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advection term
  ترم ِ پهنبز   
tarm-e pahnbaz

Fr.: terme d'advection   

The first term on the right side in the → induction equation.

advection; → term.


Fr.: déterminant   

An agent or factor that determines the nature of something or that fixes or conditions an outcome.
Math.: An algebraic expression used in the solution of systems of linear equations, which consists of the sum of products of elements, each with an appropriate algebraic sign, usually written in a square array.

From → determine + -ant suffix forming noun.

Âtarmgar, from âtarm present stem of âtarmidandetermine + -gar, → detector.

  آترم، آترمش   
âtarm, âtarmeš

Fr.: détermination   

The act of deciding definitely and firmly; the result of such an act of decision.

Verbal noun of → determine.


Fr.: déterminer   

1) General: To settle or decide by choice of alternatives or possibilities.
2) Math.: To fix or define the position, form, or configuration of.
3) Logic: To explain or limit by adding differences.

From O.Fr. déterminer, from L. determinare "set limits to," from → de- + terminare "to mark the end or boundary," from terminus "boundary, border, end," → term.

Âtarmidan, from âtarm + verb forming suffix -idan; âtarm from intensive prefix â- + tarm "limit, boundary," → term.


Fr.: déterminé   

1) Decided; settled; resolved.
2) Showing determination, characterized by determination.

p.p. of → determine.

  آترم باوری   

Fr.: déterminisme   

The belief that every event is necessitated by antecedent events and conditions together with the laws of nature. → deterministic physics.

From → determine + → -ism.

Âtarmbâvari, from âtarm, → determine, + bâvari, noun of bâvar "beleif;" Mid.Pers. wâbar "beleif;" Proto-Iranian *uar- "to choose; to convince; to believe;" cf. Av. var- "to choose; to convince" varəna-, varana- "conviction, faith;" O.Pers. v(a)r- "to choose; to convince;" Skt. vr- "to choose," vara- "choosing."


Fr.: déterministe   

Of, pertaining to, or dealing with → determinism.

From determinist + → -ic.

deterministic physics
  فیزیک ِ آترم‌باور   
fizik-e âtarmbâvar

Fr.: physique déterministe   

The classical representation of the laws of nature according to which a particular future state (B) will arise from a particular past one (A). In contrast to → quantum physics which deals with the probability for the transition from A to B.

Deterministic, adj. of determinism; → physics.

deterministic theory
  نگره‌ی ِ آترم‌باور   
negare-ye âtarmbâvar

Fr.: théorie déterministe   

A theory in which specification of the initial value of all relevant variables of the system is sufficient to calculate the past values and to predict the future values of such variables for any arbitrary time. Moreover, it is possible, for any arbitrary time, to assign a value to all the variables characterizing the system. In quantum mechanics, the time evolution of the → wave function, governed by the → Schrodinger equation, is deterministic. Quantum mechanics, however, is a non deterministic theory because of the probabilistic nature of the predictions for the values of the → observables of a quantum system.

deterministic; → theory.

e-term of aberration
  بیراهش ِ ترم ِ e   
birâheš-e tarm-e e

Fr.: aberration elliptique   

The same as → elliptic aberration.

e, → elliptic; → term; → aberration.


Fr.: indéterminisme   

Philosophy: The doctrine that there are events which do not correspond with determinism and therefore are uncaused in some sense.
Quantum physics: The claim that the most basic constituents of matter behave indeterministically, in accordance with such properties as the → uncertainty principle.

in-; → determinism.

Nâtarmbâvari, nâtarmvari, from nâ- negation prefix + (â)tarmbâvari, (â)tarmvari, → determinism.

  میانی، اندرمیانی، میانجی   
myiâni (#), andarmiyâni (#), miyânji (#)

Fr.: intermédiaire   

1) (Adj.) Being or acting at the middle place or stage, or between extremes.
2a) (n.) A person who acts between others; something intermediate.
2b) Chemistry: A molecular entity that is formed (directly or indirectly) from the reactants and reacts further to give (either directly or indirectly) the products of a chemical reaction (PAC, 1996, 68, 149, A glossary of terms used in chemical kinetics, including reaction dynamics, IUPAC Recommendations 1996).
See also:
intermediate boson, → intermediate frequency, → intermediate infrared, → intermediate-mass black hole, → intermediate-mass protostar, → intermediate-mass star.

