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nuclear statistical equilibrium (NSE)
  ترازمندی ِ آماری ِ هسته‌ای   
tarâzmandi-ye âmâri-ye haste-yi

Fr.: équilibre statistique nucléaire   

In → nucleosynthesis models, the condition in which all nuclear species are in equilibrium under exchange of → protons and → neutrons. Matter in nuclear statistical equilibrium is characterized by a large abundance of iron peak nuclei. In such equilibria abundance of each nuclide can be calculated from repeated application of → Saha equation.

nuclear; → statistical; → equilibrium.

âmâri (#)

Fr.: statistique   

Of, pertaining to, consisting of, or based on → statistics.

Statistic, from → statistics + → -al.

statistical analysis
  آنالس ِ آماری   
ânâlas-e âmâri

Fr.: analyse statistique   

The process of collecting, manipulating, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative data to uncover underlying causes, patterns, and relationships between variables.

statistical; → analysis.

statistical equilibrium
  ترازمندی ِ آماری   
tarâzmandi-ye âmâri

Fr.: équilibre statistique   

A state in which the average density of atoms per cubic centimeter in any atomic state does not change with time and in which, statistically, energy is equally divided among all degrees of freedom if classical concepts prevail.

statistical; → equilibrium.

statistical hypothesis
  انگاره‌ی ِ آماری   
engâre-ye âmâri

Fr.: hypothèse statistique   

An assumed statement about the way a → random variable is distributed. A statistical hypothesis generally specifies the form of the → probability distribution or the values of the parameters of the distribution. The statement may be true or false. See also → null hypothesis.

statistical; → hypothesis.

statistical hypothesis testing
  آزمون ِ انگاره‌ی ِ آماری   
âzmun-e engâre-ye âmâri

Fr.: test d'hypothèse statistique   

A method of making decision between rejecting or not rejecting a → null hypothesis on the basis of a set of observations.

statistical; → hypothesis; → test.

statistical inference
  دربرد ِ آماری   
darbord-e âmâri

Fr.: inférence statistique   

The process of inferring certain facts about a → statistical population from results found in a → sample.

statistical; → inference.

statistical law
  قانون ِ آماری   
qânun-e âmâri (#)

Fr.: loi statistique   

A law that governs the behavior of a system consisting of a large number of particles and which differs from the laws obeyed by each of the particles making up the macroscopic system. See also → dynamical law.

statistical; → law.

statistical mechanics
  مکانیک ِ آماری   
mekânik-e âmâri (#)

Fr.: mécanique statistique   

statistical physics.

statistical; → mechanics.

statistical parallax
  دیدگشت ِ آماری   
didgašt-e âmâri

Fr.: parallaxe statistique   

The mean parallax of a group of stars that are all at approximately the same distance, as determined from their radial velocities and proper motions.

statistical; → parallax.

statistical physics
  فیزیک ِ آماری   
fizik-e âmâri (#)

Fr.: physique statistique   

The branch of physics that applies methods of → probability theory and → statistics to the behavior of large numbers of microscopic particles (such as molecules, atoms, or subatomic particles) in order to explain and predict the overall properties of the system composed of such particles.

statistical; → physics.

statistical population
  پرینش ِ آماری   
porineš-e âmâri

Fr.: population statistique   

Any collection of individuals or items from which → samples are drawn. See also → finite population, → infinite population.

statistical; → population.

statistical thermodynamics
  گرماتوانیک ِ آماری   
garmâtavânik-e âmâri

Fr.: thermodynamique statistique   

Same as → statistical mechanics.

statistical; → thermodynamics.

statistical weight
  وزن ِ آماری   
vazn-e âmâri

Fr.: poids statistique   

1) Statistics: A number assigned to each value or range of values of a given quantity, giving the number of times this value or range of values is found to be observed.
2) Statistical mechanics: A multiplicative factor in the expression for the probability of finding a system in a given quantum state. Usually the number of degenerate substates contained in the state.

statistical; → weight.