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ice age
  عصر ِ یخ   
asr-e yax (#)

Fr.: âge de glace   

A major interval of geologic time during which extensive ice sheets (continental → glaciers) formed over many parts of the world. There have been at least five significant ice ages in Earth's history, with approximately a dozen epochs of glacial expansion occurring in the past 1 million years. The last one ran from about 75,000 to 15,000 years ago.

ice; → age.

  ۱) وینه، تصویر؛ ۲) وینه گرفتن، ~ برداشتن   
1) vine, tasvir (#); 2) vine gereftan, ~ bardâštan

Fr.: image   

1) In an optical system, the point to which light rays are converged (real image) or from which they appear to diverge (virtual image) after reflection or refraction.
Math.: A number, point, or unique element of a space that corresponds to some other number, point, or unit element.
2) To make an image of; to picture or represent in the mind.

From O.Fr. image, from L. imaginem (nom. imago) "copy, picture, likeness " from stem of imitari "to copy, imitate," from im-, stem of imitare "to copy, imitate" + -ago noun suffix.

1) Vine, from (Sorani) Kurd. vina or vena "image, picture; similar," from vin/ven, variant of bin, present stem of dîtin, Pers. didan "to see, to look;" cf. Taleshi vinde "to see," Tati vindiyan "to see," Persian bin-, didan "→ see." The relation between "image" and "see" is probably from the fact that the image of a subject can be seen without its presence.
Tasvir, loan from Ar.
2) Infinitive with gereftan "take," → take, and dâštan "to have, to hold," → property.

image co-adding
  هم‌افزایش ِ وینه‌ها، ~ تصویرها   
hamafzâyeš-e vinehâ, ~ tasvirhâ

Fr.: addition d'images   

The process of adding several usually low-exposure images to create an image having a significantly higher signal/noise ratio.

image; → co-; → add.

image deblurring
  تیگش ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
tigeš-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: correction de l'image brouillée   

A technique using a mathematical model of the blurring process to recover the original, sharp image. See also → blurred image.

image; → deburring.

image formation
  دیسش ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
diseš-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: formation de l'image   

The meeting of light rays emanating from an object after crossing an optical system.

image; → formation.

image intensifier
  تنوگر ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
tanugar-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: intensificateur d'image   

Device that produces an observable image that is brighter at output than the image at input.

image; → intensifier.

image plane
  هامن ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
hâmon-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: plan d'image   

The plane in which is formed an image produced by an → optical system.

image; → plane.

image point
  نقطه‌ی ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
noqte-ye vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: point image   

One of the points constituting an extended image formed in an → optical system.

image; → point.

image processing
  آمایش ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
âmâyeš-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: traitement d'image   

The use of techniques to produce, extract, identify, and display images for evaluation, interpretation, and further interaction with the data.

image; → processing.

image quality
  چونای ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
cunâ-ye vineh, ~ tasvir

Fr.: qualité d'image   

1) The degree of visibility of relevant → information in an image.
2) The → full-width at half-maximum of a long exposure stellar image obtained by an instrument mounted on a telescope observing in the presence of → seeing.

image; → quality.

image resolution
  واگشود ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
vâgošud-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: résolution d'image   

The separation between two detached but adjacent points in an image.

image; → resolution.

image restoration
  بازسازی ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
bâzsâzi-ye vine, ~ tasvir (#)

Fr.: restauration d'image   

The process by virtue of which the original image can be created by removing the blurring and the noise that occur during image formation.

image; → restoration.

image scale
  مرپل ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
marpel-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: échelle de l'image   

The quantity that relates the length on the image to the angular or physical separations on the sky.

image; → scale.

image space
  فضای ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
fazâ-ye vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: espace image   

In an → optical system, the space defined by the totality of → image points. The corresponding points in image space and → object space are called → conjugate points.

image; → space.

image tube
  لوله‌ی ِ وینه‌گر، ~ تصویرگر   
lule-ye vinegar, ~ tasvigar

Fr.: tube imageur   

A device for amplifying faint images by electronic means. Electrons, released when the incident radiation forms a pattern on a photocathode, are accelerated by a magnetic field so that they form a second, brighter image when they strike a phosphor screen.

image; → tube.

  وینه‌گیر، وینه‌گر   
vinegir, vinegar

Fr.: imageur   

An electronic device which records images.

image; → -er.

  وینه‌گیری، وینه‌گری   
vinegiri, vinegari

Fr.: imagerie   

1) The formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively.
2) Pictorial images, as in works of art (

Noun from → imager.

Iron Age
  عصر ِ آهن   
asr-e âhan (#)

Fr.: âge du fer   

The period generally occurring after the → Bronze Age, marked by the widespread use of iron. Its date and context vary depending on the country or geographical region. The Indo-European Hittites are the first people to work iron, in the Asia Minor, from about 1500 BC.

iron; → age.

zabân (#)

Fr.: langue   

Any means of conveying or communicating ideas; specifically, human speech.

M.E., from O.Fr. langage, from L. lingua "tongue; speech, language."

Zabân "tongue; language," from Mid.Pers. uzwân "tongue; language;" O.Pers. hzanm, hizânam "tongue," Av. hizuua-, hizū- "tongue;" cf. Skt. jivhā- "tongue;" L. lingua "tongue, speech, language;" O.Ir. tenge; Welsh tafod; Lith. liezuvis; O.C.S. jezyku; M.Du. tonghe; Du. tong; O.H.G. zunga; Ger. Zunge; Goth. tuggo; PIE base *dnghwa-.

language paleontology
  پارین‌شناسی ِ زبانی   
pârinšenâsi-ye zabâni

Fr.: paléontologie linguistique   

An approach in which terms reconstructed in the → proto-language are used to make inferences about its speakers' culture and environment.

language;→ paleontology.

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