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absolute error
  ایرنگ ِ اوست   
irang-e avast

Fr.: erreur absolue   

The difference between the measured value of a quantity x0 and its (true) actual value x, given by Δx = x0 - x. See also: → relative error.

absolute; → error.

bias error
  ایرنگ ِ ورک، خطای ~   
irang-e varak, xatâ-ye ~

Fr.: erreur de biais   

A measurement error that remains constant in magnitude for all observations; for example an incorrectly set zero adjustment.

bias; → error.

calibration error
  ایرنگِ کبیزش   
irang-e kabizeš

Fr.: erreur d'étalonnage   

A systematic error in the constant values to be applied to a measuring instrument.

calibration; → error.

Irang, → error; kabizeš, → calibration.

cascade error
  ایرنگ ِ پی‌شاری، ~ آبشاری   
irang-e peyšâri, ~ âbšâri

Fr.: erreur en cascade   

An error that amplifies as the process of calculation goes on.

cascade; → error.

  ایرنگ، خطا   
irang (#), xatâ (#)

Fr.: erreur   

1) A deviation from accuracy or correctness; a mistake.
2) Physics: The difference between the calculated or observed value and the true value of a quantity. See also:
absolute error, → bias error, → calibration error, → cascade error, → error bar, → fitting error, → instrument error, → observational error, → probable error (PE), → random error, → relative error, → root-mean-square error, → sampling error, → standard error, → systematic error, → Type I error, → Type II error.

From O.Fr. erreur, from L. errorem (nom. error) "a wandering, straying, mistake," from errare "to wander."

Irang, from Mid.Pers. êrang "error, mistake;" xatâ, from Ar.

error bar
  بند ِ ایرنگ، ~ خطا   
band-e irang, ~ xatâ

Fr.: barre d'erreur   

On a graph displaying the results of a measurement, the dash used to indicate the confidence range of the value attributed to a quantity.

error; bar, from O.Fr. barre, from V.L. *barra "bar, barrier," or perhaps from Gaulish *barro "summit."

Band "that which closes, shuts, blocks," from bastan, band- "to shut, bind," from Mid.Pers. bastan/vastan "to bind, shut," Av./O.Pers. band- "to bind, fetter," banda- "band, tie" (cf. Skt. bandh- "to bind, tie, fasten," PIE *bhendh- "to bind;" Ger. binden; E. bind); → error.

fitting error
  ایرنگ ِ سزکرد، ~ سز   
irang-e saz-kard, ~ saz

Fr.: erreur d'ajustement   

The discrepancy between the mathematical curve and data points. → fit.

fitting; → error.

instrument error
  ایرنگ ِ سازال، خطای ِ ~   
irang-e sâzâl, xatâ-ye ~

Fr.: erreur instrumentale   

The correctable part of the inaccuracy of a measuring instrument.

instrument; → error.

observational error
  ایرنگ ِ نپاهشی   
irang-e nepâheši

Fr.: erreur observationnelle   

The difference between a measured value of quantity and its true value.

observational; → error.

probable error (PE)
  ایرنگ ِ شوانا   
irang-e šavânâ

Fr.: erreur probable   

A deviation from the population mean μ such that 50% of the observations may be expected to lie between μ - PE and μ + PE. For the normal distribution, the probable error is 0.6745 times the standard deviation.

probable; → error.

random error
  ایرنگ ِ کاتوره   
irang-e kâturé

Fr.: erreur fortuite   

The fluctuating part of the overall error that varies from measurement to measurement. Normally, the random error is defined as the deviation of the total error from its mean value; opposite of → systematic error.

random; → error.

relative error
  ایرنگ ِ بازانی   
irang-e bâzâni

Fr.: erreur relative   

The → absolute error divided by the true value x, that is: Δx/x. The result may be expressed as a percentile and is useful when we want to determine the error relative to the value of the exact quantity.

relative; → error.

root-mean-square error
  ایرنگ ِ ریشه‌ی ِ چاروشی ِ میانگین، ~ ~ ِ دوم ِ ~   
irang-e riše-ye câruši-ye miyângin, ~ ~ dovom-e ~


The square root of the second moment corresponding to the frequency function of a random variable.

root; → mean; → square; → error.

sampling error
  ایرنگ ِ نمونان‌گیری   
irang-e nemunân-giri

Fr.: erreur d'échantillonnage   

That part of the difference between a population value and an estimate thereof, derived from a random sample, which is due to the fact that only a sample of values is observed; as distinct from errors due to imperfect selection, bias in response or estimation, errors of observation and recording, etc.

sampling; → error.

standard error
  ایرنگ ِ استانده   
irang-e estândé

Fr.: erreur type   

Same as → standard deviation.

standard; → error.

systematic error
  ایرنگ ِ راژمان‌مند   
irang-e râžmânmand

Fr.: erreur systématique   

The error that is constant in a series of repetitions of the same experiment or observation. Usually, systematic error is defined as the expected value of the overall error. opposite of → random error.

systematic; → error.

Type I error
  ایرنگ ِ گونه‌ی ِ I   
irang-e gune-ye I

Fr.: erreur de type I   

Statistics: An error made if a → hypothesis is rejected when it should be accepted. → Type II error.

type; → error.

Type II error
  ایرنگ ِ گونه‌ی ِ II   
irang-e gune-ye II

Fr.: erreur de type II   

Statistics: An error made if a → hypothesis is accepted when it should be rejected. → Type I error.

type; → error.