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uniqueness theorem
  فربین ِ یکتایی   
farbin-e yektâyi

Fr.: théorème d'unicité   

1) Physics: A → potential that satisfies both → Poisson's equation and the → boundary conditions pertinent to a particular field is the only possible potential.
2) Math.: If two → continuous functions φ(t) and ψ(t) have one and the same → Laplace transform F(p), then these functions are identically equal.
3) Astro.: A → black hole can only be characterized by its → mass, → electric charge, and → angular momentum. See also → no hair theorem.

uniqueness; → theorem.

  یکا، یکان   
yekâ (#), yekân (#)

Fr.: unité   

A quantity or dimension adopted as a standard of measurement.
Math.: The lowest positive natural number.
The first digit to the left of the decimal point in decimal notation, representing a whole number less than ten.
An element in a ring that has a multiplicative inverse.

Back formation from → unity.

Yekâ, yekân, from yek, → one.

unit vector
  بردار ِ یکا   
bordâr-e yekâ

Fr.: vecteur unité   

A vector of length 1, also called a direction vector.

unit; → vector.

  یکایی، یکانی   
yekâyi, yekâni

Fr.: unitaire   

Of or pertaining to a unit or units; having the indivisible character of a unit.
Math.: An operator U satisfying the relations: U+ U = 1, U U+ = 1, where U+ is the adjoint.

From → unit + -ary.

Yekâyi, yekâni, from yekâ, yekân, → unit.

unitary group
  گروه ِ یکایی، ~ یکانی   
goruh-e yekâyi, ~ yekâni

Fr.: groupe unitaire   

The set of n × n unitary matrices (→ unitary matrix).

unitary; → group.

unitary matrix
  ماتریس ِ یکایی، ~ یکانی   
mâtris-e yekâyi, ~ yekâni

Fr.: matrice unitaire   

A square matrix whose inverse equals its adjoint.

unitary; → matrix.

unitary transformation
  ترادیس ِ یکایی، ~ یکانی   
tarâdis-e yekâyi, ~ yekâni

Fr.: transformation unitaire   

A transformation whose reciprocal is equal to its Hermitian conjugate.

unitary; → transformation.

  آیکیدن، هم‌یکیدن   
âyekidan, ham-yekidan

Fr.: unir   

To join, combine, or incorporate so as to form a single whole or unit.

M.E. uniten, from L. unitus, p.p. of unire "to unite," from unus, → one.

Âyekidan, from â- nuance/strengthening prefix + yek, → one, + -idan infinitive suffix; ham-yekidan, from ham- "together," → syn-, + yekidan.

  آیکیده، هم‌یکیده   
âyekidé, ham-yekidé

Fr.: uni   

Formed by or resulting from the union of two or more persons or things.

P.p. of → unite.

yeki (#)

Fr.: unité   

The state or condition of being one.
Math.: One.

M.E. unite, from O.Fr., from L. unitatem "oneness, sameness, agreement," from unus, → one.

Yeki, noun from yek, → one.


Fr.: univarié   

Statistics: Involving only one variable.

uni-; → variate.

univariate time series
  سری ِ زمانی ِ یکورتا   
seri-ye zamâni-ye yekvartâ

Fr.: série temporelle univariée   

A sequence of measurements of the same variable collected over time. Most often, the measurements are made at regular time intervals.

univariate; → time; → series.

  ۱) هرگانی؛ گیتیک، گیتیانه؛ جهانی؛ ۲) هرگانه   
1a) hargâni; 1b) gitik, gitiyâné (#); 1c) jahâni (#); 2) hargâné

Fr.: universal   

1a) Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole; relating to, affecting, or including everyone in a group or situation.
1b) Of or pertaining to the → Universe, all nature, or all existing things.
2) A trait, characteristic, or property, as distinguished from a particular individual or event, that can be possessed in common, as the care of a mother for her young (
See also: → Coordinated Universal Time, → universal astrolabe, → universal gas constant, → universal IMF, → universal quantifier, → Universal Time.
Related concepts: → all, → general, → omni-, → public, → total.

universe; → -al.

universal astrolabe
  اسطرلاب ِ هرگانی   
ostorlâb-e hargâni

Fr.: astrolabe universel   

An → astrolabe which could be used at any → latitude.

universal; → astrolabe.

universal gas constant
  پایای ِ هرگانی ِ گاز‌ها   
pâyâ-ye hargâni-ye gâzhâ

Fr.: constante universelle des gaz   

Same as → gas constant.

universal; → gas; → constant.

universal IMF
   IMF ِ هرگانی   
IMF-e hargâni

Fr.: IMF universelle   

Same as → canonical IMF.

universal; → initial mass function.

universal quantifier
  چندیگر ِ هروین   
candigar-e harvin

Fr.: quantificateur universel   

A symbol of → predicate logic which expresses that the statements within its scope are → true for everything, or every instance of a specific thing. The symbol ∀ "for all" is used as the universal quantifier. Universal quantifiers are normally used in logic in conjunction with predicate symbols, which say something about a variable or constant, in this case the variable being quantified.

universal; → quantifier.

Universal Time (UT)
  زمان ِ جهانی   
zamân-e jahâni

Fr.: temps universel   

A measure of time that conforms, within a close approximation, to the mean diurnal motion of the Sun and serves as the basis off all civil timekeeping. The local civil time for a position on the Greenwich meridian.

universal; → time.

Universal Time Coordinated
  زمان ِ جهانی ِ همرایانیده   
zamân-e jahâni-ye hamrâyânidé

Fr.: temps universel coordonné   

Sale as → Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Fr.: universalité   

The character or state of being universal.

universal; → -ity.

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