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Fr.: combinaison   

1) General: The act of combining or the state of being combined.
2) Math: The number of ways elements making up a set can be arranged into various groups without regard to their order in the group. → permutation

Noun from → combine


Fr.: combinatoire   

A branch of mathematics dealing with the → combination and → permutation of sets of elements and mathematical relations that characterize their properties.

From combinator(ial) (from combinatorial analysis), + → -ics.

Miyâzešik, from miyâzeš, → combination, + -k, → -ics.


Fr.: combiner   

To cause to join in a close union or whole; unite.

From M.Fr. combiner, from L.L. combinare "to unite, yoke together," from L. → com- "together" + bini "two by two," adv. from bi- "two, twice," cf. Av. biš "twice," bi-, dva- "two," Skt. dvi- "two," Gk. di-, O.E. twi-.

Miyâzidan, infinitive from miyâz-, variant of miz- in â-miz-, âmixtan "to mix," âmizé, âmižé "mixture," âmiq "mixture; copulation;" Mid.Pers. âmêz-, âmêxtan (Proto-Iranian *āmis- ,*āmiz-; PIE *meik- "to mix"); cf. Av. mayas- "to mix;" Skt. miks- "to mix, mingle," miśr- "to mix, blend, combine;" Gk. misgein "to mix, mingle;" L. miscere (p.p. mixtus) "to mix;" O.C.S. meso, mesiti "to mix," Rus. meshat, Lith. maisau "to mix, mingle."

compact binary star system
  راژمان ِ درین ِ همپک   
râžmân-e dorin-e hampak

Fr.: système binaire compact   

A binary star system which is composed of a collapsed object (→ degenerate dwarf, → neutron star, or → black hole) in orbit with a low-mass (≤ 0.5 Msol) secondary star, wherein the collapsed star → accretes matter from its → companion. These two objects form a binary system of overall dimensions 106 km with an orbital period of only hours or less. See also: → X-ray binary.

compact; → binary; → star; → system.

contact binary
  دورین ِ پرماسی   
dorin-e parmâsi

Fr.: binaire de contact   

1) A → binary star system in which the two → components are so close that they exchange gases in a complex manner. Their overlapping → gravitational fields form a "peanut" shaped → equipotential surface.
2) Two roughly similar-sized asteroids or cometary nuclei resting on one another, presumably after coming together very gently. Examples are → Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and the asteroid → (486958) 2014 MU69.

contact; → binary.

dissociative recombination
  بازمیازش ِ واهزشی   
bâzmiyâzeš-e vâhazeši

Fr.: recombinaison dissociative   

A process where a positive molecular ion recombines with an electron, and as a result it dissociates into two neutral products. For example, AB+ + e-→ A + B, where e- is an electron, AB+ is a diatomic or polyatomic molecular ion, and A and B are the neutral fragmentation products. Dissociative recombination is the dominant recombination process in planetary ionospheres and interstellar clouds.

dissociative; → recombination.

double-degenerate binary system
  راژمان ِ درین ِ دوبار واگن   
râžmân-e dorin-e dobâr vâgen

Fr.: système binaire doublement dégénéré   

A system of evolved → binary stars in which both → components have ejected their envelopes and evolve toward → white dwarf stage. So far a half dozen double-degenerate → binary systems are known, for example Henize 2-248 (M. Santander-Garcia et al., 2015, 518, 5).

double; → degenerate; → binary; → system.

double-lined binary
  دورین ِ دوخطه   
dorin-e doxatté

Fr.: binaire à double raies   

A → spectroscopic binary in which the → spectral lines of both stars are seen and the lines are alternatively double and single. Same as → SB2 binary. See also: → single-lined binary.

double; → line; → binary

double-lined eclipsing binary
  دورین ِ گرفتی ِ دوخطه   
dorin-e gerefti-ye doxatté

Fr.: binaire à éclipse à double raies   

A → double-lined spectroscopic binary whose → light curve is typical of an → eclipsing binary.

double; → line; → eclipsing; → binary.

double-lined spectroscopic binary
  درین ِ دوخطه‌ی ِ بیناب‌نماییک   
dorin-e doxatte-ye binâbnemâyik

Fr.: binaire spectroscopique à double raies   

Same as → double-lined binary.

double; → line; → spectroscopic; → binary.

eclipsing binary
  دورین ِ گرفتی   
dorin-e gerefti

Fr.: binaire à éclipses   

A binary star in which one of the two stars passes in front of the other so that the system's total light periodically fades. The most famous eclipsing binary is → Algol.

eclipse; → binary.

