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energy level
  تراز ِ کاروژ   
tarâz-e kâruž

Fr.: niveau d'énergie   

Any of the several discrete states of energy which a particle, atom, or molecule can adopt under conditions where the possible values are restricted by quantum mechanical laws.

energy; → level.

Fermi level
  تراز ِ فرمی   
tarâz-e Fermi

Fr.: niveau de Fermi   

A measure of the → energy of the least tightly held → electrons within a → solid at a → non-zero → temperature. The value of the Fermi level at → absolute zero (-273.15 °C) is called the → Fermi energy and is a constant for each solid. In other words, the Fermi level is any → energy level having the probability that it is exactly half filled with electrons in the → Fermi-Dirac statistics. Levels of lower energy than the Fermi level tend to be entirely filled with electrons, whereas energy levels higher than the Fermi tend to be empty.

Fermi; → level.

Landau level
  تراز ِ لانداؤ   
tarâz-e Landau

Fr.: niveau de Landau   

The → energy level which can be occupied by a → free electron in a → magnetic field.

Landau damping; → level.

tarâz (#)

Fr.: niveau   

A position with respect to a given or specified base. → energy level.

From O.Fr. livel, from L. libella "a balance, level," diminutive of libra "balance, scale."

Tarâz "level; a level," from tarâzu "balance, scales," Mid.Pers. tarâzên-, taraênidan "to weigh," Proto-Iranian *tarāz-, from *tarā- "balance, scale" ( cf. Skt. tulā- "scales, balance, weight," from tul- "to weigh, make equal in weight, equal," tolayati "weighs, balances," L. tollere "to raise," Gk. talanton "balance, weight," Atlas "the Bearer" of Heaven," Lith. tiltas "bridge;" PIE base telə- "to lift, weigh") + Av. az- "to convey, conduct, drive," azaiti drives" (cf. Skt. aj- "to dive, sling," ájati "drives," ajirá- "agile, quick," Gk. agein "to lead, guide, drive, carry off," L. agere "to do, set in motion, drive," from PIE root *ag- "to drive, move," → act).

level of significance
  تراز ِ نشاناری   
tarâz-e nešânâri

Fr.: niveau de significativité   

Same as → significance level.

level; → significance.

occupied level
  تراز ِ هَگیده   
tarâz-e hagidé

Fr.: niveau occupé   

The energy level adopted by a particle, atom, or molecule under quantum mechanical laws.

Occupied, p.p. of → occupy; → level.

significance level
  تراز ِ نشاناری   
tarâz-e nešânâri

Fr.: niveau de significativité   

The level of → Type I error which one is willing to risk in a → test of significance. Also called level of significance.

significance; → level.

sound intensity level
  تراز ِ درتنویی ِ صدا   
tarâz-e dartanuyi-ye sedâ

Fr.: niveau de l'intensité de son   

The expression of sound intensity in decibel units. The sound intensity level (LI), in decibels, is computed as: LI = 10 log (I/I0), where I is the measured sound intensity and I0 is the reference intensity (1 x 10 -12 watt per square meter).

sound; → intensity; → level.

sound power level
  تراز ِ توان ِ صدا   
tarâz-e tavân-e sedâ

Fr.: niveau de la puissance de son   

The sound energy emitted by a sound source per unit time and expressed in → decibels. Sound power, in → watts, is converted to sound power level in decibels (L), by L = 10 log (W/W0), where W0 is the reference power (1 x 10 -12 watt).

sound; → power; → level.

splitting of energy level
  فاقش ِ تراز ِ کاروژ   
fâqeš-e tarâz-e kâruž

Fr.: dédoublement d'un niveau d'énergie   

The splitting of a single atomic level into a group of closely spaced levels when the substance producing the single line is subjected to a uniform magnetic field. → Zeeman effect; → Stark effect.

spliting; → energy level.

upper level
  تراز ِ بالا، ~ زبرین   
tarâz-e bâlâ (#), ~ zabarin (#)

Fr.: niveau supérieur   

In atomic physics, an initial energy state in an emission transition.

upper; → level.