An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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true equator
  هموگار ِ راستین   
hamugâr-e râstin

Fr.: équateur vrai   

Same as → true celestial equator.

true; → equtor.

true equinox
  هموگان ِ راستین   
hamugân-e râstin

Fr.: équinoxe vrai   

The intersection of the → ecliptic with the → true celestial equator for a given epoch. It is derived from the → mean equinox accounting for the → nutation.

true; → equinox.

true horizon
  افق ِ راستین   
ofoq-e râstin

Fr.: horizon vrai   

A large circle of the → celestial sphere whose plane is perpendicular to the radius of the Earth through the point. Same as → astronomical horizon. The → visible horizon usually lies lower than the true horizon. See also → dip of the horizon.

true; → horizon.

true north
  هودر ِ راستین   
hudar-e râstin

Fr.: nord vrai   

The geographic north defined by the rotational pole of the Earth, as opposed to magnetic north defined by the geomagnetic north pole.

true; → north.

true position
  نهش ِ راستین   
neheš-e râstin

Fr.: position vraie   

The coordinates of an object for a given date, with respect to the true equator and the true equinoxes for the instant of time in question.

true; → position.

true sidereal time
  زمان ِ اختری ِ راستین   
zamân-e axtari-ye râstin

Fr.: temps sidéral vrai   

The → sidereal time with respect to the → true equinox.

true; → sidereal; → time.

true Sun
  خورشید ِ راستین   
xoršid-e râstin

Fr.: Soleil vrai   

The Sun as seen in the sky, also referred to as the → apparent Sun; in opposition to → mean Sun.

true; → Sun.

Trumpler 14
  ترامپلر ۱۴   
Trumpler 14

Fr.: Trumpler 14   

A young → massive star cluster in the → Carina Nebula, lying about 10 arcmin to the north-west of → Trumpler 16. It comprises several → O-type stars. In particular, its core contains at least three very early O-type stars; → HD 93129.

From a catalog by Robert J. Trumpler (1886-1956), the Swiss-American astronomer who studied the → open clusters at Lick Observatory (1930). He was the first to produce a definite evidence of the existence of → interstellar reddening, due to → absorption, and to estimate its magnitude.

Trumpler 16
  ترامپلر ۱۶   
Trumpler 16

Fr.: Trumpler 16   

A → massive star, and the most populous cluster of the → Carina Nebula. It contains several → O-type stars and three known → Wolf-Rayet stars in addition to the famous → LBV star → Eta Carinae. Trumpler 16 is probably older than → Trumpler 14.

Trumpler 14.

  کل کردن   
kol kardan

Fr.: tronquer   

To shorten by cutting off a part.
Math.: 1) To shorten a number by dropping a digit or digits; e.g. to shorten 3.438 to 3.4.
2) To remove portions of solids falling outside a set of symmetrically placed planes.

From L. truncatus "cut off," p.p. of truncare "to maim, cut off," from truncus "mutilated, cut off."

Kol kardan "to cut off the end of; to dock a tail," from kol "docked, short," variants in a large number of dialects: kola, kalta, kel, kelma, koc, kall, kor, kul in Gilaki, Tâleši, Lori, Malâyeri, Hamedâni, Qâeni, and others, cf. Av. kaurvô- "bald, docked," kaurvôduma- "with a bald tail," kaurvôgaoša- "with bald ears;" cf. Gk. kol(os) "docked" (kolouros "dock-tailed;" L. colurus) + kardan "to do, to make" (Mid.Pers. kardan, O.Pers./Av. kar- "to do, make, build," Av. kərənaoiti "makes," cf. Skt. kr- "to do, to make," krnoti "makes," karma "act, deed;" PIE base kwer- "to do, to make").

  کل‌کرد، کل‌شد   
kolkard, kolšod

Fr.: troncature   

The act or process of truncating, as → disk truncation.

Verbal noun from → truncate.

râstini (#)

Fr.: vérité   

1) The quality of being true, genuine, actual, or factual.
2) Something that is → true as opposed to → false.
3) Logic: The correct corresponding of a → proposition with a → fact. See also → truth value, → partial truth.

M.E. treuthe; O.E. trêowth "faith, faithfulness, fidelity; quality of being true," from triewe, treowe "faithful," → tue, with suffix *-itho-th.

Noun from râstin, → true, + noun suffix -i.

truth function
  کریای ِ راستینی   
karyâ-ye râstini

Fr.: fonction de vérité   

A → total function from → truth values to truth values (a sequence of truth values).

truth; → function.

truth table
  جدول ِ راستینی   
jadval-e râstini

Fr.: table de vérité   

A table with columns and rows that lists the resultant → truth value of the given → sentences for each of the possible combinations of truth values to the simple sentences out of which the given sentences are constructed.

truth; → value.

truth value
  ارزش ِ راستینی   
arzeš-e râstini

Fr.: valeur de vérité   

The quality of a logical → proposition (or a formal → symbol) which describes the relation of a proposition to → truth. The traditional → formal logic admits only two contradictory values, → true or → false. In → symbolic logic, more specifically in → polyvalent logics, other truth values are used (such as possible, impossible, undetermined, probable, random, etc.).

truth; → value.

tsunami (#)

Fr.: tsunami   

A huge wave, caused by undersea earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or, more rarely, by asteroid or meteoroid impact (as in the case of the K-T extinction).

From Japanese tsunami, from tsu "harbor" + nami "waves."

lulé (#)

Fr.: tube   

1) A long hollow cylinder of metal, glass, rubber, or other material used to transport or contain liquids or gases.
2) An electronic device in which electrons operate in a gas or in vacuo inside a closed envelope.

M.E., from M.Fr. tube, from L. tubus "tube, pipe," of unknown origin.

Lulé "tube, pipe; roll," dialectal Lori, Laki lil, Laki lul "wanderer;" Hamadâni lul "spiral, coil."

tube of flow
  لوله‌ی ِ تچان   
lule-ye tacân

Fr.: tube d'écoulement   

Same as → flow tube.

tube; → tube.

tube of flux
  لوله‌ی ِ شار   
lule-ye šâr

Fr.: tube de flux   

Bundles of lines of electrical intensity into which the vector field of electrical force can be divided. Same as tube of force, field tube.

tube; → flux.

Tukân (#)

Fr.: Toucan   

The Toucan. A constellation of the southern hemisphere, at approximately 0h right ascension, -65° declination, represented as a toucan, a brightly colored South American bird with a very large, thick bill. Tucana contains the second most prominent → globular cluster in the sky, 47 Tucanae, and the → Small Magellanic Cloud. Abbreviation: Tuc; genitive: Tucanae. The constellation was one of twelve created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman Houtman between 1595 and 1597, and it first appeared in Johann Bayer's Uranometria of 1603.

From Fr., from Portugese tucano, from tucan (onomatopoeia) in the language spoken by the Tupi Indians in Brazil.

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