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bias frame
  نورداد برای ِ ورک   
nurdâd barây-e varak

Fr.: pose pour biais   

CCD frame with exposure time set to zero and giving the bias level.

bias; → frame.

Nurdâd, → exposure; varakbias

CCD frame
  تک تصویر ِ سی سی دی   
tak-tasvir-e sisidi

Fr.: image CCD   

One of a series of astronomical images obtained using a CCD detector in particular for calibration purposes.

CCD; → frame.

comoving frame
  چارچوب ِ هم‌جنب   
cârcub-e hamjonb

Fr.: rérérentiel comobile   

A → reference frame that is attached to a moving object. The object in this frame is therefore at rest.

comoving; → frame.

  ۱) چارچوب؛ ۲)، ۳) تصویرک   
1) cârcub (#); 2), 3) tasvirak

Fr.: 1) cadre; 2), 3) image   

1) A border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc.; a structure for admitting or enclosing something.
2) One of the successive pictures on a roll of movie film or videotape.
3) In computers, the information or image on a screen or monitor at any one time.

Frame, from M.E. verb framen "to prepare (timber)," from O.E. framian "to avail, profit."; cf. O.H.G. (gi)framon "to do."

1) Cârcub "frame," from câr, contraction of cahâr "four" (→ four) + cub "stick, satff, beam," Mid.Pers. côp "wood, stick." 2) Tasvirak from Ar. tasvir "image" + -ak suffix of relation and similarity (as in poštak, dastak, nâxonak), → fibril.

frame dragging
  کرّه‌ی ِ چارچوب، چارچوب-کرّه   
kerre-ye cârcub, cârcub-kerré

Fr.: entraînement des repères, effet Lense-Thirring   

The alteration in the → free fall motion of a test → mass in the presence of a massive → rotating object, as compared to the identical case of a non-rotating object. This dragging of → inertial frames is predicted by → general relativity. Also called → Lense-Thirring effect.

frame; → drag.

frame frequency
  بسامد ِ تصویر   
basâmad-e tasvir

Fr.: fréquence image   

The number of times per second that the frame is scanned in television. Also known as picture frequency.

frame; → frequency.

frame of reference
  چارچوب ِ بازبرد   
câcub-e bâzbord

Fr.: système de référence   

A set of axes to which positions and motions in a system can be referred.

frame; → reference.

Galilean reference frame
  چارچوب ِ بازبرد ِ گالیله‌ای   
cârcub-e bâzbord-e Gâlile-yi

Fr.: référentiel galiléen   

Same as → inertial reference frame.

Galilean; → reference; → frame.

inertial frame
  چارچوب ِ لختی‌ناک، ~ لختی‌مند   
cârcub-e laxtinâk, ~ laxtimand

Fr.: référentiel galiléen   

inertial reference frame.

inertial; → frame.

inertial reference frame
  چارچوب ِ بازبرد ِ لختی‌ناک، ~ ~ لختی‌مند   
cârcub-e bâzbord-e laxtinâk, ~ ~ laxtimand

Fr.: référentiel galiléen   

A → reference frame or coordinate system in which there are no accelerations, only zero or uniform motion in a straight line. According to the special theory of relativity, it is impossible to distinguish between such frames by means of any internal measurement.

inertial; → reference; → frame.

local inertial frame
  چارچوب ِ لختی‌ناک ِ محلی، ~ لختی‌مند ِ ~   
cârcub-e laxtnâk-e mahali, ~ laxtimand-e ~

Fr.: référentiel inertiel local   

A coordinate system or frame of reference defined in the vicinity of the Earth in which Newton's first law of motion is valid; that is, a non-rotating and non-accelerating reference frame.

local; → inertial; → time.

moving frame
  چارچوب ِ درجنبش   
cârcub-e darjonbeš

Fr.: référentiel en mouvement   

A → frame of reference that moves relative to the observer. The moving frame may be → inertial or → non-inertial. See also → rest frame.

moving; → frame.

non-inertial frame
  چارچوب ِ نالختی‌ناک، ~ نالختی‌مند   
cârcub-e nâlaxtinâk, ~ nâlaxtimand

Fr.: référentiel non inertiel, ~ non galiléen   

Any frame of reference in which the law of inertia does not apply, such as in accelerating and rotating frames. For example, the Earth is a non-inertial frame because it is rotating about its axis. But the rotation is so slow that the associated acceleration is negligible compared to other accelerations commonly encountered in everyday life. However, the non-inertial nature of the Earth appears in, e.g., the → Coriolis effect. → inertial reference frame.

non-; → inertial; → frame.

reference frame
  چارچوب ِ بازبرد   
cârcub-e bâzbord

Fr.: système de référence   

A set of axes to which positions and motions in a system can be referred. Same as → frame of reference.

reference; → frame.

rest frame
  چارچوب ِ آرم   
cârcub-e âram

Fr.: référentiel au repos, repère ~   

The → frame of reference with respect to which an object or observer is at rest. A clock in that particular rest frame registers what is by definition → proper time. See also → moving frame.

rest; → frame.