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angular resolution
  واگشود ِ زاویه‌ای   
vâgošud-e zâviye-yi

Fr.: résolution angulaire   

Of a telescope, the smallest angle betwwen two → point sources that produces distinct images. It depends on both the wavelength at which observations are made and on the diameter of the telescope. Same as → spatial resolution.

angular; → resolution.


Fr.: dissolution   

Chemistry: The process by which a solid, gas, or liquid is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, solid, or a liquid.

Verbal noun of → dissolve.

high-resolution observation
  نپاهش ِ مه-واگشود   
nepâheš-e mehvâgošud

Fr.: observation à haute résolution   

An observation that provides a particularly narrow, peaked image of a point source. → point spread function.

high; → resolution; → observation.

image resolution
  واگشود ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
vâgošud-e vine, ~ tasvir

Fr.: résolution d'image   

The separation between two detached but adjacent points in an image.

image; → resolution.

Larson-Penston solution
  لویش ِ لرسون-پنستون   
luyeš-e Larson-Penston

Fr.: solution de Larson-Penston   

The analytical solution to the → hydrodynamic equations describing the → collapse of an → isothermal sphere. The Larson-Penston solution is → self-similar for a purely dynamical isothermal collapse with spherical symmetry. It corresponds to the collapse prior to the formation of a → protostar, and thus is suitable for the study of → pre-stellar cores. The Larson-Penston solution was extended by Shu (1977) to obtain a whole family of solutions for this problem.

Named after R. B. Larson (1969, MNRAS 145, 271) and M. V. Penston (1969, MNRAS 144, 425), who simultaneously, but independently, did this study.

low resolution
keh vâgošud

Fr.: faible résolution   

The quality of an instrument that lacks sufficient resolution for a specific observation. This is a relative quality, but presently a resolution below about 1 arcsecond.

low; → resolution.

particular solution
  لویش ِ پارولی   
luyeš-e pâruli

Fr.: solution particulière   

Of partial differential equations, the solution which can be obtained from the general solution by particular choice of the arbitrary functions. → general solution; → singular solution.

particular; → solution.


Fr.: résolution   

1) The degree to which an → optical system renders visible separate parts of an object. Also known as → angular resolution and → spatial resolution. See also → spectral resolution.
2) The time interval between successive discernible signals. → temporal resolution.

Verbal noun of → resolve.

resolution of a force
  واگشود ِ نیرو   
vâgošud-e niru

Fr.: résolution de force   

Finding the → components of a → force which act in specified → directions.

resolution; → force.

saturated solution
  لویش ِ انجالیده   
luyeš-e anjâlidé

Fr.: solution saturée   

A solution which can exist in equilibrium with excess of solute. The saturation concentration is a function of the temperature.

saturate; → solution.

Schwarzschild solution
  لویش ِ شو‌آرتسشیلد   
luyeš-e Schwarzschild

Fr.: solution de Schwarzschild   

The first exact solution of → Einstein's field equations that describes the → space-time geometry outside a spherical distribution of mass.

Briefly following Einstein's publication of → General Relativity, Karl Schwarzschild discovered this solution in 1916 (Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Phys.-Math. Klasse, 189); → Schwarzschild black hole.

singular solution
  لویش ِ تکین   
luyeš-e takin

Fr.: solution singulière, ~ particulière   

Of partial differential equations, the solution which cannot be obtained from the general solution by particular choice of arbitrary functions. → general solution; → particular solution.

singular; → solution.


Fr.: solution   

1) The act of solving a problem, question. The state of being solved.
2a) Math.: The process of determining the answer to a problem. The answer itself.
2b) Math.: Of a differential equation, any function which, when put into the equation, converts it into an identity.
3) Chem.: The process by which a gas, liquid, or solid is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, liquid, or solid without chemical change. a homogeneous, molecular mixture of two or more substances.

Verbal noun of → solve.

spatial resolution
  واگشود ِ فضایی   
vâgošud-e fazâyi

Fr.: résolution spatiale   

The smallest detail that can be seen in an image. Same as → angular resolution.

spatial; → resolution.

spectral resolution
  واگشود ِ بیناب، ~ بینابی   
vâgošud-e binâb, ~ binâbi

Fr.: résolution spectrale   

The capacity of a spectrograph to separate two adjacent spectral lines. The theoretical spectral resolution depends on the grating dispersion, grating position, pixel size, collimator and camera focal length, and the entrance slit-width.

spectral; → resolution.

temporal resolution
  واگشود ِ زمانی   
vâgošud-e zamâni

Fr.: résolution temporelle   

The measure of the ability of an observing system to clearly separate events in time. In other words, the shortest time interval that can be determined between two different events.

temporal hour; → resolution.

time resolution
  واگشود ِ زمانی   
vâgošud-e zamâni

Fr.: résolution temporelle   

Same → temporal resolution.

time; → resolution.