in a magnetic field.

line; → induction.

line of nodes
  خط ِ گره‌ها   
xatt-e gerehhâ (#)

Fr.: lignes des nœuds   

The line created by the intersection of the equatorial plane and the orbital plane.

line, → node.

line of sight
  خط ِ دید، دیدخط   
xatt-e did, didxatt (#)

Fr.: ligne de visée   

The imaginary straight line connecting the object and the objective lens of the viewing device.

line; → sight.

line profile
  فراپال ِ خط   
farâpâl-e xatt

Fr.: profil de raie   

The representation of a spectral line as produced by an observing instrument.

line, → profile.

line profile variability (LPV)
  ورتندگی ِ فراپال ِ خط   
vartandegi-ye farâpâl-e xatt

Fr.: variabilité du profil de raie   

The change in the shape of a → spectral line over time. For instance, in → Wolf-Rayet stars the line profile varying on time-scales of minutes to hours is attributed to → microturbulence.

line; → profile; → variability.

line spectrum
  بیناب ِ خطی   
binâb-e xatti (#)

Fr.: spectre de raies   

Spectrum consisting of discrete lines (emission or absorption), each corresponding to a particular wavelength, as opposed to a continuous spectrum.

line, → spectrum.

line strength
  زور ِ خط   
zur-e xatt

Fr.: intensité de raie   

Same as → line intensity.

line, → strength.

line wing
  خط-بال، بال ِ خط   
xatbâl, bâl-e xatt

Fr.: aile de raie   

Part of the line profile between the continuum level and the half value of the emission or absorption peak. The wings are due to matter traveling at much greater speeds than that providing the main peak. → red wing; → blue wing.

line; → wing.

line-blanketed model
  مدل ِ پتومند   
model-e patumand


A stellar atmosphere model which includes metals or uses methods to reproduce their effects, → line blanketing.

line; → blanket; → model.

line-driven wind
  باد ِ خط‌زاد   
bâd-e xattzâd

Fr.: vent induit par raie   

Same as → radiation-driven wind.

line; → drive; → wind.


Fr.: ligne   

Any of a countless number of dark streaks visible on → Europa's surface that crisscross the whole → Galilean satellite. They are up to 1,000 km long, 20 km wide, and 1 km deep, but only hundred of meters high. In many cases, the ridges are double, often with dark outer edges and a central band. Images show that on each side of the lines, the edges have moved relative to each other. According to the most likely hypothesis, lineae result from eruptions of warm water, in a scenario similar to the present day mid- oceanic ridges on Earth.

From L. linea, → line.

Xaš, → streak.

xatti (#)

Fr.: linéaire   

Confined to first-degree algebraic terms in the relevant variables.

Adj. of → line.

linear acceleration
  شتاب ِ خطی   
šetâb-e xatti

Fr.: accélération linéaire   

The rate of change of the → linear velocity with time. It is defined by the expression Δvt and is equal to the → first derivative of the → linear velocity.

linear; → acceleration.

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