An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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domain wall
  دیوار ِ دمن   
divâr-e daman

Fr.: paroi de domaine, mur ~ ~   

In a → ferroelectric substance, the transition layer between two → domains magnetized in different directions. It is of finite thickness ans has nonuniform → magnetization.

domain; → wall.

gonbad (#)

Fr.: coupole   

A vault, having a circular plan and usually in the form of a portion of a sphere, that shelters an optical telescope.
Geology: Rounded volcanic structure produced by eruption or intrusion of viscous high-silica magma. An uplift that is round or elliptical in map view with beds dipping away in all directions from a central point.

From Fr. dôme, from Gk. doma "house, housetop," related to domos "house" (PIE *domo-/*domu- "house, household;" cf. Av. dam-, dəmāna- "house," Skt. dám- "house," Gk. doma "house," L. domus "house," Rus. dom "house," Lith. dimstis "enclosed court, property," O.E. timber "building, structure").

Mid.Pers. gumbat, gônbat.

dome hatch
  دریچه‌ی ِ گنبد   
darice-ye gonbad

Fr.: volet de coupole   

One of small covers that can be moved along the dome slit to vary the slit size.

dome; → hatch.

dome shutter
  بستار ِ گنبد   
bastaar-e gonbad

Fr.: fermeture de fente   

A pair of rolling lids that are used to open or close the dome slit.

dome; shutter from to shut, from O.E. scyttan from W.Gmc. *skutjanan + → -er.

Bastâr, from bast, past tense stem of bastan + -âr. Bastan, from Mid.Pers. bastan/vastan "to bind, shut," Av./O.Pers. band- "to bind, fetter," banda- "band, tie," Skt. bandh- "to bind, tie, fasten," PIE *bhendh- "to bind," cf. Ger. binden, E. bind, → band. The suffix -âr creates creates agent nouns; → dome.

dome slit
  شکاف ِ گنبد   
škâf-e gonbad

Fr.: fente de coupole   

An opening along the spherical body of a dome through which an optical telescope can observe.

dome; → slit.

dominant coefficient
  همگر ِ چیرنده   
hamgar-e cirandé

Fr.: coefficient dominant   

Of a → non-zero polynomial, the coefficient of the → monomial which has the highest → degree.

Dominant, adj. from → dominant; → coefficient.


Fr.: dominer   

To have control, authority, or influence; to be the most important or conspicuous person or thing.
core-dominated quasar, → dominant coefficient, → dominated series, → domination, → lobe-dominated quasar, → matter-dominated Universe, → radiation-dominated Universe.

From L. dominatus, p.p. of dominari "to rule, dominate, govern," from dominus, → domain.

Ciridan, from ciré "dominant; powerful; victorious," Mid.Pers. cêr "victorious, brave," Av. cirya- "able, brave."

dominated series
  سری ِ چیریده   
seri-ye ciridé

Fr.: série dominée   

A → series if each of its → terms does not exceed, in absolute value, the corresponding term of some convergent numerical series with positive terms.

Dominated, p.p. of → dominate; → series.


Fr.: domination   

An act or instance of dominating.

Verbal noun of → dominate.

dahandé (#)

Fr.: donneur   

In a semiconductor, an impurity which may induce electric conduction by providing free electrons. → acceptor; → impurity.

M.E. donour, from O.Fr. doneur, from L. donator, from donare "to give as a gift," donum "gift," dare "to give," cognate with Pers. dâdan "to give," from PIE base *do- "to give."

Dahandé "giver," from dâdan "to give," Mid.Pers. dâdan "to give," O.Pers./Av. dā- "to give, grant, yield," Av. dadāiti "he gives," Skt. dadâti "he gives," Gk. didomi "I give," PIE base *do- "to give." For L. cognates see above.

donor star
  ستاره‌ی ِ دهنده   
setâre-ye dahandé

Fr.: étoile donneuse   

In a → binary system, a star whose gas is → accreted by a compact companion. The donor may be a → giant or a → supergiant with an enormously distended atmosphere and a significant → stellar wind, or a star filling its → Roche lobe in a → close binary.

donor; → star.

dar (#)

Fr.: porte   

A movable barrier by which an entry is closed and opened.

