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3CR catalogue
  کاتالوگ ِ 3CR   
kâtâlog-e 3CR

Fr.: catalogue 3CR   

A catalog (Bennett, 1962) based on the original 3C survey (Edge et al., 1960) made at Cambridge at 159 MHz using a complex → interferometer system. This → survey was preceded by the 2C survey made with the same instrument at 81 MHz with a resolution two times poorer. The 2C catalog contained 1936 sources, but owing to the poor resolving power, it became clear at an early stage that many of these sources were not real, and were due to blends of two or more sources in the primary antenna beam. Moreover, except for the strongest sources, the determination of the flux density and angular coordinates was poor. The 3C survey contained only 471 sources and was considerably more reliable. Nevertheless, because of the relatively poor primary resolving power, there were still large errors in the positions and flux densities. In particular, it was frequently uncertain in which → lobe of the → interference pattern a particular source was located, and this introduced large positional uncertainties. In order to reduce these uncertainties an additional survey was made at 178 MHz using a large parabolic cylinder antenna. The narrow E-W beam of this antenna eliminated nearly all of the lobe ambiguities of the original 3C catalog. The data from the two surveys were combined to form the then most reliable radio source catalog - the Revised 3C or 3CR Catalogue. The same parabolic cylinder antenna was later used together with a smaller moveable antenna as an aperture synthesis instrument to make a complete high-resolution survey of the northern sky (the 4C survey), which contains about 2000 sources (NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database, NED).

3, for the third "version;" C, for "catalog;" R, for "revised;" → catalog.

Ecliptic Plane Input Catalogue (EPIC)
  کاتالوگ ِ درونداد ِ هامن ِ هورپهی   
kâtâlog-e darundâd-e hâmon-e hurpehi

Fr.: catalogue d'entrée du plan de l'écliptique   

A catalog of fields along the → ecliptic observed by the → K2 mission. The catalog is hosted at the → Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST).

ecliptic; → plane; → input; → catalogue.

Gliese Catalogue
  کاتالوگ ِ گلیزه   
kâtâlog-e Gliese

Fr.: catalogue de Gliese   

A compilation of all known stars within the solar neighborhood with accurately known distances. The first version, Catalogue of Nearby Stars, published in 1957, contained nearly 1000 stars located within 20 pc of Earth, listing their known properties. Gliese published an updated version in 1969, extending the range out to 22 pc. He published the second edition of the catalog in 1979 in collaboration with Hartmut Jahreiss. The combined catalog is now commonly referred to as the Gliese-Jahreiss catalog.

Wilhelm Gliese (1915-1993), a German astronomer who worked at the Heidelberg observatory; → catalog.

Index Catalogue (IC)
  کاتالوگ ِ فهرست   
kâtâlog-e fehrest

Fr.: Index Catalogue   

Either of two catalogues of non-stellar objects, which serve as supplements to the → New General Catalogue.

index; → catalog

New General Catalogue (NGC)
  کاتالوگ ِ هروین ِ نو   
kâtâlog-e harvin-e now

Fr.: New General Catalogue   

A catalogue of 7,840 non-stellar objects compiled by J. L. E. Dreyer and published in 1888. A further 1,529 objects were listed in a supplement that appeared seven years later, called the → Index Catalogue (IC). The Second Index Catalogue of 1908 extended the supplementary list to 5,386 objects.

new; → general; → catalog

RCW catalogue
  کاتالوگ ِ WCR   
kâtâlog-e RCW

Fr.: catalogue RCW   

A catalog of → H II regions in the → southern  → Milky Way based on observations obtained at Mount Stromlo Observatory (Australia). It contains 181 → H-alpha emission objects characterized by their positions, dimensions, and estimated brightness.

Rodgers,A.W., Campbell, C.T., Whiteoak, J.B., 1960, MNRAS, 121, 103; → catalog.

Ross catalogue
  کاتالوگ ِ راس   
kâtâlog-e Ross

Fr.: Catalogue de Ross   

Ross, Frank E., 1926, "New proper-motion stars, (second list)", Astronomical Journal 36, 856.

Frank Elmore Ross (1874-1960) was the succeeded to E. E. Barnard at Yerkes Observatory. He inheriting Barnard's collection of photographic plates. Ross decided to repeat the same series of images and compare the results with a → blink comparator. He discovered 379 new variable stars and over 1000 stars of high proper motion.

Sharpless catalogue
  کاتالوگ ِ شارپلس   
kâtâlog-e Sharpless

Fr.: catalogue de Sharpless   

A list of 313 individual → H II regions in the → northern → Milky Way (north of declination -27°). It includes several → planetary nebulae, → supernova remnants, and → reflection nebulae. The first edition (Sh-1) was published in 1953 with 142 objects and second and final version (Sh-2) was published in 1959. The catalog categorizes the H II regions in terms of several parameters, such as diameter, form (circular, elliptical, irregular), structure (amorphous/filamentary), brightness, and number of associated stars, which are further discussed in terms of their spectral classes.

Stewart Sharpless (1959) A Catalogue of H II Regions, ApJ Suppl. 4, 257; → catalog.

van den Bergh catalogue (vdB)
kâtâlog-e van den Bergh

Fr.: catalogue de van den Bergh   

A catalog of → reflection nebulae containing 158 objects. The catalog gives information for all BD and CD stars north of δ = -33 deg which are surrounded by reflection nebulosity visible on both the blue and red prints of the → Palomar Observatory Sky Survey .

van den Bergh, S., 1966, AJ, 71, 990; → catalog