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Kuiper belt object (KBO)
  بر‌آخت ِ کمربند ِ کویپر   
barâxt-e kamarband-e Kuiper

Fr.: objet de la ceinture de Kuiper   

A → Solar System object belonging to the → Kuiper belt. The largest known objects of this type are → Pluto and its moon → Charon, → Quaoar, → Sedna, and → Orcus. See also → trans-Neptunian object.

Kuiper belt; → object.

lensing object
  بر‌آخت ِ لنزنده   
barâxt-e lenzandé

Fr.: objet amplificateur   

An astronomical object that creates → gravitational lensing. See also → lensing galaxy.

lensing; → object.

mathematical object
  بر‌آخت ِ مزداهیک، ~ ریاضی   
barâxt-e mazdâhik, ~ riyâzi

Fr.: objet mathématique   

An → abstract object dealt with in mathematics that has a definition, obeys certain properties, and can be the target of certain operations. It is often built out of other, already defined objects. Some examples are → numbers, → functions, → triangles, martices (→ matrix), → groups, and entities such as → vector spaces, and → infinite series.

mathematical; → object.

Messier object
  بر‌آخت ِ مسیه   
barâxt-e Messier

Fr.: objet de Messier   

Any of the nebulous-looking → astronomical objects listed in the → Messier catalog.

Messier catalog; → object.

Minkowski's object
  بر‌آخت ِ مینکوفسکی   
barâxt-e Minkowski

Fr.: objet de Minkowski   

A peculiar blue object near the → elliptical galaxy NGC 541 in the → galaxy cluster Abell 194. According to several pieces of evidence, the → starburst in Minkowski's object was triggered by the → radio jet emerging from the → nucleus of the nearby → active galaxy NGC 541. This is similar to the jet-induced → star formation associated with → Centaurus A, and the radio-aligned star forming regions in powerful radio galaxies at → high redshift. Absorption and emission line measurements and broadband → SED fitting, give an age of around 7.5 Myr for Minkowski's object.

Minkowski, R., 1958, PASP, 70, 143; → object.

multi-object spectroscopy
  بیناب‌نمایی ِ بس‌-بر‌آختی   
binâbnamâyi-ye bas-barxâti

Fr.: spectroscopie multi-objets   

A technique of spectroscopy using fiber optics whereby several objects distributed over the field of view can be observed simultaneously.

multi-; → object; → spectroscopy.

near-Earth object (NEO)
  بر‌آخت ِ زمین-نزدیک   
barâxt-e zamin-nazdik

Fr.: géocroiseur   

An → asteroid, → comet, or large → meteoroid whose orbit brings it exceptionally close to the Earth, and which may therefore pose a collision danger. Most such objects are in orbits around the Sun with → perihelion distance less than 1.3 → astronomical units. See also → near-Earth asteroid.

near; → earth; → object.

  ۱، ۲، ۳، ۴، ۵، ۶) بر‌آخت؛ ۷) کندار   
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) barâxt; 7) kondâr

Fr.: objet   

1) General: Anything that is visible or tangible.
2) Physics: A collection of masses, taken to be one.
3) Optics: The collection of points that acts as a source of light rays for an optical system.
4) Astro.: A general designation for material bodies studied in this science.
5) Math.: Anything that could be formally defined, and with which one may do deductive reasoning and mathematical proofs. → mathematical object
6) Computer science: A free standing chunk of code that defines the properties of some thing.
7) Grammar: In English grammar, a noun, noun phrase, or pronoun that is affected by the action of a verb (a direct object or an indirect object) or that completes the meaning of a preposition (the object of a preposition).

From M.L. objectum "thing thrown down or put before" (the mind or sight), neutral of objectus, p.p. of obicere "to present, oppose, cast in the way of," from ob "against" + jacere "to throw," from PIE base *ye- "to do" (cf. Gk. iemi, ienai "to send, throw," Hitt. ijami "I make").

