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  ۱) آپره؛ ۲) آپریدن   
1) âporé; 2) âporidan

Fr.: supplément   

1a) A thing added to something else in order to complete, reinforce, or extend it.
1b) A separation section added to a book, document, etc., to supply additional or later information, or the like.
2a) To complete, add to, or extend by a supplement.
2b) To form a supplement or addition to.

From L. supplementum "that which fills up, that with which anything is made full or whole, something added to supply a deficiency," from supplere "to fill up, complete," from → sub- "up from below" + plere "to fill;" cognate with Pers. por, as below.

Âporidan, from prefix â- + por "full;" Mid.Pers. purr; O.Pers. paru- "much, many;" Av. parav-, pauru-, pouru-, from par- "to fill;" PIE *pelu- "full," from *pel- "to be full;" cf. Skt. puru-; Gk. polus; P.Gmc. *fullaz (O.H.G. fol, Ger. voll, Goth. full, O.E. full).

  آپرنده، آپره‌ای   
âporandé, âpore-yi

Fr.: supplémentaire   

Completing something or added as a supplement.

supplement; → -ary.

supplementary angle
  زاویه‌ی ِ آُپرنده   
zâviye-ye âporandé

Fr.: angle supplémentaire   

The angle that when added to a given angle makes 180°. → complementary angle.

supplementary; → angle.

  ۱) پادیر؛ ۲) پادیریدن   
1) pâdir; 2) pâdiridan

Fr.: 1) appui, soutien, support; 2) supporter, soutenir, être pour, appuyer   

1a) Something that serves as a foundation, prop, brace, or stay.
1b) The act or an instance of supporting.
2a) To bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for.
2b) To uphold (a person, cause, policy, etc.) by aid, countenance, one's vote, etc.; back (

M.E. supporten, from M.Fr. supporter, from L. supportare "convey, carry, bring forward," from → sub- "up from under" + portare "to carry."

Pâdir "a column supporting a building; a post supporting a wall."

  انگاشتن، انگاریدن   
engâštan, engâridan (#)

Fr.: supposer   

1) To assume (something), as for the sake of argument or as part of a proposition or theory.
2) To consider (something) as a possibility suggested or an idea or plan proposed (

M.E. supposen, from O.Fr. supposer, from L. supponere "to put or place under," from → sub- "under" + ponere "to put, place," → position.

Engâštan, engâridan "to suppose," from Mid.Pers. (h)angârtan "to conside, to bear in mind, to regard as," from han, ham "together" → com- + kartan "to establish; to declare; to found;" Av. han-kârayeiti, from han-, ham- "together," + kar- "to remember; to impress on memory."


Fr.: supprimer   

1) To put down by authority or force.
2) To keep from public knowledge.
3) To restrain from a usual course or action. → suppression.

L. suppressus, p.p. of supprimere "to press down, stop, stifle," from → sub- "down, under" + premere "to press, push against," → express.

Nehâvidan, from ne-, → ni- "down, below," + hâvidan "to press," → express.


Fr.: suppression   

The act of suppressing; the state of being suppressed. → Compton suppression, → zero suppression.

suppress; → -tion.

  فراز، بالا، ابر-   
farâz, bâlâ, abar-

Fr.: supra-   

A prefix denoting "over, above, beyond, greater than."

From L. supra "above, over, before, beyond," → super-.

Farâz "above, up, upon," → height; bâlâ "above, up, high," → height; abar-, → super-.

supra-Eddington layer
  لایه‌ی ِ ابر-ادینگتونی   
lâye-ye abar-Eddingtoni

Fr.: couche super-eddingtonienne   

In some stellar models, particularly for evolved → massive stars, such as → red supergiants, → Luminous Blue Variables, and → Wolf-Rayet stars, an outermost layer of the stellar envelope where the luminosity might exceed the → Eddington limit. This is due to the → opacity peak produced by the variation in the ionization level of hydrogen in the outer → convective envelope, beneath the surface, of very luminous stars. The opacity peak generates supra-Eddington layers and density inversion. The high opacity decreases the Eddington luminosity in these layers, possibly to fainter levels than the actual stellar luminosity. As a result, the → radiative acceleration exceeds the → gravitational acceleration leading to → mass loss enhancement (see, e.g., A. Maeder, Physics, Formation and Evolution of Rotating Stars, Springer, 2009).

supra-; → Eddington limit; → layer.

supra-horizontal branch star
  ستاره‌ی ِ فراز ِ شاخه‌ی ِ افقی   
setâre-ye farâz-e šâxe-ye ofoqi

Fr.: étoile au-dessus de la branche horizontale   

A member of a rare class of objects found in → globular clusters to lie about one magnitude above and to the blue part of the → horizontal branch. These stars are identified as post → EHB stars on their way from to the → asymptotic giant branch.

supra-; → horizontal; → branch; → star.


