An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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zir-daryâ-yi (#)

Fr.: sous-marin   

(Adj.) Located, occurring, operating, or living beneath the surface of the → sea.

sub- + → marine.

submarine ridge
  روک ِ زیر-دریایی   
ruk-e zir-daryâ-yi


Geology: A long, steep elevation of the deep sea floor.

submarine; → ridge.

submarine spring
  چشمه‌ی ِ زیر-دریایی   
cešme-ye zir-daryâ-yi

Fr.: source sous-marine   

Hydrology: A freshwater spring that emerges off the seashore.

submarine; → spring.

  ۱) مرچیدن؛ ۲) مرچاندن   
1) marcidan; 2) marcândan

Fr.: submerger   

1) To sink or plunge under water or beneath the surface of any enveloping medium.
2) To cover or overflow with water; immerse (

From L. submergere, from → sub- + mergere "to dip, immerse;" probably by rhotacism from PIE *mezg- "to dip, plunge;" cf. Skt. majj- "to sink in water;" Lith. mazgoju "to wash."

Marcidan, from Av. mraoc- "to float, submerge;" cf. Skt. mroc/mloc "to go down, set (of the Sun), to disappear, to hide;" Kurd., Laki, Nahâvandi, Bovir-Ahmadi mala- "swim," Kurd. melâna "ship, boat," melaq "wave" may be related to this Av. form.


Fr.: sub-millimétrique   

Of or pertaining to scales smaller than millimeter.

sub-; → millimeter.

submillimeter astronomy
  اخترشناسی ِ زیر-میلیمتری   
axtaršenâsi-ye zir-milimetri

Fr.: astronomie sub-millimétrique   

The study of astronomical objects with → submillimeter waves. As with millimeter-wave astronomy, this part of the spectrum is rich in lines emitted by interstellar molecules and dust.

submillimeter; → astronomy.

submillimeter galaxy (SMG)
  کهکشان ِ زیر-میلیمتری   
kahkešân-e zir-milimetri

Fr.: galaxie sub-millimétrique   

A member of an extremely luminous population of → high-redshift galaxies which are detected in → submillimeter waves (→ flux density at 850 μm ≥ 3 - 5 mJy). SMGs are powered primarily by star formation rather than an → active galactic nucleus (AGN). Because of their high → dust content, these galaxies emit almost all of their luminosity in the infrared, with a → bolometric luminosity ranging from 1012-1013 → solar luminosities. As such, SMGs resemble → ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs), which are almost exclusively → merging galaxies. Indeed, many observations support a → merger origin for SMGs (see, e.g. C.C. Hayward et al. 2011 and references therein, astro-ph/1101.0002).

submillimeter; → galaxy.

submillimeter radiation
  تابش ِ زیر-میلیمتری   
tâbeš-e zir-milimetri

Fr.: rayonnement sub-millimétrique   

That part of the → electromagnetic radiation with a → wavelength beyond 300 → microns.

submillimeter; → radiation.

submillimeter wave
  موج ِ زیر-میلیمتری   
mowj-e zir-milimetri

Fr.: onde sub-millimétrique   

An electromagnetic wave having wavelengths less than one millimeter (frequencies greater than 300 gigahertz).

millimeter; → wave.


Fr.: soumission   

An act or instance of submitting. The condition of having submitted. → submit

Verbal noun of → submit.


Fr.: soumettre   

To present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others. For example, to submit a research paper for publication, to submit an observing proposal.

From L. submittere "to yield, lower, let down, put under, reduce," from → sub- "under" + mittere "to let go, send."

Dar sepordan, dar sepârdan "to yield, surrender, give in," from dar "in, into" (→ in-) + sepordan/sepârdan "to give in charge, entrust to, deposit with;" ultimately Proto-Iranian *spar- "to hand over, entrust."


Fr.: sous preuve   

A proof that occurs within the context of a larger proof

sub-; → proof.


Fr.: subrelativiste   

Describing a system or situation for which the → Lorentz factor, γ, is much smaller than 1. See also → ultrarelativistic.

ultra- + → relativistic

zirnevešt (#)

Fr.: indice inférieur   

1) Math.: An → index (a digit or symbol) written under and to the right of a letter for representing terms in a → sequence or → series, or indicating variable components in → tensor analysis. → superscript.
2) Chemistry: Such a number occurring in a chemical formula.

From L. subscriptus, p.p. of subscribere "to write underneath," from → sub- "underneath" + scribere "to write," → describe.

Zirnevešt, from zir-, → sub-, + nevešt "written," from neveštan, nevis- "to write;" Mid.Pers. nibištan, nibes- "to write;" Av./O.Pers. nī- "down; in, into," → ni- (PIE), + paēs- "to paint; to adorn," paēsa- "adornment" (Mid.Pers. pēsīdan "to adorn"); O.Pers. pais- "to adorn, cut, engrave" (Mod.Pers. pisé "variegated"); cf. Skt. piśáti "adorns; cuts;" Gk. poikilos "multicolored;" L. pingit "embroiders, paints;" O.C.S. pisati "to write;" O.H.G. fēh "multicolored;" Lith. piēšti "to draw, adorn;" PIE base *peik- "colored, speckled."


Fr.: sous-ensemble   

A set of elements wholly contained in another set. If each element of a set A belongs to a set B, A is called a subset of B, written A ⊂ B or B ⊃ A and read "A is contained in B" or "B contains A" respectively.

sub- + → set.


Fr.: sous couche   

A set of electrons with the same angular momentum quantum number, denote l. The number of electrons permitted in a subshell is equal to 2l + 1.

sub- + → shell.

subsolar point
  نقطه‌ی ِ زیر-خورشیدی   
noqte-ye zir-xoršidi

Fr.: point subsolaire   

The point of the surface of a celestial body (including the Earth) at which the Sun is directly overhead at a particular time.

sub-; → solar; → point.


Fr.: subsonique   

Describing a speed that is less than the speed of sound in the medium concerned. → supersonic.

sub-; → sonic.

subsonic flow
  تچان ِ زیر-صدایی   
tacân-e zir-sedâyi

Fr.: écoulement subsonique   

A flow in which the velocity of the constituting particles never exceeds that of sound in the same fluid. Also called subcritical flow.

subsonic; → flow.


Fr.: substance   

1) That of which a thing consists; physical matter or material.
2) Physics: A species of matter, commonly homogeneous, that occurs in macroscopic amounts.
3) Philo.: That by virtue of which a thing has its determinate nature, which makes it what it is, as distinguished from something else.

M.E., from O.Fr. substance, from L. substantia "being, essence, material," from substans, pr.p. of substare "to stand under or be present," from → sub- "up to, under" + stare "to stand," cognate with Pers. istâdan "to stand," as below.

Zirist, literally "to stand under," from zir-, → sub-, + ist "to stand; to be standing, "from istâdan "to stand;" Mid.Pers. êstâtan; O.Pers./Av. sta- "to stand, stand still; set;" Av. hištaiti; cf. Skt. sthâ- "to stand;" Gk. histemi "put, place, weigh," stasis "a standing still;" L. stare "to stand;" Lith. statau "place;" Goth. standan; PIE base *sta- "to stand."

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