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atoll source
  خن ِ آتول   
xan-e âtol

Fr.: source atoll   

A member of a class of → low-mass X-ray binary systems containing low-magnetic field → neutron stars. They have soft spectra and no pulsations. An example is 4U 1705-44. See also → Z source.

atoll; the name derives from the fact that on X-ray → color-color diagrams these sources often resemble a band of points at constant hard X-ray color, with "islands" of points appearing on time-scales of weeks and months.

coherent source
  خن ِ همدوس   
xan-e hamdus

Fr.: source cohérente   

One of two light beams derived from the same source in → interference experiments. It is impossible to obtain interference from two separate sources because their → wavefronts do not have a constant → phase difference. In → Young's experiment, → Fresnel's biprism, → Fresnel's mirrors, and → Lloyd's mirror the two sources always have a point-to-point correspondence of phase, since they are both derived from the same source.

coherent; → source.

compact radio source
  خن ِ رادیویی ِ همپک   
xan-e râdioyi-ye hampak

Fr.: source radio compacte   

An object emitting intense energy in radio wavelength from a small, unresolved central region.

compact; → radio source.

discrete radio source
  خن ِ رادیویی ِ جدا   
xan-e râdioyi-ye jodâ

Fr.: radiosource discrète   

A localized source on the celestial sphere that can be observationally separated at radio wavelengths from its background emission.

discrete; → radio; → source.

double-lobed radio source
  خن ِ رادیویی با لپ ِ دوتایی   
xan-e râdioyi bâ lap-e dotâyi

Fr.: radio source à double lobe   

A → galaxy that emits radio energy from two regions located on opposite sides of the galaxy.

double; → lobe; → radio; → source.

extended source
  خن ِ استنیده   
xan-e ostanidé

Fr.: source étendue   

In radio astronomy, a source whose angular extent could be measured, as distinguished from a point source.

extended; → source.

gamma-ray source
  خن ِ پرتوهای ِ گاما   
xan-e partowhâ-ye gâmma

Fr.: source de rayons gamma   

1) An astronomical object that emits → gamma rays.
2) A radioactive material that emits gamma rays in a form that can be used in medical imaging.

gamma ray; → source.

noise source
  خن ِ نوفه   
xan-e nufé

Fr.: source de bruit   

An electronic device designed to generate known amounts of radio noise in order to test and calibrate the receivers of radio telescopes.

noise; → source.

off-source observation
  نپاهش ِ اپ-خن   
nepâheš-e ap-xan

Fr.: observation hors source   

An observation when the telescope is pointed away from the source in order to measure the sky background contribution.

off-; → source; → observation.

OH source
  خنِ OH (هیدروکسیل)   
xan-e OH (hidroksil)

Fr.: source OH   

An astronomical source emitting microwave radiation characteristic of the hydroxyl OH molecule, especially one showing a maser effect. OH sources are found in molecular clouds in interstellar medium and in the cool envelopes of evolved stars.

OH, chemical compound hydroxyl; → source.

on-source observation
  نپاهشِ بر-خن   
nepâheš-e bar-xan

Fr.: observation sur la source   

In comparison with → off-source observation, an observation which is concerned with the source itself.

on-; → dource; → observation.


Fr.: externaliser   

To obtain under contract with an outside supplier.

out; → source.

point source
  نقطه‌خن، پنده‌خن، خن ِ نقطه‌وار، ~ پنده‌وار   
noqté xan, pandé xan, xan-e noqtevâr, pande-ye ~

Fr.: source ponctuelle   

A source of radiation at a great distance from the observer; an ideal source of infinitesimal size.

point; → source.

quasi-stellar radio source
  ر‌آدیو-خن ِ چونان‌ستاره، ~ ~ ِ ستاره‌وش   
râdio-xan-e cunân setâré, ~ ~ setâré-vaš

Fr.: radiosource quasi-stellaire   

A quasar with detectable radio emission.

quasi-; → stellar; → radio; → source.

radio source
  رادیو-خن، خن ِ رادیویی   
râdio-xan, xan-e râdioyi

Fr.: radio source, source radio   

A point or small portion of the sky giving stronger radio emission than the sky in its vicinity.

radio; → source.

reference source
  خن ِ بازبرد   
xan-e bâzbord

Fr.: source de référence   

An astronomical source in a field used as a reference for the detection of another object, astrometry, etc.

reference; → source.


Fr.: ressource   

1) A source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.
2) (often plural) A source of economic wealth, especially of a country (mineral, land, labour, etc.) or business enterprise (capital, equipment, personnel, etc.) (

From Fr. ressourse, from O.Fr. resourdre "to rally, raise again," from L. resurgere "rise again," → re-, + → source.

Bâzxan, from bâz-, → re-, + xan, → source.


Fr.: source   

General: Any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained.
Physics: A point, line, or area in space from which the lines of force in a vector field originate.
Electricity: Any active component, battery, or generator that supplies energy.
Thermodynamics: Any body, device, or system that provides energy.

M.E., from O.Fr. sourse "a rising, beginning, fountainhead of a river or stream," from p.p. of sourdre "to rise, spring up," from L. surgere "to rise," → surge.

Xan "source," variant xân (Gilaki xoni, Tabari xoni,Laki kyani, Tâleši xâni, xoni,); Mid.Pers. xân, xânig "source, spring," Av. xâ-, xan- "source, fountain, spring," xayana- "belonging to a spring;" cf. Khotanese khâhâ- "spring, fountain;" Skt. khâ'- "spring, source."

source function
  کریای ِ خن   
karyâ-ye xan

Fr.: fonction source   

For a radiating material, the ratio of emissivity to opacity.

source; → function.

transient X-ray source
  خنِ پرتوِ ایکسِ گذرا   
xan-e partow-e iks-e gozarâ

Fr.: source de rayons X transitoire   

An X-ray source that appears suddenly in the sky, strongly increases its intensity over a few days, and then declines with a lifetime of several months.

transient; → X-ray source.

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