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Fr.: désordre   

A lack of → order. See → entropy.

dis-; → order.

Birâyegi, from birâyé, → disordered, + -(g)i noun suffix.


Fr.: déordonné   

Lacking → order.

disorder + -ed.

Birâyé, from bi- "without," → a-, + râyé, → order.

first-order differential equation
  هموگش ِ دگرسانه‌ای ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست   
hamugeš-e degarsâne-yi-ye râye-ye naxost

Fr.: équation différentielle du premier ordre   

A → differential equation containing only the first → derivative. For example, dy/dx = 3x and 2y(dy/dx) + 3x = 5.

first; → order; → differential; → equation.

first-order logic (FOL)
  گوییک ِ فراسنی ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست، ~ فراسنهای ِ ~ ~   
guyik-e farâsani-ye râye-ye naxost, ~ farâsanhâ-ye ~ ~

Fr.: logique des prédicats du premier ordre   

A system of → formal logic that is an extension of → propositional logic. It is also known as → first-order predicate calculus and → predicate logic. FOL eliminates deficiencies of propositional logic by: representing → objects (their properties, relations and statements about them), introducing → variables, and introducing → quantifiers.

first; → order; → predicate; → logic.

first-order partial derivative
  واخنه‌ی ِ پاری ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست   
vâxane-ye pâri-ye râye-ye naxost

Fr.: dérivée partielle du premier degré   

For a → function with several → variables, the derivative, done only once, with respect to one of the variables. For example ∂u/∂x for u = u(x,y).

first; → order; → partial; → derivative.

first-order predicate calculus
  افماریک ِ فراسنی ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست   
afmârik-e farâsani-ye râye-ye naxost

Fr.: cacul des prédicats du premier ordre   

Same as → first-order logic.

first; → order; → predicate; → calculus.

first-order spectrum
  بیناب ِ رایه‌ی ِ نخست   
binâb-e râye-ye naxost

Fr.: spectre du premier ordre   

An optical spectrum, produced by a diffraction grating, in which the difference in path length of light from adjacent slits is one wavelength.

first; → order; → spectrum.

interference order
  رایه‌ی ِ اندرزنش   
râye-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: ordre d'interférence   

order of interference.

interference; → order.

  ۱) رایه؛ ۲) رایاندن   
1) râyé; 2) râyândan

Fr.: 1) ordre; 2) ordonner   

1a) General: The way in which several items are arranged, as an indication of their relative importance or size or when each will be dealt with.
1b) Optics: → order of interference.
1c) Math.: The number of rows or columns of a → square matrix or → determinant.
1d) Math.: The highest → derivative appearing in a given → differential equation. For example,
d2y/dx2 + 2y (dy/dx) - 3 = 0
is a differential equation of order two.
2) To arrange, regulate, or dispose things in their proper places. See also: → disorder, → first-order differential equation, → first-order partial derivative, → first-order spectrum, → interference order, → order of a tensor, → order of interference, → order of magnitude.

From O.Fr. ordre, from earlier ordene, from L. ordinem (nominative ordo) "row, rank, arrangement."

Râyé, noun related to râyânidan "to regulate, set in order," from Mid.Pers. râyânīdan "to arrange, organize," from rây- (Mod.Pers. ârây-, ârâyeš, ârâyidan "to arrange, adorn"), ârây-, ârâstan "to arrange, adorn;" O.Pers. rād- "to prepare," rās- "to be right, straight, true," rāsta- "straight, true" (Mod.Pers. râst "straight, true"); Av. rāz- "to direct, put in line, set," razan- "order;" Gk. oregein "to stretch out;" L. regere "to lead straight, guide, rule," p.p. rectus "right, straight;" Skt. rji- "to make straight or right, arrange, decorate;" PIE base *reg- "move in a straight line;" see also → direct.

order of a graph
  رایه‌ی ِ نگاره   
râye-ye negâré

Fr.: ordre de graphe   

The → number of → vertices.

order; → graph.

order of a tensor
  رایه‌ی ِ تانسور   
râye-ye tânsor

Fr.: ordre de tenseur   

The maximum number of the indices (→ index) of a tensor.

order; → tensor.

order of interference
  رایه‌یِ اندرزنش   
râye-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: ordre d'interfrérence   

A whole number which characterizes a particular position of an interference fringe according to whether there is interference arising from one, two, three, etc. wavelength difference of path. Same as → interference order

order; → interference.

order of magnitude
  رایه‌یِ بُرز   
râye-ye borz

Fr.: ordre de grandeur   

Value of a number or of a physical quantity given roughly, usually expressed as a power of 10. Thus, 2.5 x 105 and 6.4 x 105 are of the same order of magnitude, and 2 x 107 is 2 orders of magnitude greater than either.

order; → magnitude.

  بارایه، رایه‌دار   
bârâyé, râyedâr

Fr.: ordonné   

Characterized by → order; arranged according to a rule. → ordered tree.

order + -ed.

ordered tree
  درخت ِ بارایه   
deraxt-e bârâyé

Fr.: arbre ordonné   

In → graph theory, a → tree in which the → children of each → vertex are ordered.

ordered; → tree.

second-order logic
  گوییک ِ رایه‌ی ِ دوم   
guyik-e râye-ye dovom

Fr.: logique du seconde ordre   

An n extension of → first-order logic that quantifies not only → variables that range over → individuals, but also quantifies over → relations.

second; → order; → predicate; → logic.

well-ordered set
  هنگرد ِ خوش‌رایه   
hangard-e xoš-râyé

Fr.: ensemble bien ordonné   

A set in which every → nonempty → subset has a minimum element.

well; → order; → set.