Habing field
  میدان ِ هابینگ   
meydân-e Habing

Fr.: champ de Habing   

A unit used to express the strength of average → far ultraviolet (FUV) intensity in the → interstellar radiation field. It is equal to 1.2 × 10-4 erg cm-2 s-1 sr-1 = 1.6 × 10-3 cm-2 s-1 = 108 photons cm-2 s-1.

Named after Harm Habing, a pioneer in this field (Habing, H. J., 1968, Bull. Astr. Netherlands 19, 421).

hard binary
  درین ِ سخت   
dorin-e saxt

Fr.: binaire dur   

In → stellar dynamics studies of → three-body encounters, a → binary system whose → binding energy far exceeds the → kinetic energy of the relative motion of an incoming third body. In such an encounter, a hard binary is likely to get harder and transfer energy to the incoming star, whereas a → soft binary is likely to be disrupted.

hard; → binary.

high-mass X-ray binary (HMXB)
  درین ِ پرتو ایکس ِ پرجرم   
dorin-e partow-e iks-e por-jerm

Fr.: binaire X de forte masse   

A member of one of the two main classes of → X-ray binary systems where one of the components is a neutron star or a black hole and the other one a → massive star. HMXBs emit relatively → hard X-rays and usually show regular pulsations, no X-ray bursts, and often X-ray eclipses. Their X-ray luminosity is much larger than their optical luminosity. In our Galaxy HMXBs are found predominantly in the → spiral arms and within the → Galactic disk in young → stellar populations less than 107 years old. One of the most famous HMXB is Cygnus X-1 which was the first stellar-mass black hole discovered. See also: → low-mass X-ray binary.

high; → mass; → X-ray; → binary.

interacting binary
  دورین ِ اندرژیرنده   
dorin-e andaržirandé

Fr.: binaire en interaction   

A binary star system in which mass transfer between the components takes place. → contact binary; → Roche lobe.

Interacting, adj. of → interact; → binary.

low-mass X-ray binary (LMXB)
  درین ِ پرتو ایکس ِ کم‌جرم   
dorin-e partow-e iks-e kam-jerm

Fr.: binaire X de faible masse   

A member of one of the two main classes of → X-ray binary systems where one of the components is a → neutron star or → black hole and the other component a → low-mass star with a spectral type A or later. LMXBs mainly emit → soft X-rays. The ratio of their optical to X-ray luminosities is less than 0.1. They belong to → old stellar populations with ages 5-15 × 109 years and are found in → globular clusters and in the → bulge of our → Milky Way galaxy; some are also found in the disk. Hercules X-1 is an example of LMXBs.
See also: → high-mass X-ray binary.

low; → mass; → X-ray; → binary.

magnetic cataclysmic binary
  دورین ِ گتلوری ِ مغناتیسی   
dorin-e gatluri-ye meqnâtisi

Fr.: binaire cataclysmique magnétique   

A cataclysmic binary in which the white dwarf primary has a strong magnetic field that radically affects the accretion flow in the system. → polar

magnetic; → cataclysmic; → binary.

massive close binary
  دورین ِ کیپ ِ پرجرم   
dorin-e kip-e porjerm

Fr.: binaire serrée massive   

A → close binary system composed of two → massive stars.

massive; → close binary star.

neutron star binary system
  راژمان ِ درین ِ ستاره‌های ِ نوترونی   
râžmân-e dorin-e setârehâ-ye noroni

Fr.: système binaire d'étoiles à neutron   

A → binary system composed of two → neutron stars.

neutron; → star; → binary; → system.

photometric binary
  دُرین ِ شید-سنجیک، ~ نور-سنجیک   
dorin-e šidsanjik, ~ nursanjik

Fr.: binaire photométrique   

A binary star whose binarity is detectable from its variability and light-curve that has certain specific characteristics.

photometric + → binary.

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