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cross product
  فر‌آورد ِ برداری   
farâvard-e bordâri

Fr.: produit vectoriel   

Same as → vector product.

cross; → product.

daughter product
doxtar (#)

Fr.: noyau fils   

In → nuclear physics, same as → daughter.

daughter; → product.

decay product
  فر‌آورده‌ی ِ تباهی   
farâvarde-ye tabâhi

Fr.: produit de désintégration   

A → stable nuclide or → radioactive nuclide formed by the → disintegration of a → radioactive isotope, either directly or as a result of a → decay chain. Also called → daughter product. For example, the decay product of 238U is 206Pb, after passing through the following chain: 238U → 234Th (4.5 billion yr) → 234Pa (24 days) → 234U (1 min) → 230Th (245,000 yr) → 226Ra (76,000 yr) → 222Rn (1,600 yr) → 218Po (3.8 d) → 214Pb (3 m) → 214Bi (27 m) → 214Po (160 microseconds) → 210Pb (22 yr) → 210Bi (5 d) → 210Po (138 d) → 206Pb.

decay; → product.

dot product
  فر‌آورد ِ مرپلی   
farâvard-e marpeli

Fr.: produit scalaire   

Same as → scalar product.

O.E. dott "speck, head of a boil," perhaps related to Norw. dot "lump, knot," Du. dot "knot, wisp;" cognate with O.H.G. tutta "nipple;" → product.

Bastâk, → product; marpeli, → scalar.

fission products
  فر‌آورده‌های ِ شکافت   
farâvardehâ-ye šekâft (#)

Fr.: produits de fission   

Nuclides generated by the fission of higher mass elements or by subsequent radioactive decay of nuclides directly generated by fission.

fission; → product.

pair production
  فر‌آورش ِ جفت   
farâvareš-e joft

Fr.: production de paires   

The creation of an → elementary particle and its → antiparticle from a → boson. For example, the formation of an → electron and a → positron in the interaction of high-energy → gamma ray photons, having at least 1.02 Mev, with an → atomic nucleus (γ → e- + e+). The → rest masses of the electron and positron being 0.51 MeV each, the excess energy will be carried away by these two particles. Pair production is the inverse process to → pair annihilation.

pair; → production

  ۱، ۲) فر‌آورده؛ ۳) فر‌آورد   
1, 2) farâvardé; 3) farâvard

Fr.: produit   

1) A thing that is made or created (by a person, machine, or natural process).
2) Chemistry: A substance resulting from a chemical reaction.
3) Math.: The result of the → multiplication of two or more quantities.

From M.E., from L. productum "something produced," noun use of neuter p.p. of producere "bring forth," → production.

Farâvardé, farâvard, p.p. of farâvardan "to produce;" → production.

farâvareš (#)

Fr.: production   

The act of producing; creation; something that is produced; a product. → pair production

M.E., from O.Fr. production, from M.L. productionem, from L. productus, p.p. of producere "bring forth," from → pro- "forth" + ducere "to bring, lead."

Farâvareš "bringing forth," from far- "forth," → pro-, + âvareš, "bringing," verbal noun âvardan "to bring; to cause, produce" (Mid.Pers. âwurtan, âvaritan; Av. ābar- "to bring; to possess," from prefix ā- + Av./O.Pers. bar- "to bear, carry," bareθre "to bear (infinitive)," bareθri "a female that bears (children), a mother;" Mod.Pers. bordan "to carry;" Skt. bharati "he carries;" Gk. pherein; L. fero "to carry").


Fr.: reproduction   

1) The act of reproducing or the condition or process of being reproduced.
2) Something reproduced, especially in the faithfulness of its resemblance to the form and elements of the original.
3) Biology: Any of various processes, either sexual or asexual, by which an animal or plant produces one or more individuals similar to itself (

reproduce; → -tion.

scalar product
  فر‌آورد ِ مرپلی   
farâvard-e marpeli

Fr.: produit scalaire   

A multiplication of two vectors giving a scalar. The scaler product of V1 and V2 is defined by: V1.V2 = V1.V2 cos α, where V1 and V2 are the magnitudes of the vectors and α is the angle between them. Same as dot product. See also → vector product.

scalar; → product.

vector product
  فر‌آورد ِ برداری   
farâvard-e bordâri

Fr.: produit vectoriel   

Of two vectors, a vector whose direction is perpendicular to the plane containing the two initial vectors and whose magnitude is the product of the magnitudes of these vectors and the sine of the angle between them: A x B = C, C = |AB sin α|. The direction of C is given by the → right-hand screw rule. Same as → cross product. See also → scalar product.

vector; → product.