Barâxt "thing drawn against, before" from bar- + âxt. The prefix bar- "on; upon; against; before; at; in," from Mid.Pers. abar, O.Pers. upariy "above; over, upon, according to," Av. upairi "above, over" (upairi.zəma- "located above the earth"), cf. Gk. hyper- "over, above," L. super-, O.H.G. ubir "over;" PIE base *uper "over".
The second component âxt, contraction of âxté, p.p. of âxtan, variants âhixtan, âhiz- "to draw (a sword)," âhanjidan "to draw up, pull, extract," Mid.Pers. âhixtan, âhanjitan "to draw out, pull up, extract," Av. θanj- "to draw, pull, drive;" Proto-Iranian *θanj-.
Kondâr, literally "action receiver," from kon- present stem of kardan "to do, make," → -or, used as action noun (like xor, xâb, foruš), + dâr agent noun from dâštan "to receive" (Dehxodâ), originally "to have, hold, possess," → property.

object glass

Fr.: objectif   

The → lens or lenses in the → object end of the body tube of a → microscope, by means of which the rays coming from the object examined are brought to a focus. Same as → objective. An old term for the → objective lens of a → refracting telescope.

object; → glass.

object language
  زبان ِ بر‌آخت   
zabân-e barâxt

Fr.: langue objet   

Any language described by a → metalanguage. For example, the sentence "In Persian, the word setâré means "star" " is part of a metalanguage (here, English), and the language described (namely Persian) is an object language. Metalanguage and object language may be identical.

object; → language.

object space
  فضای ِ بر‌آخت   
fazâ-ye barâxt

Fr.: espace objet   

In an → optical system, the space between the object being viewed and the → entrance pupil. See also → image space.

object; → space.

object-oriented programming
  برنامه‌سازی ِ بر‌آخت‌گرا   
barnâme-sâzi-ye barâxt-gerâ

Fr.: programme orienté objet   

In computer science a programming technique that uses → objects and their interactions to design applications and programs.

object; oriented, p.p. from the verb of → orientation; → programming.

Barnâme-sâzi, → programming; barâxt, → object; gerâ agent adj. of gerâyidan "to incline toward; to intend; to make for." The stem gerâ may be a variant of Mod.Pers. kil "bent, inclined" (k/g and l/r interchanges), from PIE base *klei- "to lean, incline," cognate with L. clinare "to bend" (E. declination, inclination, etc.), Gk. klinein "to cause to slope, slant, incline," Skt. sri- "to lean," O.Pers. θray-, Av. sray- "to lean," P.Gmc. *khlinen (Ger. lehnen, E. lean).

  ۱، ۲، ۳) بر‌آختی؛ ۴) کنداری   
1, 2, 3) barâxti; 4) kondâri

Fr.: objectif   

1a) Of or pertaining to something that can exist independent of thought or perception as part of reality. Opposite of → subjective.
1b) Free of any bias or prejudice caused by personal feelings.
2) The → lens or combination of lenses nearest the → object in an optical instrument ( → telescope, → microscope, → camera).
3) The → primary mirror of a → reflecting telescope.
4) Grammar: Relating to nouns, noun phrases, or pronouns that are the objects of verbs or prepositions.

Adjective of → object.

objective grating
  توری ِ بر‌آختی   
turi-ye barâxti

Fr.: réseau-objectif   

A diffraction grating placed over the aperture of a telescope in order to produce spectra of all the objects in the field of view.

objective; → grating.

objective lens
  عدسی ِ بر‌آختی   
adasi-ye barâxti

Fr.: lentille de l'objectif   

The lens or system of lenses in a → telescope or → microscope that magnify an object and project a larger → image. The object lens is nearest the object being viewed

objective; → lens.

objective prism
  منشور ِ بر‌آختی   
manšur-e barâxti

Fr.: prisme-objectif   

A dispersing prism placed in front of a telescope objective to produce spectra of all luminous objects in the field of view.

objective; → prism.

objective probability
  شوانایی ِ بر‌آختی   
šavânâi-ye barâxti

Fr.: probabilité objective   

A probability determined by the long-term frequency of an event; in contrast to subjective probability.

objective; → probability.


Fr.: objectivité   

1) The state or quality of being → objective. Opposite of → subjectivity.
2) Ability to view things objectively.
3) External reality.

objective + → -ity.

quasi-stellar object
  بر‌آخت ِ چونان‌ستاره‌ای   
barâxt-e cunân-setâre-yi

Fr.: objet quasi-stellaire   

Initial name of → quasars.

quasi-; → stellar; → object.

real object
  بر‌آخت ِ هسیا   
baâxt-e hasyâ

Fr.: objet réel   

In an optical system, a collection of points which actually serves as a source of light rays.

real; → object.

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