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plus sign
  نشان ِ بیشن   
nešân-e bišan

Fr.: sign plus   

The symbol + indicating summation or a positive quantity. The sign is believed to be a shortened form of the L. word et denoting "and" which was the term for addition. The signs + and - first appeared in an arithmetic book by Johannes Widmann entitled Behennde und hübsche Rechnung, published in Leipzig in 1489.

plus; → sign.

radical sign
  نشانه‌ی ِ ریشال، ~ ریشگی   
nešâne-ye rišâl, ~ rišegi

Fr.: signe radical   

The symbol √ placed before a number or quantity to indicate the extraction of the square root. The value of a higher (the n-th) root is indicated by a raised positive digit (n) in front of the symbol, as in 3√ (cube root). The first known occurrence of this symbol was in the book Die Cross, published in 1525, by the German mathematician Christoff Rudolff.

radical; → symbol.

radio signal
  نشال ِ رادیویی   
nešâl-e râdio-yi

Fr.: signal radio   

A signal in the → radio frequency region of the → electromagnetic spectrum.

radio; → signal.


Fr.: démisionner   

To give up an office or position, often formally.

M.E. resignen "give up, surrender, abandon; relinquish," from O.Fr. resigner "renounce, relinquish," from L. resignare "to check off, cancel, give back, give up," from → re- "opposite" + signare "to make an entry in an account book," literally "to mark;" → sign.

Vâgâmidan, literally "to step back," from vâ-re- + gâmidan "to step, go, → walk."


Fr.: démision   

The act of resigning.

Verbal noun from → resign.

saturation signal
  نشال ِ انجال، ~ ِ انجالش   
nešâl-e anjâl, ~ anjaalesh

Fr.: signal de saturation, ~ saturé   

In radar, a signal whose amplitude is greater than the dynamic range of the receiving system.

saturation; → signal.

  نشان، نشانه   
nešân, nešâné (#)

Fr.: signe   

1) A conventional or arbitrary mark, figure, or symbol used as an abbreviation for the word or words it represents. Related terms: → signal, → signature, → symbol, → index.
2) Math.: A plus sign or minus sign used as a symbol for indicating addition or subtraction; also a sign for indicating the positive or negative value of a quantity.
3) → sign of the zodiac.

M.E., from O.Fr. signe "sign, mark, signature," from L. signum "mark, token, indication, symbol," from PIE base *sekw- "to see."

Nešân "sign, mark," from Mid.Pers. nišân "sign, mark, omen," nišitan "to gaze, stare, look into," niš in marv.niš "taking omen, foretelling, or divining from birds," nišak "clear, evident," from Proto-Iranian *niiaš- "to show," from *ni- "down, below," → ni- (PIE), + *iaš- "to show, appear;" cf. Armenian loanword niš "sign, mark, spot," loaned also in Syriac as nyš "sign" (Cheung 2007).

sign of the zodiac
borj (#)

Fr.: signe du zodiaque   

One of the 12 constellations (in fact 13) making up the → zodiac.

sign; → zodiac.

Borj originally "tower," most probably related to Pers. borz "height, magnitude, greatness," boland "high," bâlâ "up, above, high, elevated, height," Laki dialect berg "hill, mountain;" Mid.Pers. burz "height," buland "high;" O.Pers. baršan- "height;" Av. barəz- "high, mount," barezan- "height;" cf. Skt. bhrant- "high;" L. fortis "strong" (Fr. and E. force); O.E. burg, burh "castle, fortified place," from P.Gmc. *burgs "fortress;" Ger. Burg "castle," Goth. baurgs "city," E. burg, borough, Fr. bourgeois, bourgeoisie, faubourg; PIE base *bhergh- "high." Borj may have been loaned into Ar. from Mid.Pers. The meaning extension of borj to its astronomical sense of zodiacal sign may have arisen from the conception of the zodiac as a barrier between heaven and Earth through which access was gained by means of twelve gates.


Fr.: signal   

1) Useful part of the received information that can be distinguished from noise.
2) Information transmitted by means of a modulated current or an electromagnetic wave and received by telephone, radio, television, etc.

