An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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compound verb
  کرواز ِ همنات   
karvâz-e hamnât

Fr.: verbe composé   

A verb that is made up of several words, such as tear up, take away, double-click.

compound; → verb.

tanjidan (#)

Fr.: comprimer   

To press together; force into less space.

From O.Fr. compresser, from L. compressare "to press together," from comprimere "to squeeze," from → com- "together" + premere "to press;" PIE *prem-/*pres- "to strike."

Tanjidan "to squeeze, press, pull together," related to tang "tight," also "horse girth, a strap for fastening a load" (Mid.Pers. tang "tight, narrow"); cf. Skt. tanákti "draws together, contracts;" cognate with E. → tight; cp. Skt. tanákti "draws together, contracts;" M.H.G. dihte "dense, thick;" Ger. dicht "dense, tight;" O.H.G. gidigan; Ger. gediegen "genuine, solid, worthy;" PIE *tenk- "to thicken, clot; thick, solid."

tanjidé (#)

Fr.: comprimé   

Pressed into less space; condensed.

Past participle of → compress.

compressed air
  هوا‌ی ِ تنجیده   
havâ-ye tanjidé

Fr.: air comprimé   

Air whose density is increased by being subjected to a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.

compressed; → air.


Fr.: compressibilité   

The ability or quality to be reduced in volume. The coefficient of compressibility of a substance is given by c = (1/V).(δV/δp), where δV is the change in the volume resulting from a change of pressure δp, the temperature remaining constant.

Noun from → compressible.

  تنجیدنی، تنجش‌پذیر   
tanjidani, tanješpazir

Fr.: compressible   

Able to be reduced in volume. → compressible flow.

Adjective from → compress + -ible, variant of -able.

Tanjidani, tanješpazir from tanjidan, → compress, + adjective suffix -i; tanješpazir from tanješ, → compression, + pazir "receiving, admitting; having, endowed with;" → -able.

compressible flow
  تچان ِ تنجیدنی، ~ تنجش‌پذیر   
tacân-e tanjidani, ~ tanješpazir

Fr.: flot compressible   

A flow in which changes of the density, induced by velocities and their fluctuations, are not negligible.

compressible; → flow.

tanješ (#)

Fr.: compression   

The act or process of compressing; the state of being compressed.

Verbal noun from → compress.

compression factor
  کروند ِ تنجش   
karvand-e tanješ

Fr.: facteur de compression   

In thermodynamics, the quantity Z = pVm/RT, in which P is the gas pressure, Vm the molar volume, R the gas constant, and T the temperature. The compression factor is a measure of the deviation of a real gas from an ideal gas. For an ideal gas the compression factor is equal to 1.

compression; → facteur.

compression wave
  موج ِ تنجش   
mowj-e tanješ

Fr.: onde de compression   

A → longitudinal wave that compresses the → medium along the direction of → propagation, such as a → sound wave. Same as → compressional wave.

compression; → wave.

tanješi (#)

Fr.: de compression   

Of or relating to → compression.

compression; → -al.

compressional wave
  موج ِ تنجشی   
mowj-e tanješi

Fr.: onde de compression   

An → elastic wave that travels through a → medium with the particles of the medium moving in the same direction as the wave propagation. The compressional wave is the wave that is primarily used in → seismic exploration. Also called P-wave, primary wave, pressure wave.

compressional; → wave.


Fr.: Compton   

The American physicist Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962), the Nobel Prize in Physics 1927, who made important contributions to the study of X- and cosmic rays.
Compton catastrophe, → Compton effect, → Compton equation, → Compton era, → Compton recoil, → Compton scattering, → Compton shift, → Compton suppression, → Compton wavelength, → Comptonization.

Compton catastrophe
  نگونزار ِ کامپتون   
negunzâr-e Compton

Fr.: catastrophe de Compton   

In a compact, steady radio-source where the density of relativistic electrons and the density of synchrotron radiation due to these electrons are very large, the radio photons should be transformed into X-ray and gamma-ray photons through inelastic Compton scatterings onto the relativistic electrons. Thus the radio photons should rapidly disappear and only gamma-ray photons should be observed. This phenomenon does not take place if the radio source is in relativistic expansion.

Compton; → catastrophe.

Compton effect
  اسکرِ کامپتون   
oskar-e Compton

Fr.: effet Compton   

Increase in the wavelength (reduction in the energy) of an → X-ray or → gamma ray  → photon when it collides a → free → electron.

Compton; → effect.

Compton equation
  هموگشِ کامپتون   
hamugeš-e Compton

Fr.: équation de Compton   

Theoretical equation which gives the change in the photon wavelength due to the → Compton effect.

Compton; → equation.

Compton era
dowrân-e Compton

Fr.: ère de Compton   

A period in the early evolution of the Universe, before t = 10-23 sec when the radius of curvature of the Universe was less than the → Compton wavelength of typical particles.

Compton; → era.

Compton recoil
  پسزنیِ کامپتون   
paszani-ye Compton

Fr.: recul de Compton   

The change of direction undergone by the electron in the → Compton effect. The scattered photon and the collided electron move in different directions from that of the incident photon.

Compton; → recoil.

Compton scattering
  پراکنشِ کامپتون   
parâkaneš-e Compton (#)

Fr.: diffusion Compton   

Scattering of a → photon due to the → Compton effect.

Compton; → scattering.

Compton shift
  کیبِ کامپتون   
kib-e Compton

Fr.: décalage de Compton   

Of the → Compton effect, the amount of increase in the wavelength of an energetic photon upon its collision with an electron.

Compton; → shift.

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