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  نافرساخته، نافرساخت   
nâfarsâxté; nâfarsâxt

Fr.: imperfection   

Not perfect; faulty or incomplete.

in-; → perfect.

  نافرساختگی، نافرسازش   
nâfarsâxtegi, nâfarsâzeš

Fr.: imperfection   

A fault, flaw, or undesirable feature; the state or condition of being imperfect.

in-; → perfection.

  ۱) فرساخت، فرساز؛ ۲) فرساختن   
1) farsâxt, farsâz; 2) farsâxtan

Fr.: 1) parfait; 2) parfaire   

1a) Corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept.
1b) Exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.
2) To bring to perfection or completion. See also: → perfect cosmological principle, → perfect cube, → perfect gas, → perfect lens, → perfect number, → perfect power, → perfect set, → perfect square.

From M.E. parfit, from O.Fr. parfit, from L. perfectus "completed," p.p. of perficere "accomplish, finish, complete," from per- "through, thoroughly, utterly, very" + facere "to make, do, perform;" cognate with Pers. dâdan "to give" (O.Pers./Av. dā- "to give, grant, yield," dadāiti "he gives;" Skt. dadáti "he gives;" Gk. tithenai "to place, put, set," didomi "I give;" L. dare "to give, offer;" Rus. delat' "to do;" O.H.G. tuon, Ger. tun, O.E. don "to do;" PIE base *dhe- "to put, to do").

Farsâxt, farsâz, literally "thorougly made," from far- intensive prefix "much, abundant; elegantly" (Mid.Pers. fra- "forward, before; much; around;" O.Pers. fra- "forward, forth;" Av. frā, fərā-, fra- "forward, forth; excessive;" cf. Skt. prá- "before; forward, in fron;" Gk. pro "before, in front of;" L. pro "on behalf of, in place of, before, for;" PIE *pro-) + sâxt, sâz "made," short for sâxté, sâzidé "made; make, construction, structure; style," present stem of sâxtan, sâzidan "to build, make, fashion; to adapt, adjust, be fit" (from Mid.Pers. sâxtan, sâz-, Manichean Parthian s'c'dn "to prepare, to form;" Av. sak- "to understand, to mark," sâcaya- (causative) "to teach").

perfect cosmological principle
  پروز ِ کیهان‌شناسیک ِ فرساخت   
parvaz-e keyhânšenâsik-e farsâxt

Fr.: principe cosmologique parfait   

The → assumption, adopted by the → steady-state theory, that all observers, everywhere at all times, would view the same large-scale distribution of matter in the → Universe in all regions and in every direction. In contrast to the → cosmological principle, the perfect cosmological principle adds the assumption that the Universe does not change with time on the large scale.

perfect; → cosmological; → principle.

perfect cube
  کاب ِ فرساخت   
kâb-e farsâxt

Fr.: cube parfait   

An → integer of the form n3, where n is a → positive number. In other words, a → perfect power when k = 3.

perfect; → cube.

perfect gas
  گاز ِ فرساخت   
gâz-e farsâxt

Fr.: gaz parfait   

A hypothetical gas with molecules of negligible size that exert no intermolecular forces. Also called → ideal gas.

perfect; → gas.

perfect lens
  عدسی ِ فرساخت   
adasi-ye farsâxt

Fr.: lentille perfaite   

A theoretical, ideal lens capable of producing perfect images. Used as a lens design and analysis tool to image collimated output from an afocal system.

perfect; → lens.

perfect number
  عدد ِ فرساخت   
adad-e farsâxt

Fr.: nombre parfait   

An → integer that is equal to the → sum of its → positive  → divisors, not including itself. For example 6, because its positive divisors are 1, 2, and 3, and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Two other examples are 28 and 496.

perfect; → number.

perfect power
  توان ِ فرساخت   
tavân-e farsâxt

Fr.: puissance parfaite   

A → positive integer that can be expressed as an integer → power of another positive → integer. For example, n is a perfect power if there exist natural numbers m> 1, and k> 1 such that mk = n. → perfect cube, → perfect square.

perfect; → power.

perfect set
  هنگرد ِ فرساخت   
hangard-e farsâxt

Fr.: ensemble parfait   

A set P is called perfect if P = P', where P' is the derived set of P.

perfect; → set.

perfect square
  چاروش ِ فرساخت   
câruš-e farsâxt

Fr.: carré parfait   

An → integer of the form n2, where n is a → positive number. In other words, a → perfect power when k = 2.

perfect; → square.

  فرساختنی، فرساخت‌پذیر   
farsâxtani, farsâxtpazir

Fr.: perfectible   

Capable of becoming or of being made perfect.

perfect; → -able.

  فرساختگی، فرسازش   
farsâxtegi, farsâzeš

Fr.: perfection   

The state or quality of being or becoming perfect.

perfect; → -tion.

  فرساختگرایی، فرساختگری   
farsâxtgerâyi, farsâxtgari

Fr.: perfectionisme   

1) Any of various doctrines holding that religious, moral, social, or political perfection is attainable.
2) A personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less (

perfection; → -ism.

  فرساختگرا، فرساختگر   
farsâxtgerâ, farsâxtgar

Fr.: perfectioniste   

1) A person who adheres to or believes in → perfectionism.
2) A person who demands perfection of himself, herself, or others (

perfection; → -ist.