An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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Fr.: bande passante   

The range of wavelengths that are transmitted by a filter. Same as → band-pass.

Pass from O.Fr. passer, from V.L. *passare "to step, walk, pass," from L. passus "step, pace;" cf. Pers. "foot," pey "step;" → band.

Gozar "passage, transit, passing," from gozaštan "to pass, cross, transit," variant gozâštan "to put, to place, let, allow;" Mid.Pers. widardan, widâštan "to pass, to let pass (by);" O.Pers. vitar- "to pass across," viyatarayam "I put across;" Av. vi-tar- "to pass across," from vi- "apart, away from" ( O.Pers. viy- "apart, away;" Av. vi- "apart, away;" cf. Skt. vi- "apart, asunder, away, out;" L. vitare "to avoid, turn aside") + O.Pers./Av. tar- "to cross over"); bând, → band.


Fr.: passif   

Tending not to participate actively; not working or operating.

From L. passivus "submissive; capable of feeling or suffering," from passus, p.p. of pati "to experience, undergo, suffer."

Akâr "not working, not doing," from → a- negation prefix + kâr "work," varaint of kar, present stem of kardan "to do, to make" (Mid.Pers. kardan; O.Pers./Av. kar- "to do, make, build;" Av. kərənaoiti "he makes;" cf. Skt. kr- "to do, to make," krnoti "he makes, he does," karoti "he makes, he does," karma "act, deed;" PIE base kwer- "to do, to make").

passive cloud
  ابر ِ اکار   
abr-e akâr

Fr.: nuage passif   

A cumulus cloud that is no longer dynamically connected with the atmospheric boundary layer via updrafts or downdrafts.

passive; → cloud.

passive component
  همنه‌ی ِ اکار   
hamne-y akâr

Fr.: composante passive   

An electronic component which contains no source of power, in contrast to active components.

passive; → component.

passive galaxy
  کهکشان ِ اکار   
kahkešân-e akâr

Fr.: galaxie passive   

A galaxy lacking optical emission-line activity (e.g., [O II], Hα, [O III]) and showing only stellar absorption lines (e.g., the 4000 Å → calcium break, Mg I, Na I). Also called passively evolving galaxy.

passive; → galaxy.

passive system
  راژمان ِ اکار   
râžmân-e akâr

Fr.: système passif   

An electronic system which emits no energy, and is not detectable.

passive; → system.

passively evolving galaxy
  کهکشان با فرگشت ِ اکار   
kahkešân bâ fargašt-e akâr

Fr.: galaxie en évolution passive   

Same as → passive galaxy.

passive; → evolve; → galaxy.


Fr.: mot de passe   

An arbitrary string of characters chosen by a user or system administrator and used to authenticate the user when he attempts to log on, in order to prevent unauthorised access to his account (

Pass, → passage; → word.

gozašté (#)

Fr.: passé   

Of, having existed in, or having occurred during a time previous to the present; bygone (

M.E.; variant spelling of passed, p.p. of pass, from O.Fr. passer, from V.L. *passare "to step, walk, pass," from L. passus "step, pace;" cf. Pers. "foot," pey "step," → foot.

Gozašté, p.p. of gozaštan "to pass," → passage.

past participle
  پارگرته‌ی ِ گذشته   
pârgerte-ye gozašté

Fr.: participe passé   

A → participle that indicates a completed action or state.

past; → participle.

pac (#)

Fr.: pièce   

1) A small piece of material used to mend a tear or break, to cover a hole, or to strengthen a weak place.
2) A piece of material used to cover or protect a wound, an injured part, etc.
3) A small piece, scrap, or area of anything ( → bald patch; → patchy turbulence.

M.E. pacche; of uncertain origin.