M.E. dore, O.E. duru "door, dor gate;" akin to Ger. Tür, O.Norse dyrr, O.Irish dorus, Pers. dar, as below.

Dar "door," Mid.Pers. dar; O.Pers. duvara-; Av. dvar-; cf. Skt. dvár-; Gk. thura; L. fores; Lith. dvaras "court-yard;" E. door, as above; PIE *dhwer-/*dhwor- "door, gate."

âqârdan (#)

Fr.: doper   

Electronics: To add or treat a pure semiconductor with an impurity (dopant) to change its electrical properties.

From Du. doop "thick dipping sauce," from dopen "to dip."

Âqârdan "to mix, to soak," cf. Sogdian wγyr- "to soak, steep," zγr "moisture," Ossetic qaryn "to permeate, seep through (of liquid)," Skt. ghar-, jigharti "to sprinkle, drip."

âqareš (#)

Fr.: dopage   

The addition of minute quantities of impurities to a semiconductor to achieve a desired characteristic.

Verbal noun of → dope.

Doppler broadening
  پهنش ِ دوپلر   
pahneš -e Doppler

Fr.: élargissement Doppler   

In atomic physics, the broadening of an emission or absorption line due to the Doppler effect. Random motions of molecules or atoms of the gas that is emitting or absorbing the radiant energy shift the apparent wavelength of each emitter, and the cumulative effect of indivisual shifts is to broaden the line.

Doppler effect; → broadening.

Doppler effect
  اسکر ِ دوپلر   
oskar-e Doppler

Fr.: effet Doppler   

Change in frequency of a wave (light, sound) due to the relative motion of source and receiver. Approaching objects have their wavelengths shortened. Receding objects have emitted wavelengths lengthened.

Doppler, after Christian Andreas Doppler (1803-1853), Austrian physicist who first described how the observed frequency of sound and light waves is affected by the relative motion of the source and the detector; → effect.

Doppler profile
  فراپال ِ دوپلر   
farâpâl-e Doppler

Fr.: profil Doppler   

The shape of the spectral line resulting from the Doppler broadening.

Doppler effect; → profile.

Doppler shift
  کیب ِ دوپلر   
kib-e Doppler

Fr.: décalage Doppler   

Effect of the relative motion of a wave source (light, sound) and the observer. If the source is moving away, the wavelength is stretched (shifted toward lower frequencies). If the source is approaching, the wavelength is compressed (shifted toward higher frequencies). These effects, known as Doppler shifts, are in the case of light waves called redshift and blueshift, respectively.

Doppler effect; → shift.

Doppler tomography
  برش نگاری ِ دوپلر   
borešnegâri-ye Doppler

Fr.: tomographie Doppler   

A technique using a series of Doppler-shifted line profiles at different orbital phases in cataclysmic variable stars (CVs) to image the compact system in the light of a particular emission line. Although developed for CVs, the method has wider applications. An alternative method is → eclipse mapping.

Doppler effect; → tomography.

  ماهی ِ زرین، زرین ماهی   
Mâhi-ye zarrin, zarrin mâhi (#)

Fr.: Dorade   

The Swordfish. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near → Reticulum and → Pictor. It contains most of the → Large Magellanic Cloud which laps over to some extent into the neighboring constellation → Mensa. The south → ecliptic pole also lies within this constellation. Abbreviation: Dor, Genitive: Doradus.

Dorado, from Sp., from L.L. deaurutus, p.p. of deaurare "to gild," from → de- + aurium "gold." Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus) is a surface-dwelling fish found in off-shore tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. It is distinguished by dazzling golden colors on the sides.

Mâhi "fish," from Mid.Pers. mâhik, Av. masya-, cf. Skt. matsya-, Pali maccha-.
Zarrin "golden," from zarr "gold," Mid.Pers. zarr, Av. zaranya-, zarənu- "gold," O.Pers. daraniya- "gold," Skt. hiranya- "gold;" also Av. zaray-, zairi- "yellow, green," Mod.Pers. zard "yellow," Skt. hari- "yellow, green," Gk. Khloe lit. "young green shoot," L. helvus "yellowish, bay," Rus. zeltyj "yellow," P.Gmc. *gelwaz, Du. geel, Ger. gelb, E. yellow.

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