Fr.: suprême   

1) Highest in rank or authority.
2) Of the highest quality, degree, character, importance, etc.

M.E., from M.Fr. suprême, and directly from L. supremus "highest," superlative of superus "situated above," from super "above," → super-.

Abartom "highest," from abar "high, upon," → super-, + -tom superlative suffix, → extreme.

  بر-، ابر-، رو-   
bar-, abar-, ru-

Fr.: sur-   

A prefix meaning "over, above, beyond, in addition," occurring mainly in loanwords from Fr.

From O.Fr. sour-, sor-, sur-, from L. → super-.

Bar-, abar-, → super-; ru-, ruy- "face, surface; aspect; appearance," variant rox (Mid.Pers. rôy, rôdh "face;" Av. raoδa- "growth," in plural form "appearance," from raod- "to grow, sprout, shoot;" cf. Skt. róha- "rising, height").


Fr.: sûr   

Free from doubt as to the reliability, character, action, etc., of something (

M.E. sur(e), from M.Fr. sur, O.Fr. seur "safe, secure; trustworthy," from L. securus "free from care, untroubled, safe," from *se cura, from se "free from" + cura "care."

Tenz, from (Fine-e Bandar Abbâs) tenz "firm, fixed, solid," variant tereng; (Tabari) tereng, təreq "firm, fixed;" (Baxtiyâri) teng "firm;" cf. Baluci tranj-, dranjit, tranjit/drannj-, draht, dratk "to hang up;" ultimately from Proto-Ir. *dra(n)j- "to fix, fasten, hold;" Av. drənj- (draž-) "to fix, fasten, hold;" Parthian (*abi-) 'bdrynj- "to be sure, secure; make certain;" Khotanese drys- "to hold;" cognate with Gk. drassomai "I hold (with the hand), take;" O.Irish dringid "he climbs;" M.Welsh dringo "to climb;" PIE *dregh- "to hold, fasten."


Fr.: sûrement   

Without doub; certainly; to be sure; for sure.

sure; → -ly.


Fr.: caution, garantie, sureté   

1) Security against loss or damage or for the fulfillment of an obligation, the payment of a debt, etc.; a pledge, guaranty, or bond.
2) The state or quality of being sure (

M.E. surte, from M.Fr., from O.Fr. seurte "a promise, pledge, guarantee; assurance, confidence;" from L. securitas "freedom from care or danger, safety," from securus, → secure.

ruyé (#)

Fr.: surface   

1) The outer face, outside, or exterior boundary of a thing; outermost or uppermost layer or area.
2) Math.: An infinite aggregate of points constituting space of two dimensions; part or all of the boundary of a solid.

sur-; → face.

surface brightness
  درخشندگی ِ رویه، ~ رویه‌ای   
deraxandegi-ye ruyé, ~ ruye-yi

Fr.: brillance de surface   

The brightness of an extended object, such as a planet, nebula, galaxy, or the sky background, expressed as magnitudes per unit area (usually square arc second). Surface brightness is calculated by dividing the object's magnitude by its size (→ isophotal radius).

surface; → brightness.

surface current
  جریان ِ رویه‌ای   
jarayân-e ruye-yi

Fr.: courant de surface   

A current whose core of maximum velocity is near the surface.

surface; → current.

surface density
  چگالی ِ رویه‌ای   
cagâli-ye ruye-yi

Fr.: densité de surface   

The amount of a quantity distributed over a surface area divided by the area, such as a surface-charge density.

surface; → density.

surface gravity
  گرانی ِ رویه، ~ رویه‌ای   
gerâni-ye ruyé, ~ ruye-yi

Fr.: gravité de surface   

1) The rate at which a small object in free fall near the surface of a body is accelerated by the gravitational force of the body: g = GM / R2, where G is the gravitational constant, and M and R are the mass and radius of the object. The surface gravity of Earth is equal to 980 cm s-2.
2) → black hole surface gravity.

surface; → gravity.

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