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ADaptive Optics Near Infrared System (ADONIS)

Fr.: ADaptive Optics Near Infrared System (ADONIS)   

An → adaptive optics instrument used on the → European Southern Observatory (ESO) 3.6-m telescope at La Silla. It was an upgraded version of COME-ON-PLUS, the → Very Large Telescope (VLT) adaptive optics prototype. It had 52 → actuators and performed corrections of the mirror 200 times per second. The reference → wavefront was sensed in the → visible. The observation was done in the → near-infrared (1-5 μm).

adaptive; → optics; → near-infrared; → system.

anomalous redshift
  سرخ-کیب ِ ناسان   
sorx-kib-e nâsân

Fr.: décalage anormal vers le rouge   

The high redshift of a quasar which is seemingly physically associated with a galaxy of low redshift.

anomalous; → redshift.

Aromatic Infrared Band (AIB)
  باند ِ فروسرخ ِ اروماتیک   
bând-e forusorx-e aromâtik

Fr.: bande infrarouge aromatique   

A family of strong infrared emission bands at 3.3, 6.2, 7.7, 8.6, 11.3, and 12.7 μm which are widely observed in a large variety of objects, such as → H II regions, → reflection nebulae, → planetary nebulae, and the → diffuse interstellar medium of our galaxy and other galaxies. Solar system objects, such as carbonaceous → meteorites and → interplanetary dust particles are also known to display these features. They are suggested to be due to → polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

aromatic; → infrared; → band.

backscattered light
  نور ِ پس-پراکنده   
nur-e pas-parâkandé

Fr.: lumière rétrodiffusée   

The light that has undergone → backscattering.

backscatter; → backscattering.

  میله‌دار، میله‌ای   
miledâr, milei

Fr.: barré   

Having a bar like structure.


barred spiral galaxy
  کهکشان ِ مارپیچ ِ میله‌دار، ~ ~ میله‌ای   
kahkašân-e mârpic-e miledâr

Fr.: galaxie spirale barrée   

A → spiral galaxy that exhibits a bar-shaped structure in its nucleus. → galactic bar.

barred; → spiral; → galaxy.

Kahkašân, → galaxy; mârpicspiral; miledâr, → barred.

blurred image
  تصویر ِ تار، ~ ِ ناتیگ   
tasvir-e târ, ~ nâtig

Fr.: image estompée, ~ floue   

An image which is dim, indistinct, or vague in appearance, for instance when the optics is not well-focused or when the seeing is poor. The same as → unsharp image, contrary to → sharp image.

Blurred, p.p. of → blur; → image.

cosmic infrared background (CIB)
  پس‌زمینه‌ی ِ فروسرخ ِ کیهانی   
paszamine-ye forusorx-e keyhâni

Fr.: le cosmique infrarouge   

A diffuse radiation which consists of the cumulative infrared emission from all galaxies throughout cosmic history. It is about 50 times weaker than the → cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). Since the CIB is produced by the dust within such galaxies, it carries a wealth of information about the processes of star formation therein.

cosmic; → infrared; → background.

cosmological redshift
  سرخ کیب ِ کیهان‌شناسیک، ~ کیهان‌شناختی   
sorxkib-e keyhânšenâsik, ~ keyhânšenâxti

Fr.: décalage vers le rouge cosmologique, redshift ~   

The → redshift of a remote object (galaxy, quasar, supenova) due to the expansion of the Universe.

cosmological; → redshift.

  ۱) ارجه؛ ۲) ارجه دادن   
1) arjé; 2) arjé dâdan

Fr.: 1) crédit; 2) créditer, faire crédit   

1a) Commendation or honor given for some action, quality, etc.
1b) A source of pride or honor.
1c) The ascription or acknowledgment of something as due or properly attributable to a person, institution, etc.
1d) Influence or authority resulting from the confidence of others or from one's reputation.
1e) A sum of money due to a person; anything valuable standing on the credit side of an account:
2) To believe; put confidence in; trust; have faith in (

M.E., from M.Fr. crédit "belief, trust," from It. credito, from L. creditum "a loan, thing entrusted to another," from p.p. of credere "to trust, entrust, believe."

