An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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radiation-driven mass loss
  دسترفت ِ جرم از راه ِ باد ِ تابشی   
dastraft-e jerm az râh-e bâd-e tâbeši

Fr.: perte de masse par vent radiatif   

The → mass loss experienced by a → massive star due to the effect of → radiation-driven wind.

radiation; driven, p.p. of → drive; → mass; → loss.

radiation-driven wind
  باد ِ تابشی، ~ تابش‌زاد   
bâd-e tâbeši, ~ tâbešzâd

Fr.: vent radiatif   

The loss of matter from the → photosphere due to the acceleration imparted to the outer layers of the star by photons created inside the star. The coupling between radiation and matter creates a → radiative acceleration that may exceed the → gravity. This mechanism is particularly important in → massive stars, since the luminosity is high and therefore the number of energetic ultraviolet photons important. Same as → line-driven wind.

radiation; → drive; → wind.

radiationless relaxation
  واهلش ِ بی‌تابش   
vâhaleš-e bitâbeš

Fr.: relaxation sans rayonnement   

A process in which a molecule relaxes without emitting a → photon.

radiation; → -less; → relaxation.

tâbešisi (#)

Fr.: radiatif   

Of or pertaining to radiation.

Adjective of → radiation.

radiative acceleration
  شتاب ِ تابشی   
šetâb-e tâbeši

Fr.: accélération radiative   

The acceleration imparted to matter by → radiation pressure.

radiative; → acceleration.

radiative braking
  لگامش ِ تابشی   
legâmeš-e tâbeši

Fr.: freinage radiatif   

The slowing down of a star's rotation due to radiative momentum transfer caused by emission of electromagnetic radiation.

radiative; → braking.

radiative capture
  گیراُفت ِ تابشی، گیر‌اندازی ِ ~   
gir-oft-e tâbeši, gir-andâzi-ye ~

Fr.: capture radiative   

Capture of a free electron by an ion with the subsequent emission of photons; also called → radiative recombination.

radiative; → capture.

radiative collision
  همکوبش ِ تابشی   
hamkubeš-e tâbeši

Fr.: collision radiative   

A collision between charged particles in which part of the kinetic energy is converted into electromagnetic radiation.

radiative; → collision.

radiative cooling
  سردش ِ تابشی   
serdeš-e tâbeši

Fr.: refroidissement radiatif   

The process by which temperature decreases due to an excess of emitted radiation over absorbed radiation.

radiative; → cooling.

radiative diffusion
  پخش ِ تابشی   
paxš-e tâbeši

Fr.: diffusion radiative   

A process of → radiative transfer in which photons are repeatedly absorbed and re-emitted by matter particles.

radiative; → diffusion.

radiative envelope
  پوشه‌ی ِ تابشی   
puše-ye tâbeši

Fr.: envelope radiative   

A → radiative zone occupying the outer parts of a star.

radiative; → envelope.

radiative equilibrium
  ترازمندی ِ تابشی   
tarâzmandi-ye tâbeši

Fr.: équilibre radiatif   

The balance between radiative emission and radiative absorption in a specified system.

radiative; → equilibrium.

radiative feedback
  بازخورد ِ تابشی   
bâzxord-e tâbeši

Fr.: rétroaction radiative   

The radiative energy put back to the environment through an astrophysical process. For example, in the process of → star formation  → accretion disks form around → protostars. The material in the disk spirals inward and on to the protostar, provided that there is an efficient mechanism to redistribute → angular momentum outward in the disk. During this process → gravitational energy is transformed into radiation due to → viscous dissipation in the disk and at the → accretion shock around the protostar. This radiation heats the region around the protostar and may → suppress subsequent → fragmentation and further star formation. Thus, radiative feedback plays a critical role in regulating the stellar → initial mass function.

radiative; → feedback.

radiative flux
  شار ِ تابشی   
šârr-e tâbeši

Fr.: flux radiatif   

The radiative energy per unit time and unit area.

radiative; → flux.

radiative heating
  گرمش ِ تابشی   
garmeš-e tâbeši

Fr.: chauffage radiatif   

The process by which temperature increases due to an excess of absorbed radiation over emitted radiation.

radiative; → heating.

radiative phase
  فاز ِ تابشی   
fâz-e tâbeši

Fr.: phase radiative   

For a → supernova remnant (SNR), same as the → snowplow phase.

radiative; → phase.

radiative process
  فراروند ِ تابشی   
farâravand-e tâbeši

Fr.: processus radiatif   

An process in which an excited state loses its absorbed energy by emission of radiation. → non-radiative process.

radiative; → process.

radiative recombination
  بازمیازش ِ تابشی   
bâzmiyâzeš-e tâbeši

Fr.: recombinaison radiative   

The process by which an ionized atom binds a free electron in a → plasma to produce a new atomic state with the subsequent radiation of photons.

radiative; → recombination.

radiative shock
  تش ِ تابشی، شوک ِ ~   
toš-e tâbeši, šok-e ~

Fr.: choc radiatif   

A → shock wave in which the → time-scale for → cooling is much shorter than the appropriate → dynamical or → evolutionary time-scale of the system that drives the shock. Radiative shock waves are believed to play a key role in a variety of different astrophysical environments, including → magnetic cataclysmic variables, → jets from → young stellar objects, → accretion in → T Tauri stars, → colliding stellar winds, and → supernova remnants.

radiative; → shock.

radiative transfer
  تراواژ ِ تابش، ~ تابشی   
tarâvâž-e tâbeš, ~ tâbeši

Fr.: transfer radiatif, ~ de rayonnement   

The process by which the → electromagnetic radiation passes through a medium that may contain any combination of → scatterers, → absorbers, and → emitters.

radiative; → transfer.

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