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gauss (#)

Fr.: gauss   

The c.s.g. unit of magnetic flux density (or magnetic induction), equal to 1 maxwell per square centimeter, or 10-4 tesla.

Named after the German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855).

Gauss's law for electricity
  قانون ِ گاؤس در برق   
qânun-e Gauss dar barq

Fr.: loi de Gauss en électricité   

The total electric flux ψ out of an arbitrary closed surface in free space is equal to the net charge within the surface divided by the → permittivity. In differential form: ∇ . E = ρ/ε0, where ρ is the → charge density and ε0 the permittivity. The integral form of the law: ∫E . dS = Q0 (closed surface integral). This is one of the four → Maxwell's equations.

gauss; → law; → electricity.

Gauss's law for magnetism
  قانون ِ گاؤس در مغنات‌مندی   
qânun-e Gauss dar meqnâtmandi

Fr.: loi de Gauss en magnétisme   

The → magnetic flux through an arbitrary closed surface equals zero. Mathematically, in differential form: ∇ . B = 0 and in integral form: ΦB = ∫B.dS = 0 (closed surface integral). This is one of the four → Maxwell's equations. This law expresses the fact that there are no free magnetic poles (→ monopoles) in nature and that all the lines of force of a magnetic field are closed curves.

gauss; → law; → magnetism.

Gauss's lemma
  نهک ِ گاؤس   
nehak-e Gauss

Fr.: lemme de Gauss   

If a → polynomial with → integer coefficients can be → factorized into polynomials with → rational number coefficients, it can be factorized using only integers.

Gaussian; → lemma.

Gauss's theorem
  فربین ِ گاؤس   
farbin-e Gauss

Fr.: théorème de Gauss   

The total normal induction over any closed surface drawn in an electric field is equal to 4π times the total charge of electricity inside the closed surface. Gauss's theorem applies also to other vector fields such as magnetic, gravitational, and fluid velocity fields. The theorem can more generally be stated as: the total flux of a vector field through a closed surface is equal to the volume → integral of the vector taken over the enclosed volume. Also known as → divergence theorem, Ostrogradsky's theorem, and Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem.

gauss; → theorem.

Gaussi (#)

Fr.: gaussien   

Of or relating to Carl Friedrich Gauss or his mathematical theories of magnetism, electricity, astronomy, or probability. → Gaussian distribution; → Gaussian profile.


Gaussian distribution
  واباژش ِ گاؤسی   
vâbâžeš-e Gaussi (#)

Fr.: distribution gaussienne   

A theoretical frequency distribution for a set of variable data, usually represented by a bell-shaped curve with a mean at the center of the curve and tail widths proportional to the standard deviation of the data about the mean.

Gaussian; → distribution.

Gaussian elimination
  اسانش ِ گاؤسی   
osâneš-e Gaussi

Fr.: élimination de Gauss   

A method of solving a matrix equation of the form A x = b, where A is a matrix and x and b are vectors. The process consists of two steps, first reducing the elements below the diagonal to 0 and second, back substituting to find the solutions.

Gaussian; → elimination.

Gaussian function
  کریای ِ گاؤس   
karyâ-ye Gauss

Fr.: fonction de Gauss   

The function e-x2, whose integral in the interval -∞ to +∞ gives the → square root of the → number pi: ∫e-x2dx = √π. It is the function that describes the → normal distribution.

Gaussian; → function.

Gaussian gravitational constant
  پایای ِ گرانشی ِ گاؤس   
pâyâ-ye gerâneši-ye Gauss

Fr.: constante gravitationnelle de Gauss   

The constant, denoted k, defining the astronomical system of units of length (→ astronomical unit), mass (→ solar mass), and time (→ day), by means of → Kepler's third law. The dimensions of k2 are those of Newton's constant of gravitation: L 3M -1T -2. Its value is: k = 0.01720209895.

Gaussian; → gravitational; → constant.

Gaussian integer
  درسته‌ی ِ گاؤس   
doroste-ye Gauss

Fr.: entier de Gauss   

A → complex number whose → real and → imaginary parts are both integers.

Gaussian; → integer.

Gaussian profile
  فراپال ِ گاؤسی   
farâpâl-e Gaussi

Fr.: profile gaussien   

The shape of a curve representing a normal distribution.

Gaussian; → profile.


Fr.: gaussienité   

Math.: The condition of having → Gaussian distribution. The extent to which something is Gaussian.

Gaussian + → -ity.