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hamtâft (#)

Fr.: complexe   

1) General: (n. & adj.) A whole comprised of many elements. → complex wave.
2) (adj.) Complicated and hard to solve.
3) Math: Pertaining to or using → complex numbers.

From Fr. complexe, from L. complexus "surrounding, encompassing," p.p. of complecti "to embrace, encompass, include," from → com- "together" + plectere "to weave, twine."

Hamtâft, from ham- "together," → com- + tâft past stem of tâftan, tâbidan "to twist, to spin, to bend, to crook," p.p. tâftah "spun, silk or linen cloth," loaned into E. taffeta (from O.Fr. taffetas, from It. taffeta); similarly Gk. tapetion "little carpet" is probably from this Iranian origin (from which tapestry, tapis); Proto-Ir. *tap- "to spin," related to tan-, tanidan "to spin; to stretch," → tension.

complex conjugate
  همیوغ ِ همتافت   
hamyuq-e hamtâft (#)

Fr.: conjugé   

A → complex number in which the → real part of the number remains the same, but i is replaced by -i. For example, the complex conjugate of x + iy is x - iy. Same as → conjugate complex number.

complex; → conjugate.

complex dynamical variable
  ورتنده‌ی ِ توانیک ِ همتافت   
vartande-ye tavânik-e hamtâft

Fr.: variable dynamique complexe   

A → dynamical variable which has an → imaginary number part.

complex; → dynamical; → variable.

complex Fourier series
  سری ِ فوریه‌ی ِ همتافت   
seri-ye Fourier-ye hamtâft

Fr.: série de Fourier complexe   

The complex notation for the → Fourier series of a function f(x). Using → Euler's formulae, the function can be written in cimplex form as f(x) = Σ cn einx (summed from -∞ to ∞), where the → Fourier coefficients are cn = (1/2π)∫ f(x) e-inx dx (integral from -π to +π).

complex; → Fourier series.

complex fraction
  برخه‌ی ِ همتافت   
barxe-ye hamtâft

Fr.: fraction complexe   

A fraction in which the → numerator or → denominator, or both, contain fractions. For example (3/5)/(6/7). Also called → compound fraction.

complex; → fraction.

complex function
  کریای ِ همتافت   
karyâ-ye hamtâft

Fr.: fonction complexe   

A function whose → variables are → complex numbers.

complex; → function.

complex molecule
  مولکول ِ همتافت   
molekul-e hamtâft

Fr.: molécule complexe   

A molecule in the → interstellar medium comprising at least six atoms (e.g. Herbst & van Dishoeck, 2009, ARA&A).

complex; → molecule.

complex number
  عدد ِ همتافت   
adad-e hamtâft (#)

Fr.: nombre complexe   

Any number of the form u = a + bi, where a and b are → real numbers and i imaginary, i.e. i2 = -1.

complex; → number.

complex organic molecule (COM)
  مولکول ِ ارگانیک ِ همتافت   
molekul-e orgânik-e hamtâft

Fr.: molécule organique complexe   

A → complex molecule containing C, H, O, and N atoms and involved in life developing processes. See also → organic molecule.

complex; → organic; → molecule.

complex population
  پرینش ِ همتافت   
porineš-e hamtâft

Fr.: population complexe   

Same as → composite population.

complex; → population.

complex wave
  موج ِ همتافت   
mowj-e hamtâft (#)

Fr.: onde complexe   

A wave that is composed of several frequencies.

complex; → wave.

conjugate complex number
  عدد ِ همتافت ِ همیوغ   
adad-e hamtâft hamyuq (#)

Fr.: nombre complexe conjugé   

The conjugate of a → complex number, expressed by ū = a - bi. The complex number and its conjugate have the same real part. Same as → complex conjugate.

conjugate; → complex; → number.

stellar complex
  همتافت ِ ستاره‌ای   
hamtâft-e setâre-yi

Fr.: complexe stellaire   

Any of the largest stellar assemblages consisting of the groupings of → star clusters, → stellar associations, and individual stars with sizes of 300-1000 → parsecs and ages of up to 100 millions years. Most stellar complexes are physical entities containing objects of common origin and are the birth places of most star clusters and associations. The brightest and youngest complexes are well-known stellar superstructures that outline the Galactic → spiral arms, and also include → H II regions, → giant molecular clouds, and → neutral hydrogen clouds (Efremov, Y. N., 1996, The Origins, Evolutions, and Densities of Binary Stars in Clusters, ASP Conf. Series, Vol. 90).

stellar; → complex.