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continuous data
  داده‌های ِ پیوسته   
dâdehâ-ye peyvasté

Fr.: données continues   

Data that can take any value along a continuum (e.g. air temperature between two upper and lower boundaries) as opposed to → discrete data, which can only take integer values.

continuous; → data.

dâdehâ (#)

Fr.: données   

Items of information.

L. data, plural of → datum.

Dâdehâ, plural of dâdé, → datum.

data access layer (DAL)
  لایه‌ی ِ دسترسی به داده‌ها   
lâye-ye dastrasi bé dâde-hâ

Fr.: couche accès aux données   

In the → software architecture, the code that deals with reading from or writing to the data store, hiding its nature and complexity.

data; → access; → layer.

data acquisition
  الفنجش ِ داده‌ها   
alfanješ-e dâdehâ

Fr.: acquisition de données   

The process of controlling telescope operations during observation and obtaining data.

data; acquisition, from L. acquisitionem, from acquirere "get in addition," from → ad- "extra" + quærere "to search for, obtain."

Alfanješ, verbal noun of alfanjidan (variant alfaqdan) "to acquire, get," Bactrian αλφανζ "to acquire," Sogdian δβ'yz "to acquire, gain, get" (Cheung 2007); → data.

data analysis
  آنالس ِ داده‌ها، آناکاوی ِ ~   
ânâlas-e dadehâ, ânâkâvi-ye ~

Fr.: analyse de données   

The evaluation of reduced data; → data reduction.

data; → analysis.

data archive
  بایگانی ِ داده‌ها   
bâygâni-ye dâdehâ (#)

Fr.: archive de données   

Any extensive record or collection of data, observational (usually obtained with a particular instrument) or theoretical (grid of models usually regarding a particular branch of astrophysics).

data; → archive.

data bank
  بانک ِ داده‌ها، داده بانک   
bânk-e dâdehâ, dâdé bânk (#)

Fr.: banque de données   

A set of data related to a given subject and organized in such a way that it can be consulted by users.

data; bank, from M.Fr. banque, from O.It. banca "table," because of "the moneylender's exchange table," from P.Gmc. *bankiz (O.H.G. bank "bench").

Bânk, from Fr. banque, see above; dâdehâ, plural of dâdédatum.

data mining
  کان‌کاوی ِ داده‌ها، داده کاوی   
kânkâvi-ye dâde-hâ, dâdé kâvi

Fr.: exploration de données   

The process of digging through large quantities of raw data stored in → databases to uncover new characteristics, patterns, and correlations using various automatic or semi-automatic statistical/mathematical means.

data; mining, from mine, M.E., from O.Fr. mine, probably from a Celtic source.

Kânkâvi, literally "digging mine," from kân "mine," related to kandan "to dig" (Mid.Pers. kan, qn; O.Pers. ka(n) "to dig;" Av. kan- "to dig;" cf. Skt. khan- "to dig") + kâvi from kâvidan/kâftan "to split; to dig" (Mid.Pers. kandan "to dig;" cf. Gk. skaptein "to dig;" L. scabere "to scratch, rub").

data model
  مدل ِ داده‌ها   
model-e dâde-hâ

Fr.: modèle de données   

An abstract entity that describes the structure of → database by including the formal description of the information system used in the database.

data; → model.

data number (DN)
  شمار ِ داده‌ها   
šomâr-e dâdehâ


Unit of the analog-to-digital conversion system of a CCD apparatus. For example a 16 bit system may use a maximum of 65536 DN. The acronym ADU, for analog-to-digital unit, is also used.

data; → number.

data processing
  داده آمایی   
dâdé âmâyi (#)

Fr.: traitement de données   

Systematic operations on data, such as handling, merging, sorting, and computing.

data; → processing.

data processor
  داده آما   
dâdé âmâ (#)

Fr.: processeur de donées   

A machine for handling data in → data processing.

data; → processor.

data reduction
  بازهازش ِ داده‌ها   
bâzhâzeš-e dâdehâ

Fr.: réduction de données   

The process of converting crude observational data into usable information for scientific interpretation, by correcting, rearranging, ordering, and simplifying.

data; → reduction.

data structure
  ساختار ِ داده‌ها   
sâxtâr-e dâdehâ

Fr.: structure de données   

A → method or → format for organizing and storing data. Any data structure is designed to organize data to suit a specific purpose so that it can be accessed and worked with in appropriate ways. In computer programming, a data structure may be selected or designed to store data for the purpose of working on it with various algorithms.

data; → structure.

  پایگاه ِ داده‌ها   
pâygâh-e dâdehâ (#)

Fr.: base de données   

A combined and coordinated set of data that supplies information for a specific purpose in a variety of forms.

data; → base.

discrete data
  داده‌های ِ گسسته   
dâdehâ-ye gosasté (#)

Fr.: données discrètes   

Data that can only take a small set of particular values, usually whole numbers. For instance, number of children in a family cannot be 2.4, since parents cannot actually have 2.4 children. → continuous data.

discrete; → data.

federated database system (FDBS)
  راژمان ِ پایگاه ِ داده‌های ِ هیاویده   
râžmân-e pâygâh-e dâdehâ-ye hiyâvidé

Fr.: système de base de données fédéré   

A composition of different databases which work in an integrated manner while preserving their autonomy.

federate; → database; → system.


Fr.: métadonnées   

Specifically defined data elements that describe how and when a particular set of data was collected, and how it is formatted. Metadata is used to organize, manipulate, and work with data when it is not necessary or desired to actually deal with the data itself. The reason is that the metadata is usually far smaller and easier to work with than the data that it represents.

meta-; → data.

raw data
  داده‌های ِ خام   
dâdehâ-ye xâm

Fr.: données brutes   

Data that are unprocessed or not yet subjected to analysis.

Raw, from M.E., from O.E. hreaw "uncooked, raw;" cf. M.Du. rau, O.H.G. hrawer, Ger. roh; PIE base *krowos "congealed, bloody" cf. Skt. kravis- "raw flesh," krura- "bloody, raw, hard;" Gk. kreas "flesh;" L. crudus "not cooked," cruor "thick blood;" Lith. kraujas, O.C.S. kruvi "blood;" → data.

Dâdehâdata; xâm "crude, uncooked;" Mid.Pers. xâm "crude, raw" (Khotanese hāma- "raw;" Ossetic xom "raw;" Pash. ôm "raw"); cf. Skt āmá- "raw, uncooked;" Gk. omos "raw, uncooked."

relational data structure
  ساختار ِ داده‌های ِ بازانشی   
sâxtâr-e dâdehâ-ye bâzâneši

Fr.: structure de données relationnelle   

A type of data structure in which data are represented as tables in which no entry contains more than one value.

relational; → data; → structure.

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