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setiq (#)

Fr.: crête   

The highest point or upper part of a wave.

From O.Fr. creste "tuft, comb," from L. crista "tuft, plume; rooster's comb."

Setiq "summit; anything standing upright," from O.Pers./Av. sta- "to stand, stand still; set," Mod.Pers. istâdan "to stand" (cf. Skt. sthâ- "to stand," Gk. histemi "put, place, weigh," stasis "a standing still," L. stare "to stand") + adj. suffix -iq, variants -ig, -ik, → -ics.


Fr.: extraterrestre   

1) (adj.) Of or from outside the limits of the Earth.
2) (n.) A hypothetical extraterrestrial being; → alien.

extra- + → terrestrial.

extraterrestrial life
  زیست ِ استرزمینی   
zist-e ostarzamini

Fr.: vie extraterrestre   

Life that may exist and originate outside the planet Earth.

extraterrestrial; → life.

jangal (#)

Fr.: forêt   

1) A large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush; woodland (
2) In → graph theory, a → graph which contains no → cycles. The connected components of a forest are → trees.

M.E., from O.Fr. forest, probably from L.L. forestis (silva) "the outside woods," from L. foris "outside."

Jangal "a wood, forest, a vast land with plenty of trees;" cf. Skt. jangala- "arid , sparingly grown with trees and plants."

image restoration
  بازسازی ِ وینه، ~ تصویر   
bâzsâzi-ye vine, ~ tasvir (#)

Fr.: restauration d'image   

The process by virtue of which the original image can be created by removing the blurring and the noise that occur during image formation.

image; → restoration.

  ۱) اندَرَست؛ ۲) اندَرَستیدن   
1) andarast; 2) andarastidan

Fr.: 1) intérêt; 2) intéresser   

1a) The sense of curiosity about or concern with something or someone.
1b) Something in which one is interested.
1c) A right, share, or claim in a business or property.
2) To engage or excite the attention or curiosity of.

M.E., from M.L. from L. interest "it concerns," from M.L. interesse "compensation for loss," noun use of L. interesse "to concern, make a difference, be of importance," literally "to be between," from → inter- "between" + esse "to be," → entity.

Andarast, coined (Adib-Soltani) on the model of the L. word, as above, from andar "between," → inter-, + ast variant hast "is, exists," → entity.

  اندَرَستیده، اندَرَستمند   
andarastidé, andarastmand

Fr.: intéressé   

Having an interest in something; having the attention engaged; being affected or involved.

P.p. of → interest.


Fr.: intéressant   

Inspiring interest, holding the attention.

Adj. from → interest.

local standard of rest
  استانده‌ی ِ محلی ِ آرم   
estânde-ye mahali-ye âram

Fr.: standard local de repos   

A frame of reference that turns around the Galactic center at a velocity and a distance which are the mean values for the stars in the solar neighborhood. In this reference system the stars belonging to the solar neighborhood are statistically at rest. The orbital velocity of the Local Standard of Rest around the Galaxy is about 220 km/sec.

local; → standard; → rest.

Lyman alpha forest
  جنگل ِ لایمن-‌آلفا   
jangal-e Lyman-alpha (#)

Fr.: forêt Lyman alpha   

The appearance of many differentially → redshiftedLyman alpha lines in → absorption in a → quasar's → spectrum, caused by intervening → hydrogen clouds along our → line of sight to the quasar.

Lyman; → forest.

  ۱) بیش‌بر‌آوردن؛ ۲) بیش‌بر‌آورد   
biš-barâvardan; 2) biš-barâvard

Fr.: 1) surestimer; 2) surestimation   

1) To estimate at too high a value, amount, rate, or the like.
2) An estimate that is too high.

over-; → estimate.


Fr.: au repos   

Cessation or absence of motion. → rest energy; → rest mass.

M.E.; O.E. ræste, reste "rest, bed, intermission of labor, mental peace," akin to O.H.G. rasta "league of miles," O.N. rost "league, distance after which one rests."

Âram, variant of ârâm "rest, quiet, tranquility;" Mid.Pers. râm "peace," râmenidan "to give peace, pleasure," râmišn "peace, pleasure;" Av. ram- "to stay, rest;" cf. Skt. ram- "to stop, stand still, rest, become appeased;" Gk. erema "quietly, gently;" Goth. rimis "rest;" Lith. rãmas "rest."

rest energy
  کاروژ ِ آرَم   
kâruž-e âram

Fr.: énergie au repos   

The energy which a particle has when it is at rest. According to Einstein's → mass-energy relation, it is equal to the → rest mass times the square of the → speed of light: E = mc2.

rest; → energy.

rest frame
  چارچوب ِ آرم   
cârcub-e âram

Fr.: référentiel au repos, repère ~   

The → frame of reference with respect to which an object or observer is at rest. A clock in that particular rest frame registers what is by definition → proper time. See also → moving frame.

rest; → frame.

rest mass
  جرم ِ آرَم   
jerm-e âram

Fr.: masse au repos   

The → inertial mass that an object has when it is at rest relative to an observer.

rest; → mass.

rest-mass energy
  کاروژ ِ جرم ِ آرَم   
kâruž-e jerm-e âram

Fr.: énergie au repos   

Same as → rest energy.

rest; → mass; → energy.

  بازسازی، بازگردانش   
bâzsâzi (#), bâzgardâneš

Fr.: restauration   

The act or process of restoring such as → image restoration.

Verbal noun of → restore.

  بازساختن، بازگرداندن   
bâzsâxtan, bâzgardândan

Fr.: restaurer   

1) To bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish.
2) To bring back to a former, original, or normal condition, as a building, statue, or painting (

M.E., from O.Fr. restorer, from L. restaurare "repair, rebuild, renew," from → re- "back, again" + -staurare, from PIE root *sta- "to stand, set down, make or be firm," → state.

Bâzsâxtan, from bâz- "back, again," → re-, + sâxtan "to build, make, fashion; to adapt, adjust, be fit" (from Mid.Pers. sâxtan, sâz-, Manichean Parthian s'c'dn "to prepare, to form;" Av. sak- "to understand, to mark," sâcaya- (causative) "to teach").
Bâzgardândan, from bâz-+ gardândan "to turn (around)," accusative of gardidan, gaštan "to change, to turn, → revolve."

restored image
  وینه‌ی ِ بازساخته، تصویر ِ ~   
vine-ye bâzsâxté, tasvir-e ~

Fr.: image restaurée   

An image that has been upgraded by a process of → image restoration.

Restored, p;p. of restore, → restoration; → image.

Tasvir, → image; bâzsâxté, p.p. of bâzsâxtan, → restoration.

restoring force
  نیروی ِ بازگردان، ~ بازساز   
niru-ye, bâzgardân, ~ bâzsâz

Fr.: force de rappel   

A force that comes into play after a system is perturbed away from the equilibrium, tending to bring the system back the equilibrium position. For example, when a pendulum is displaced from its equilibrium position, it is subject to a restoring force due to gravity that will accelerate it back toward the equilibrium position. The restoring force combined with the pendulum's mass causes it to oscillate about the equilibrium position.

restore; → force.

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