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   -ای، -ایگی   
-i (#), -igi (#)

Fr.: -ité   

A suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state, degree, or condition: metallicity, luminosity, periodicity, Gaussianity.

From M.E. -ite, from O.Fr. -ité, from L. -itas (-itat-), from -i- (thematic or, rarely, connective vowel) + -tas (-tat-), may be cognate with Av./Skt. -tāt (as in Av. uparatāt, Skt. uparátāt "supremacy," Av. haurvatāt, Skt. sarvátāt "completeness").

The suffix -igi, from -ig adj. suffix, variant of -ik, → -ic, + -i noun suffix.

Note: The Pers. suffix -i forms state/condition nouns from adjectives, as in: xubi, zešti, râsti, âzâdi, tanhâyi. There is though a phonetic problem when the adj. ends in -i, since two successive i's are not easily articulable, e.g.: felez "metal," felezi "metallic," *felezii "metallicity." Mid.Pers. did not have this problem, since the adj. suffix was -îg or -îk (instead of -i) and the noun suffix -îh (instead of -i). Some examples in Mid.Pers.: tuhîg "empty," tuhîgîh "emptiness," tuwânîg "able," tuwânîgîh "ability," spurrîg "complete," spurrîgîh "completeness, perfection," nazdîk "near," nazdîkîh "proximity." A way out of this phonetic problem is to use the Mid.Pers. -igi. This solution, first introduced in the case of tohi, tohigi (→ void), was generalized by M. Sch. Adib-Soltâni (Irânigi, Âlmânigi, darunâxtigi, borunâxtigi, etc.). This seems a natural solution since the adj. suffix -i is the evolution of the Mid.Pers. -ig, and moreover Pers. currently revives the g phoneme in comparable phonetic situations, as in the ending phoneme (-eh), which derives from Mid.Pers. -ag. A number of examples: adj. âzâdé, n. âzâdegi; adj. tâbandé, n. tâbandegi; adj. mardâné, n. mardânegi; likewise xâné, xânegi, setâré, setâregân; âzâdé, âzâdegân. Interestingly, the -igi suffix has this specified function in some dialects, for example (Tajik, Šahrezâ-yi) xâligi "emptiness," from xâli.
Some examples for the use of -igi in this work: felezigi, → metallicity; mâddigi, → materiality; beyzigi, → ellipcity, tâštigi, → certainty, etc.

absolute humidity
  نمناکی ِ ا َوَست   
namnâki-ye avast

Fr.: humidité absolue   

In a system of moist air, the ratio of the mass of water vapor to the total volume of the system. → humidity.

absolute; → humidity.

absolute luminosity
  تابندگی ِ ا َوَست   
tâbandegi-ye avast

Fr.: luminosité absolue   

A star's → intrinsic brightness, i.e. the total amount of energy radiated by the star per second. → Luminosity is often expressed in units of watts or erg/sec. The Sun's absolute luminosity is 3.86 × 1033 erg/sec.

absolute; → luminosity.

absolute permeability
  تراوایی ِ اوست   
tarâvâyi-ye avast

Fr.: perméabilité absolue   

magnetic permeability.

absolute; → permeability.

absolute viscosity
  وشکسانی ِ اوست   
vošksâni-ye avast

Fr.: viscosité absolue   

Same as → viscosity and → dynamic viscosity.

absolute; → viscosity.


Fr.: absorptivité   

The ratio of energy absorbed by a body to energy incident upon the same body.

Absorptivity, from absorptive adj. from → absorb + → -ity, suffix expressing state or condition.

Daršamâyi, from daršamâ quality adj. from daršam, present stem of daršamidan + -yi noun suffix.

absorptivity-emissivity ratio
  وابر ِ درشما‌یی-گسیلا‌یی   
vâbar-e daršamâyi/gosilâyi

Fr.: rapport absorptivité-émissivité   

For a spatial object, the ratio between its absorption of solar radiation and its infrared emission.

absorptivity; → emissivity; → ratio.

yâvegi (#)

Fr.: absurdité   

The quality or state of being absurd; something that is absurd.

absurd + → -ity.

acceleration of gravity
  شتاب ِ گرانی   
šetâb-e gerâni

Fr.: accélération de la gravité   

The acceleration that an object experiences because of gravity when it falls freely close to the surface of a massive body, such as a planet. Same as → gravitational acceleration.

acceleration; → gravity.

  ژیرایی، ژیرندگی   
žirâyi, žirandegi

Fr.: activité   

For a radioactive substance, the average number of atoms disintegrating per unit time.

Activity, from → active + -ity.

Žirandegi, noun from žirandé, → active.


Fr.: actualité   

1) The quality or state of being actual or something that is actual; reality.
2) Philosophy: According to Aristotle, what has → form and can causally interact with other things, as opposed to → potentiality.

actual; → -ity.

tiznâyi (#)

Fr.: acuité   

Sharpness; acuteness; keenness of perception.

M.E., from M.Fr. acuité, from M.L. acuitatem (nom. acuitas) "sharpness," from L. acus "needle," acuere "to sharpen," from PIE root *ak- "be sharp."

Tiznâ "sharpness," from tiz, "→ sharp," + -nâ, a suffix that transforms adjective into noun (compare with tangnâ, derâznâ, farâxnâ, etc.).

acuity of vision
  تیزنایی ِ دید   
tiznâ-ye did

Fr.: acuité visuelle   

The ability of the → eye to see separately two points close to each other. It is a measure of the → resolving power of the eye's → optical system and depends on the density of cells in the → retina. The maximum acuity of the normal human eye is around 0.5 minutes of arc.

acuity; → vision.

additive identity
  ایدانی ِ بردایشی   
idâni-ye bardâyeši

Fr.: identité additive   

The number which can be added to any other number without changing the magnitude of that number: zero. → multiplicative identity.

additive; → identity.

additive law of probability
  قانون ِ بردایشی ِ شوانایی   
qânun-e bardâyeši-ye šavânâyi

Fr.: loi additive de probabilité   

If E1, E2, ..., En are n → mutually exclusive events, then the probability of occurrence of at least one of them is the sum of their individual probabilities: P(E1 + E2 + ... + En) = P(E1) + P(E2) + ... + P(En).

additive; → law; → probability.


Fr.: affinité   

1) General: A relationship or resemblance.
2) Math.: The state, quality, or fact of being → affine.

affine; → -ity.

Alfven velocity
  تندای ِ آلفون   
tondâ-ye Alfvén

Fr.: vitesse d'Alfvén   

same as → Alfven speed.

Alfven wave; → velocity.


Fr.: alfvénicité   

Alfvénic fluctuation.

Alfvénic; → -ity.


Fr.: alfvénicité   

Alfvénic fluctuation.

Alfvénic; → -ity.


Fr.: ambiguité   

The quality of state of being → ambiguous.

ambiguous; → -ity.

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