Pac, from Bašgaridi (Giroft) pac "patch; fragment," probably from *parka-, from *par- "piece" + diminutive/relation suffix -ka; cf. pâré "piece, part, portion;" parré "portion, segment (of an orange);" pargâlé "piece, portion; patch;" Kermâni pariké "portion, half;" Tabari perik "minute quantity, particle;" Lârestâni pakva "patch;" Borujerdi parru "patch;" (Fin Bandar Abbâs) park "patch;" (Tâti) pajina "patch, darn;" → part.

patchy turbulence
  آشوبناکی ِ پچی، ~ تکه‌تکه   
âšubnâki-te paci, ~ tekke-tekké

Fr.: turbulence parcellaire   

A → turbulence that is not continuous in space, but is separated by regions of stability and → laminar flow.

Patchy adj. of → patch; → turbulence.


Fr.: patera   

A shallow dish-like crater with irregular, sometimes scalloped rims, on the surface of a planet.

From L. patera "abroad, shallow dish" (used for drinking, primarily in a ritual context).

  په، راه   
pah, râh

Fr.: chemin, trajectoire; bande   

1) A route, course, or track along which something moves.
2) A course of action, conduct, or procedure.
3) Math.: A continuous curve that connects two or more points.
4) In → graph theory, a → graph whose → vertices can be arranged in a sequence.

O.E. paþ, pæþ; cf. O.Fris. path; M.Du. pat; Du. pad; O.H.G. pfad; Ger. Pfad "path."

Pah "path, way," from O.Pers. paθi- "path, way;" Av. paθ-, variants paθi-, paθā-, pantay- (with conversion of -θ- to -h-, as in ciθra-/cehr, xšaθra-/šahr/šâh, vərəθraγna-/bahrâm, → Mars); Mid/Mod.Pers. pand "path, advice, counsel;" Khotanese pande "road, path;" Ossetic fœndœg "path, road;" cf. Skt. pánthā- "road, path, course;" Gk. patos "path, way," pontos "sea;" L. pons "bridge, path;" P.Gmc. *finthanan "to find;" E. find; PIE base *pent- "to go, to tread."
Râh, → way.

path line
  خط ِ په   
xatt-e pah

Fr.: trajectoire particulaire   

The path followed by an individual particle of fluid over an interval of time. It contrasts with the → streamline that represents an instantaneous picture of the motion of particles.

path; → line.

path of totality
  په ِ هماکی   
pah-e hamâki

Fr.: bande de totalité   

The path (up to 320 km wide) that the Moon's shadow traces on the Earth during a total solar eclipse.

path; → totality.

rahyâb (#)

Fr.: éclaireur   

1) A person who makes or finds a way, especially through unexplored areas or fields of knowledge.
2) An airplane, or a person dropped from a plane, sent into a target area to illuminate the area for succeeding aircraft (
3) → LISA pathfinder.

path; → finder.

olgu (#)

Fr.: figure   

1) A regular or repetitive form, order, or arrangement; a distinctive form. → diffraction pattern; → interference pattern.
2) In the → density wave model, a region of enhanced stellar density (arm or bar) in the → Galactic disk. → pattern speed.

M.E. patron, from O.Fr. patron, from M.L. patronus "patron saint, lord, master, model, pattern," from pater "father."

Olgu "pattern," from Turkish ülgü "form, mold, model."

pattern speed
  تندی ِ الگو   
tondi-ye olgu

Fr.: vitesse de rotation de l'onde spirale ou barrée   

In models of → galactic structure, the → angular velocity of a → spiral arm or a → bar, assumed to be a pattern rotating as a solid body in the galaxy. Pattern speed, ΩP , is one of the most important parameters of the → density wave theory responsible for the spiral arms. Pattern speed determines the location of the → corotation resonance.

pattern; → speed.

Pauli exclusion principle
  پروز ِ سکلان ِ پاؤلی   
parvaz-e sokolân-e Pauli

Fr.: principe d'exclusion de Pauli   

A quantum mechanical principle according to which no two identical → fermions can share the same → quantum state. Also known as → exclusion principle.

In honor of Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958), Austrian theoretical physicist, who formulated the principle in 1925; → exclusion; → principle.

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