Arjé, from arj "esteem, honor, dignity; price, worth, value," variant of arz "price, value," arzidan "to be worth;" Mid.Pers. arz- "to be worth;" Av. arj- "to be worth," arəjaiti "it is worth;" Proto-Ir. *Harj- "to be worth;" cf. Skt. arh- "to earn, be worth;" Gk. alphein "to earn, to obtain;" Lith. alga "salary, pay." "to be woth." Arjé dâdan with dâdan "to give, grant, yield," → datum.

data reduction
  بازهازش ِ داده‌ها   
bâzhâzeš-e dâdehâ

Fr.: réduction de données   

The process of converting crude observational data into usable information for scientific interpretation, by correcting, rearranging, ordering, and simplifying.

data; → reduction.


Fr.: dérougir   

To correct the intensity or flux of a spectral line by eliminating the → reddening effect of → interstellar dust.

De-redden, from → de- + redden verb of → red.

Vâsorxidan, from vâ-, → de-, + sorxidan verb of sorx, → red.

de-reddened magnitude
  برز ِ واسرخیده   
borz-e vâsorxidé

Fr.: magnitude dérougie   

A magnitude which has been corrected for the interstellar reddening.

De-reddened, p.p. of → de-redden; → magnitude.

Borz, → magnitude; vâsorxidé p.p. of vâsorxidan, → de-redden.


Fr.: dérougissement   

The process that de-reddens. The state of being de-reddened.

Verbal noun of → de-redden.

deferred charge
  بار ِ بازداشته   
bâr-e bâzdâšté

Fr.: rétention de charge   

In a CCD detector, phenomenon caused by charge traps or potential pockets, which prevent electrons from being released to the adjacent pixel; eventually the electrons may be released in a subsequent cycle.

Differed, p.p. of differ, from O.Fr. différer, from L. differre "set apart, put off, delay," also "be different, differ," → differ; → charge.

Bârcharge; bâzdâšté "prevented," p.p. of bâzdâštan, from preventive suffix bâz- + dâštan "to hold, have, maintain," Mid.Pers. dâštan, O.Pers./Av. root dar- "to hold, keep back, maitain, keep in mind," Skt. dhar- "to hold, keep, preserve," dharma- "law," Gk. thronos "elevated seat, throne," L. firmus "firm, stable," Lith. daryti "to make," PIE *dher- "to hold, support."


Fr.: déprédation   

An act of attacking or plundering.

de-; → predation.


Fr.: déordonné   

Lacking → order.

disorder + -ed.

Birâyé, from bi- "without," → a-, + râyé, → order.


Fr.: dragage, remontée   

A process by which the nucleosynthesis products inside a star are drawn to upper layers of the star. → first dredge-up; → second dredge-up; → third dredge-up.

From M.E. (Scots) dreg-, O.E. draeg- (in drægnet "dragnet"), akin to dragan "to draw" + up.

Birunkašid, past stem of birun kašidan, from birun "out, the outside" (Mid.Pers. bêron, from "outside, out, away" + rôn "side, direction," Av. ravan- "(course of a) river") + kašidan "to draw," Mid.Pers. kašitan, Av. karš- "to draw," Skt. kars-, kársati "to pull, drag, plough," Gk. pelo, pelomai "to be busy, to bustle."

extreme infrared
  فروسرخ ِ استوم   
forusorx-e ostom

Fr.: infrarouge extrême   

A portion of the far infrared radiation, including wavelengths between 100 and 1,000 microns.

extreme; → infrared.

far infrared
  فروسرخ ِ دور   
forusorx-e dur (#)

Fr.: infrarouge lointain   

Infrared radiation in the wavelength range (25-40) to (200-350) microns emitted by cold molecular/dust clouds.

far; → infrared.

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