Intermediate, from M.L. intermediatus "lying between," from L. intermedius "that which is between," from → inter- "between" + medius "located in the middle;" PIE root *medhyo- "middle;" cf. Pers. miyân, as below; Av. maidiia-, Skt. mádhya-; Gk. medos, messos "middle;"

Miyâni, adj. of miyân "within, between, center," from Mid.Pers. mayân "middle; among, between," Av. maidiia- "middle, the middle," maiδiiāna- "middle, center;" cf. Skt. mádhya- "middle, located in the middle;" G.H.G. mitti "located in the middle."
Andarmiyâni, adj. of andarmiyân "in the middle," from andar-, → inter-, + miyân, as above.
Miyânji "intermediary, mediator," from Mid.Pers. mayânjig, from mayân.

intermediate boson
  بوسون ِ میانجی   
boson-e miyânji

Fr.: boson intermédiaire   

A hypothetical → elementary particle that mediates the → weak interaction, carrying its effect from one particle to another as the photon does for electromagnetic interactions. First introduced in 1961 by Sheldon Glashow.

intermediate; → boson.

intermediate frequency
  بسامد ِ میانی   
basâmad-e miyâni

Fr.: fréquence intermédiare   

In a → superheterodyne receiver, a frequency resulting from the combination of the received modulated → carrier frequency and the → local oscillator frequency.

intermediate; → frequency.

intermediate infrared
  فروسرخ ِ میانی   
forusorx-e miyâni (#)

Fr.: infrarouge moyen   

The infrared radiation with wavelengths between about 1.5 and 20 microns. → near infrared; → far infrared.

intermediate; → infrared.

intermediate-mass black hole (IMBH)
  سیه‌چال ِ میان‌جرم   
siyah câl-e miyân jerm

Fr.: trou noir de masse intermédiaire   

A → black hole with a mass in the range 102-104 solar masses. IMBHs may form as the result of multiple → mergers of smaller objects in the centers of dense stellar clusters in the present universe, assuming → mass loss from → stellar winds is not significant. They may also arise from the evolution of → very massive stars early in the history of the Universe, forming black hole "seeds" in the centers of massive halos (the precursors of the galaxies we see today) early in the history of the Universe, to redshifts z > 10. Currently the best observational evidence for IMBHs comes from models of ultraluminous X-ray sources (See, e.g., J. M. Centrella et al. 2010, astro-ph/1010.5260).

intermediate; → mass; → black; → hole.

intermediate-mass protostar
  پورواستاره‌ی ِ میان‌جرم   
purvâsetâre-ye miyân-jerm

Fr.: protoétoile de masse intermédiare   

A protostar that evolves into an → intermediate-mass star.

intermediate; → mass; → protostar.

intermediate-mass star
  ستاره‌ی ِ میان‌جرم   
setâre-ye miyânjerm

Fr.: étoile de masse intermédiare   

A star whose mass lies in the range about 2 to 8 → solar masses approximately.

intermediate; → mass; → star.

raftomând (#)

Fr.: intermittence   

A property of a turbulent dynamical system which is characterized by chaotic, irregular behavior occurring between quiet (or less irregular) periods. In other words, a → turbulent flow having a large → Reynolds number undergoes a phenomenon in which its turbulent activity at a fixed location stops from time to time and starts again. In fact → turbulence never completely disappears, but it can become extremely weak interrupted irregularly by bursts of strong turbulence (see also → developed turbulence). For intermittent flows → probability density functions are not → Gaussian. Turbulent intermittency plays a fundamental role in fields ranging from combustion physics, chemical engineering, meteorology, to astrophysical systems, more specifically the → interstellar medium.

From L. intermittent, pr.p. of intermittere "to leave a space between, drop (for a while), leave off," from → inter- + mittere "to send, let go."

Raftomând, literally "to go and to stop," from raft past stem of raftan "to go, walk, proceed" (present stem row-); Mid.Pers. raftan, raw-, Proto-Iranian *rab/f- "to go; to attack") + -o- euphonic infix + mând past stem of mândan "to remain, stay, relinquish, leave" (Mid.Pers. mândan "to remain, stay," mân "house, home;" O.Pers. mān- "to remain, dwell;" Av. man- "to remain, dwell; to wait;" cf. Gk. menein "to remain;" L. manere "to stay, remain, abide," mansio "a staying, a remaining, night quarters, station" (Fr. maison, ménage; E. manor, mansion, permanent; PIE *men- "to remain, wait for").

raftomândi (#)

Fr.: intermittent   

Alternately ceasing and beginning again; adj. of → intermittency.

Adjective of → intermittency.

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