An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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Fr.: intuitif   

Known or perceived by → intuition. See also → intuitionism.

intuition; → -ive.


Fr.: invalide   

Logic: The quality of an argument when its conclusion is false even if all the premises are true.

in-; → valid.


Fr.: invalidité   

Lack of → validity.

invalid; → -ity.

invariable plane
  هامُن ِ ناورتنده   
hâmon-e nâvartandé

Fr.: plan invariable   

Mechanics: For a rotating rigid body not subject to external torque, a plane which is perpendicular to the angular momentum vector of the body, and which is always tangent to its → inertia ellipsoid.

Invariable negation of → variable; → plane.


Fr.: invariance   

Any property of a physical law or quantity that is unchanged after the application of certain classes of transformations.

Invariance; noun of → invariant.


Fr.: invariant   

A quantity which is independent of the coordinate system. For example the vector product of two vectors is an invariant since it depends only on the magnitude of the two vectors and the angle between them.

From negation prefix → in- + variant, from L. variantem (nom. varians), pr.p. of variare "to change," from varius "varied, different, spotted."

Nâvartâ, from negation prefix nâ-, → in-, + vartâ adj., from vartidan, variant of gardidan, gaštan "to change; to turn," Mid.Pers. vartitan; Av. varət- "to turn, revolve;" cf. Skt. vrt- "to turn, roll," vartate "it turns round, rolls;" L. vertere "to turn;" O.H.G. werden "to become;" PIE base *wer- "to turn, bend."


Fr.: inventer   

To create or design a new type of thing (process, machines, etc.). See also → discover.

From L. inventus, p.p. of invenire "to encounter, come upon, find," from in- "upon" + ven-, from venire "to come" + -tus p.p. suffix.

Parâvidan on the model of dialectals Munji purôv-/purvi-, Yidgha pura-/prvei- "to find, obtain," Shughni, Roshani, Bartangi, Yazghulami firâp-fiript "to arrive at, reach;" prefixed (*fra-/*pra-) from Proto-Iranian *Hap/f- "to reach, attain;" cf. Av. ap- "to reach, attain;" related to Pers. yâb-, yâftan "to find" (Cheung 2007).


Fr.: invention   

The action or of inventing or something invented.

Verbal noun of → invent.

  پراونده، پراوگر   
parâvandé, parâvgar

Fr.: inventeur   

A person who invents.

invent + → -or.

vârun (#)

Fr.: inverse   

Opposite to or reversing something.
Math.: Involving two variables that are in a mathematical relationship where, when one increases, the other decreases and vice versa.

From L. inversus, p.p. of invertere, → invert.

Vârun "inverse, upside down," from vâ- "back, backward, again, re-," variant of bâz-, from Mid.Pers. abâz-, apâc-, O.Pers. apa- [pref.] "away, from;" Av. apa- [pref.] "away, from," apaš [adv.] "toward the back;" cf. Skt. ápāñc "situated behind."

inverse axiom
  بنداشت ِ وارون   
bondâšt-e vârun

Fr.: axiome d'inverse   

A basic rule in → group theory stating that for any element a of a group there is an element a-1 such that a * a-1 = a-1 * a = e.

inverse; → axiom.

inverse beta decay
  تباهی ِ وارون ِ بتا   
tabâhi-ye vârun-e β (#)

Fr.: désintégration β inverse   

A collision of a proton with an electron that produces a neutron and an electron neutrino. See → beta decay.

inverse; β, letter of Gk. alphabet; → decay.

inverse bremsstrahlung
  لگام-تابش ِ وارون   
legâm-tâbeš-e vârun

Fr.: Bremsstrahlung inverse   

The absorption of a photon by an electron in a strong electric field. → bremsstrahlung.

inverse; → bremsstrahlung.

inverse Compton effect
  ا ُسکر ِ کامپتون ِ وارون   
oskar-e Compton-e vârun

Fr.: effet Compton inverse   

A → scattering process by which fast-moving, energetic particles transfer energy to photons, decreasing the wavelength of the radiation. This is a particularly important effect in astrophysics and cosmology since it explains the → Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect.

inverse; → Compton effect.

inverse P Cygni line profile
  فراپال ِ P Cygniی ِ وارون   
farâpâl-e P Cygni-ye vârun

Fr.: profil P Cygni inverse   

A line profile in which the emission is on the blue side of the absorption. It is usually interpreted as the redshift of the absorption component relative to emission lines, which necessitates infall of matter.

inverse; → P Cygni; → line; → profile.

inverse square law
  قانون ِ توان ِ دوی ِ وارون، قانون ِ چاروش ِ وارون   
qânun-e tavân-e do-ye vârun, qânun-e câruš-e vârun

Fr.: loi en carré inverse   

A force law that applies to the → gravitational and → electromagnetic forces in which the magnitude of the force decreases in proportion to the inverse of the square of the → distance.

inverse; → square; → law.

inverse Zeeman effect
  اُسکر ِ زیمن ِ وارون   
oskar-e Zeeman-e vârun

Fr.: effet Zeeman inverse   

The → Zeeman effect obtained in absorption. The phenomenon is observed by sending white light through an absorbing vapor when the latter is subjected to a uniform magnetic field. The laws governing the inverse effect are similar to those for the direct effect.

inverse; → Zeeman effect.

  واگردانی، وارونش   
vâgardâni, vâruneš

Fr.: inversion   

Meteo.: A departure from the usual decrease or increase with altitude of the value of an atmospheric property. It almost always refers to a temperature inversion, i.e., an increase in temperature with altitude. Chemistry: To subject to → inversion.

Verbal noun of → invert.

inversion layer
  لایه‌ی ِ واگردانی   
lâye-ye vâgardâni

Fr.: couche d'inversion   

Meteo.: The atmospheric layer in which the temperature gradient is inverted, that is increases; → inversion. The inversion layer tends to prevent the air below it from rising, thus trapping any pollutants that are present.
Electricity: A converting of direct current into alternating current.

inversion; → layer.

  واگرداندن، وارونیدن   
vâgardândan, vârunidan

Fr.: inververtir, renverser   

To turn upside down.
To reverse in position, order, direction, or relationship. → inversion layer.

From M.Fr. invertir, from L. invertere "turn upside down, turn about," from → in- "in, on" + vertere "to turn;" cf. Pers. gardidan, gaštan "to turn, to change;" Mid.Pers. vartitan; Av. varət- "to turn, revolve;" Skt. vartati; O.H.G. werden "to become;" PIE base *wer- "to turn, bend."

Vâgardândan, from vâ-, → re-, + gardândan, from gardidan "to turn; to change," from Mid.Pers. vartitan; Av. varət- "to turn, revolve;" cf. Skt. vrt- "to turn, roll," vartate "it turns round, rolls;" L. vertere "to turn;" O.H.G. werden "to become;" PIE base *wer- "to turn, bend."
Vârunidan, infinitive of vârun, → inverse.

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