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hierarchical clustering
  خوشه‌بندی ِ پایگانی   
xušé bandi-ye pâygâni

Fr.: groupement hiérarchique   

A model in which a system of self-gravitating particles will gradually aggregate into larger and larger gravitationally bound groups and clusters.

hierarchical; → clustering.

hierarchical cosmology
  کیهان‌شناسی ِ پایگانی   
keyhânšenâsi-ye pâygâni

Fr.: cosmologie hiérarchique   

A cosmology characterized by clustering of galaxy clusters in increasingly larger systems.

hierarchical; → cosmology.

hierarchical multiple system
  راژمان ِ بستایی ِ پایگانی   
râžmân-e bastâyi-ye pâygâni

Fr.: système multiple hiérarchique   

A → multiple star system in which the stars can be divided into two groups, each of which traverses a larger orbit around the system's center of mass. Each of these smaller groups must also be hierarchical, which means that they must be divided into smaller subgroups which themselves are hierarchical, and so on. Hierarchical multiple systems have long-term dynamical stability.

hierarchical; → multiple; → system.

hierarchical structure formation
  دیسش ِ ساختار ِ پایگانی   
diseš-e sâxtâr-e pâygâni

Fr.: formation de structures hiérarchiques   

A cosmological → structure formation model in which the smallest gravitationally bound structures (→ quasars and galaxies) form first, followed by → groups, → galaxy clusters, and → superclusters of galaxies.

hierarchical; → structure; → formation.

hierarchical triple system
  راژمان ِ بستایی ِ ناپایگانی   
râžmân-e bastâyi-ye nâpâygâni

Fr.: système multiple non hiérarchique   

A triple star system in which the (inner) binary is orbited by a third body in a much wider orbit. → hierarchical multiple system.

hierarchical; → stellar; → system.

pâygân (#)

Fr.: hiérarchie   

A system in which the components are organized in increasingly larger structures.

From O.Fr. ierarchie, from M.L. hierarchia "ranked division of angels," from Gk. hierarchia "rule of a high priest," from hierarches "high priest, leader of sacred rites," from ta hiera "the sacred rites" (neut. pl. of hieros "sacred") + archein "to lead, rule."

Pâygân, from pâyé "step, rank, degree," from pây, pâ "foot, step," from Mid.Pers. pâd, pây; Av. pad- "foot" (cf. Skt. pat; Gk. pos, gen. podos; L. pes, gen. pedis; P.Gmc. *fot; E. foot; Ger. Fuss; Fr. pied; PIE *pod-/*ped-) + -gân suffix forming plural entities, from Mid.Pers. -gânag, -gâna, from Proto-Iranian *kāna-ka-.

Hindu-Arabic numeral system
  راژمان ِ عددهای ِ هندی-عربی   
râžmân-e adadhâ-ye Hendi-Arabi

Fr.: numération indo-arabe   

Same as → Indian numeral system.

numeral; → system.

identity operator
  آپارگر ِ ایدانی   
âpârgar-e idâni

Fr.: opérateur d'identité   

An operator which takes a real number to the same real number.

identity; → operator.

ignition temperature
  دمای ِ گیرانش   
damâ-ye girâneš

Fr.: température d'inflammation   

The minimum temperature to which a fuel must be heated in order to initiate self sustained combustion independent of another heat source.

ignition; → temperature.

imperare (L.)

Fr.: inperare (L.)   

Latin verb meaning "to command, rule, reign."

L. imperare "to command, give orders, exercise authority," from → in- "into, in" + parare "to make ready, supply, order," related to parire "produce, give birth to," from PIE root *pere- "to produce, procure;" cf. Skt. prthukah "child, calf, young of an animal;" Gk. poris "calf, bull;" Czech spratek "brat, premature calf;" Lith. periu, pereti "to brood;" O.H.G. farro, Ger. Farre, Du. varre "bull," O.E. fearr "bull;" see below for possible Iranian cognates.

Parmâtidan, from BMP plm'(d)y "to command, order," Sogd. framat- "to command," variants of farmudan, farmâyidan "to command, to order," ultimately from prefixed Proto-Ir. *fra-maH-, from *maH- "to measure," → experiment.

  ۱) پرماته؛ ۲) پرماتی   
1) parmâte; 2) parmâti

Fr.: 1) inpératif; 2) impériux   

1a) A command or order.
1b) → imperative case.
2a) Absolutely necessary or required; extremely important.
2b) Of the nature of or expressing a command; commanding.

From L.L. imperativus "pertaining to a command," from imperat-, p.p. stem of → imperare "to command."

Parmât, noun from present stem of parmâtidan, → imperare; parmâtii, adj. from parmât.

imperative case
  کاته‌ی ِ پرماتی، ~ فرمانی   
kâte-ye parmâti, ~ farmâni

Fr.: cas impératif   

The grammatical mood of a verb that expresses a command or a request, as in close the door!.

imperative; → case.


Fr.: inpérativement   

In an imperative manner.

Adverb from → imperative; → -ly.

Indian numeral system
  راژمان ِ عددهای ِ هندی   
râžmân-e adahâ-ye Hendi

Fr.: numération indienne   

The → numeral system consisting of the numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 which evolved into the system we use today. The Indian numerals was a place-value or positional system. The Indians were the first to develop a base 10 positional system. Same as → Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

Indian, from India, → Indus; → numeral; → system.

infrared camera
  کدک ِ فروسرخ   
kadak-e forusorx

Fr.: caméra infrarouge   

An optical camera equipped with a → detector which is sensitive to → infrared radiation.

infrared; → camera.

instantaneous acceleration
  شتاب ِ لحظه‌ای   
šetâb-e lahze-yi

Fr.: accélération instantanée   

The → acceleration of a particle at time t defined by a = lim Δvt = dv/dt. It is the limiting value of Δvt at time t as both Δv and Δt approach zero.

instantaneous; → acceleration.

integral operator
  آپارگر ِ دُرُستالی   
âpârgar-e dorostâli

Fr.: opérateur intégral   

Math.: An operator whose inverse is a differential operator.

integral; → operator.


Fr.: interagir   

To act upon one another; have a mutual or reciprocal action.

Interact, from → inter- + → act.

interacting binary
  دورین ِ اندرژیرنده   
dorin-e andaržirandé

Fr.: binaire en interaction   

A binary star system in which mass transfer between the components takes place. → contact binary; → Roche lobe.

Interacting, adj. of → interact; → binary.

interacting galaxies
  کهکشان‌های ِ اندرژیرنده   
kahkešânhâ-ye andaržandé

Fr.: galaxies en interaction   

Galaxies that are close enough for their mutual gravitational attraction to produce perturbed shapes or extruded filaments of stellar material, called → tidal tails. Most galaxies are in clusters, and gravitational interactions between them are common.

Interacting, adj. of → interact; → galaxy.

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