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Alphekka (α Coronae Borealis)
Alfakké (#)

Fr.: Alphekka   

Also known as Gemma, the brightest star in Corona Borealis (visual magnitude 2.23). Alphekka is an A type dwarf lying at about 7 → light-years. Actually it has a faint Sun-like (G5 V) companion, that produces an eclipse of the primary every 17.4 days.

Alphekka, from Ar. Nayyir al-Fakkah "the bright of the broken" (ring of star), from Nayyir "bright" + fakkah "broken," from fakk "to disjoin, unloose".

apparent sidereal day
  روز ِ اختری ِ پدیدار   
ruz-e axtari-ye padidâr

Fr.: jour sidéral apparent   

The time interval between two successive → upper transits of the → true equinox of date.

apparent; → sidereal; → day.

apparent sidereal time
  زمان ِ اختری ِ پدیدار   
zamân-e axtari-ye padidâr

Fr.: temps sidéral apparent   

The → mean sidereal time corrected for the → nutation and shift in the obliquity of the ecliptic that occurs as a result of the Moon's gravitational effect. Apparent sidereal time differs from mean sidereal time in that the → true vernal equinox point is used.

apparent; → sidereal; → time.

aurora borealis
  اوشه‌ی ِ هودری   
uše-ye hudari

Fr.: aurore boréale   

The aurora in the Northern hemisphere, also called as Northern Lights.

aurora; → north.

Corona Borealis
  تاج ِ هودری، ~ شمالی   
tâj-e hudari, ~ šomâli

Fr.: Couronne boréale   

The Northern Crown. A small but prominent northern → constellation that lies east of → Arcturus, between → Boötes and → Hercules, and comprises a distinctive arc formed by the stars seven stars. Abbreviation: CrB; genitive: Coronae Borealis.

corona; L. borealis "northern."

Greenwich Apparent Sidereal Time (GAST)
  زمان ِ اختری ِ پدیدار ِ گرینویچ   
zamân-e axtari-ye padidâr-e Greenwich

Fr.: temps sidéral apparent de Greenwich   

The → Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time corrected for → nutation. Therefore, it is measured with respect to the → true vernal equinox. GAST and GMST differ by the → equation of the equinoxes.

Greenwich Meridian; → apparent; → sidereal; → time.

Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time (GMST)
  زمان ِ اختری ِ میانگین ِ گرینویچ   
zamân-e axtari-ye miyângin-e Greenwich

Fr.: temps sidéral moyen de Greenwich   

The → sidereal time related to the angle between the → prime meridian and the → mean vernal equinox, measured in the plane of the equator.

mean; → Greenwich Meridian; → sidereal; → time.

Greenwich sidereal date
  روز ِ اختری ِ گرینویچ   
ruz-e axtari-ye Greenwich

Fr.: jour sidéeal de Greenwich   

The number and fraction of → mean sidereal days elapsed on the → Greenwich meridian since 12h January 1, 4773 BC (mean sidereal).

Greenwich meridian; → sidereal; → date.

Greenwich sidereal day number
  شماره‌ی ِ روز ِ اختری ِ گرینویچ   
šomâre-ye ruz-e axtari-ye Greenwich

Fr.: nombre du jour sidéral de Greenwich   

The integral part of the → Greenwich sidereal date.

Greenwich; → sidereal; → day; → number.

local sidereal time
  زمان ِ اختری ِ محلی   
zamân-e axtari-ye mahali

Fr.: temps sidéral local   

Local time measured by the apparent motion of the stars. It is the most useful form of sidereal time since it gives the right ascension of a transiting celestial object at a given location.

local; → sidereal; → time.

lunar sidereal orbital period
  دوره‌ی ِ مداری ِ اختری ِ مانگ   
dowre-ye madâri-ye axtari-ye mâng

Fr.: période orbitale sidérale de la Lune   

Same as → sidereal month.

lunar; → sidereal; → orbital; → period.

mean sidereal day
  روز ِ اختری ِ میانگین   
ruz-e axtari-ye miyângin

Fr.: jour sidéral moyen   

The average time interval between two successive → upper transits of the → mean equinox.

mean; → sidereal; → day.

mean sidereal time
  زمان ِ اختری ِ میانگین   
zamân-e axtari-ye miyângin (#)

Fr.: temps sidéral moyen   

The hour angle of the mean equinox for a given observer.

mean; → sidereal; → time.


Fr.: réel   

1) General: Having actual physical existence; genuine, not artificial.
2) Math.: Involving, relating to, or having elements of the set of rational or irrational numbers only.
3) Philo.: Existent or pertaining to the existent as opposed to the nonexistent; actual as opposed to possible or potential.
See also:
real dynamical variable, → real equator, → real equinox, → real fluid, → real gas, → real image, → real number, → real object, → real-time operation, → real-time processing, → realism, → realist, → realistic, → reality, → true.

M.E., from O.Fr. reel, from L.L. realis "relating to things; actual," from L. res "matter, thing," of unknown origin.

Hasyâ, from O.Pers. hašya- "true, real;" Av. haiθa- "true, real;" cf. Khotanese hiththo "true, real;" Ossetic aecaeg "true, real, genuine;" Skt. satyá- "true, real, genuine;" PIE base *es- "to be" (Mod.Pers. hastan, astan "to be;" O.Pers./Av. ah-, Skt. as-).

real dynamical variable
  ورتنده‌ی ِ توانیک ِ هسیا   
vartande-ye tavânik-e hasyâ

Fr.: variable dynamique réel   

A → dynamical variable which does not have an → imaginary number part.

real; → dynamical; → variable.

real equator
  هموگار ِ هسیا   
hamugâr-e hasyâ

Fr.: équateur vrai   

Same as → true celestial equator.

real; → equator.

real equinox
  هموگان ِ هسیا   
hamugâr-e hasyâ

Fr.: équinoxe vrai   

Same as → true equinox.

real; → equinox.

real fluid
  شاره‌ی ِ هسیا   
šârre-ye hasyâ

Fr.: fluide réel   

The opposite of an ideal fluid; a fluid which possesses viscosity and therefore exhibits certain frictional phenomena. Viscosity arises due to cohesive forces between molecules and molecular momentum exchange between fluid layers. These effects appear as tangential or shear stresses between moving fluid layers.

real; → fluid.

real gas
  گاز ِ هسیا   
gâz-e hasyâ

Fr.: gaz réel   

Actual gas whose molecules do not necessarily possess the properties assigned to those of an → ideal gas.

real; → gas.

real image
  وینه‌ی ِ هسیا، تصویر ِ ~   
vine-ye hasyâ, tasvir-e ~

Fr.: image réelle   

In an optical system, the image of an object produced by the convergence of the light rays that make up the image. → virtual image; → real object.

real; → image.

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