M.E., from O.Fr. signal, from M.L. signale "a signal," from L.L. signalis (adj.) "used as a signal, pertaining to a sign," from L. signum "signal, sign."

Nešâl, from neš- base of nešân meaning → sign + -âl, → -al.

signal-to-noise ratio
  وابَر ِ نشال-به-نوفه   
vâbar-e nešâl-bé-nufé

Fr.: rapport signal sur bruit   

Concept used to quantify the effects of noise. It is the ratio of a signal to the standard deviation of the signal.

signal; → noise; → ratio.


Fr.: signature   

1) Physics, Chem.: A distinctive trace or sign that indicates the presence of a substance or the occurrence of a physical process or event.
2) Telecommunication: The complete set of electromagnetic and/or acoustic signals received, e.g., from an infrared source, a radio or radar transmitter, an aircraft, or a ship. Signatures may consist of analog or digital signals, or both, and may be analyzed to indicate the nature of their source and assist in its recognition.

M.Fr. signature, from M.L. signatura "sign," in classical L. "the matrix of a seal," from signatus, p.p. of signare "to mark, sign," → sign.

Nešânzad, literally "striking a mark, sign" (cf. angošt zadan "fingerprint"), from nešân, → sign, + zad past stem of zadan "to strike, beat; to do; to play an instrument" (Mid.Pers. zatan, žatan; O.Pers./Av. jan-, gan- "to strike, hit, smite, kill" (jantar- "smiter"); cf. Skt. han- "to strike, beat" (hantar- "smiter, killer"); Gk. theinein "to strike;" L. fendere "to strike, push;" Gmc. *gundjo "war, battle;" PIE *gwhen- "to strike, kill").


Fr.: significativité   

1) The state or quality of being significant; → meaning; importance.
2) Statistics: An estimated measure of the degree to which a result is not merely a matter of chance. See also → significance level, → significance testing.

From L. significantia "meaning, force, energy," from significans, present participle of significare, → signify.

Nešânâri, noun from nešânâr, → significant.

significance level
  تراز ِ نشاناری   
tarâz-e nešânâri

Fr.: niveau de significativité   

The level of → Type I error which one is willing to risk in a → test of significance. Also called level of significance.

significance; → level.

significance testing
  آزمون ِ نشاناری   
âzmun-e nešanâri

Fr.: test de significativité   

Statistics: A procedure that is used to decide whether to accept or reject the → null hypothesis or to determine whether observed samples differ significantly from expected results. Also called → test of significance and → rule of decision.

significance; → test.


Fr.: significatif   

1) Having a special or suggestive → meaning.
2) Statistics: Of or pertaining to a result that is not plausible to occur by chance.

From L. significant-, stem of significans, from significare, "to → signify."

Nešânâr, from nešân, → sign, + âr short form of âvar present stem of âvardan "to bring, adduce, cause, produce."

significant digit
  رقم ِ نشانار   
raqam-e nešânâr

Fr.: chiffre significatif   

The number of digits used to express a measured or calculated quantity. Rules for deciding the number of significant digits:
The leftmost digit which is not a zero is the most significant digit.
If the number does not have a decimal point, the rightmost digit which is not a zero is the least significant digit.
If the number does have a decimal point, the rightmost significant digit is the least significant digit, even if it's a zero.
Every digit between the least and most significant digits should be counted as a significant digit.

significant; → digit.


Fr.: signification   

1) Something that is signified, → meaning, sense.
2) The act of signifying. → significance, → significant, → level of significance.

Verbal noun of → signify.


Fr.: signifier   

To make known; to be a sign of; to → mean. → significance, → significant, → signification.

M.E. signifien, from O.Fr. signifier, from L. significare "to make a sign, indicate, mention, denote."

Nešânâridan, from nešânâr, → significant, + -dan suffix of infinitives.

test of significance
  آزمون ِ نشاناری   
âzmun-e nešânâri

Fr.: test de significativité   

Same as → significance testing and → rule of decision.

test; → significance.

threshold signal
  آستانه‌ی ِ نشال   
âstâne-ye nešâl

Fr.: seuil de signal   

The minimum intensity of a signal that can be detected and recognized.

threshold; → signal.

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