An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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Fr.: affirmation   

The act of asserting or something that is asserted.

assert; → -tion.


Fr.: assigner   

1) To give or allocate; allot.
2) To give out or announce as a task.
3) To designate; name; specify (

M.E. assignen, from O.Fr. assiginer "assign; appoint legally; allot," from L. assignare "to mark out, to allot by sign," from → ad- "to" + signare "to make a sign," from signum "mark," → sign

Nešârdan, from neš, → sign, + nuance suffix -âr.


Fr.: rendez-vous, attribution   

1) An appointment for a meeting.
2) The act of assigning; → assignment (

Verbal noun of → assign.


Fr.: mission, attribution, allocation, affectation   

1) An act of assigning; appointment.
2) Something assigned, as a particular task or duty.
3) A position of responsibility, post of duty, or the like, to which one is appointed (

Verbal noun of → assign.

  ۱) آهزیدن؛ ۲) آهزیده شدن؛ ۳) آهزگار   
1) âhazidan; 2) âhazide šodan; 3) âhazgâr

Fr.: 1a) associer; 1b) s'associer; 2) associé; allié   

1) ( To join or connect together; to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or imagination). → dissociate.
2) (v.intr.) To come or be together as partners, friends, or join with other parts.
3) A person joined with another or others in business or at work; something that usually accompanies another thing.

M.E. associat "associated," from L. associatus, p.p. of associare "to unite," from ad- + sociare "to join," from socius "ally, companion" ("follower"); PIE base *sekw- "to follow."

Âhazidan, from â- prefix + hazidan "to associate, accompany, follow," from Av. hac-, hax- "to associate, follow, accompany" (hacenay- "getting together, association," haxay-, hašy-, haš- "friend"), hacaiti "follows;" hacā "from, out of;" O.Pers. hacā "from" (Mid.Pers. hâz- "to lead, guide," hac "from;" Mod.Pers. az "from"); PIE base *sekw- "to follow;" cf. Skt. sac- "to be associated or united with," sácate "accompanies, follows," sácā "with;" Gk. hepesthai "to follow;" L. sequi "to follow."
Âhazgâr, from âhaz- present stem of âhazidan + agent noun suffix -gâr, → -or, as in âmuzgâr, parhizgâr, sâzgâr, âmizgâr, sepuzgâr.

associated molecular cloud
  ابر ِ مولکولی ِ آهزیده   
abr-e molekuli-ye âhazidé

Fr.: nuage moléculaire associé   

A → molecular cloud that is physically or apparently related to a star formation region.

associate; → molecular; → cloud.

  آهزش؛ انجمن   
âhazeš; anjoman (#)

Fr.: association   

1) The act of associating, → associate; the state of being associated.
2) A group of → astronomical objects physically or apparently gathered in a particular area of sky, for example an → stellar association.
3) An organization of persons having a common interest. → dissociation.

Association, noun from → associate.

Âhazeš, verbal noun of → âhazidanassociate. Anjoman, for the meaning 3, from Mid.Pers. anjaman, from Av. han-jamana, from han- "together" + jamana, from gam- "to come;" cf. Skt. samgamana "gathering together."

association member
  هموند ِ آهزش   
hamvand-e âhazeš

Fr.: membre d'une association   

A celestial body making part of an astronomical association.

association; → member.

  آهزشی، آهزنده   
âhazeši, âhazandé

Fr.: associatif   

1) Of, characterized by, resulting from, or causing association.
2) In a mathematical operation, being independent of the sequence in which the elements are grouped. For ex., if a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c, the operation indicated by + (addition) is associative.

Adj. from associate.

associative algebra
  جبر ِ آهزشی   
jabr-e âhazeši

Fr.: algèbre associative   

An algebra whose multiplication is associative.

associative; → algebra.

associative axiom
  بنداشت ِ آهزش   
bondâšt-e âhazeš

Fr.: axiome d'associativité   

A basic rule in → group theory stating that if a, b and c are members of a group then (a * b) * c and a * (b * c) are members of the group.

associative; → axiom.

associative law
  قانون ِ آهزشی   
qânun-e âhazeši

Fr.: loi associative   

In mathematics, the rule that states that the result of two identical operations is independent of the sequence of these operations. For ex., in the addition operation, a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c = a + b + c. Multiplication of numbers is also associative.

associative; → law.


Fr.: associativité   

Of or relating to association; state of being associative.

associative + → -ity.

  آگربیدن، فرض کردن، فرضیدن   
âgarbidan, farz kardan, farzidan (#)

Fr.: supposer   

To take as granted or true; suppose.

M.E., from L. assumere "to take up," from ad- "to, up" + sumere "to take," from sub "under" + emere "to take."

Âgarbidan, from âgarb, → assumption.

  آگرب، فرض   
âgarb, farz (#)

Fr.: supposition   

A fact or statement (as a proposition, axiom, postulate, or notion) taken for granted.

M.E., from L.L. assumption, assumptio "taking up," from L. assumere, → assume.

Âgarb, from â-, nuance prefix, + garb, from Av./O.Pers. grab-, Av. gərəb- "to take, to seize;" cf. Mod.Pers. gereftan "to take; to assume;" Skt. grah-, grabh- "to seize, to take," graha "seizing, holding, perceiving;" M.L.G. grabben "to grab;" E. grab "to take or grasp suddenly;" PIE *ghrebh- "to seize."
Ar. farz "assumption, hypothesis."


Fr.: assurance   

A positive declaration intended to give confidence; promise or pledge; guaranty; surety (

assure; → -ance.


Fr.: assurer   

1) To declare earnestly to; inform or tell positively; state with confidence to.
2) To give confidence to; encourage.

M.E. as(e)uren, assuren, from O.Fr. aseurer, from L.L. assecurare, from as-, variant of → ad-, + secur-, → secure, + -a- thematic vowel, + -re infinitive suffix.

Âtenzidan, from â- intensive prefix, + tenz, → sure, + -idan infinitive suffix, → -ize.


Fr.: astérisque   

A small starlike symbol (*), used in printing or writing as a reference mark, as an indication of the omission of letters or words, to denote a hypothetical linguistic form, or for various arbitrary meanings.

M.E. astarisc, from L.L. asteriscus, from Gk. asteriskos "small star," from aster-, → astro- + -ikos "diminutive suffix."

Axtarak, from axtar "star" → astro- + -ak "diminutive suffix."


Fr.: astérisme   

A group of stars in the sky which are traditionally imagined to present a pattern within a → constellation. Examples include the → Big Dipper, the → Northern Cross, the → Square of Pegasus, and → Orion's Belt.

Gk. asterismos "a marking with stars, constellation," from aster, → astro- + → -ism.

Axtargân, from axtar "star" → astro- + -gân suffix denoting collective nature.

  ۱) سیارک؛ ۲) اختروار   
1) sayyârak (#); 2) axtarvâr

Fr.: astéroïde   

1) A small rocky object orbiting the Sun. There are millions of asteroids moving in orbits in the main → asteroid belt, between → Mars and → Jupiter and in the → Kuiper belt. The largest and the first discovered, → Ceres, about 1,000 km in size, is now classified as → dwarf planet (2006 IAU General Assembly). The largest asteroid in the solar system (Ceres apart), is → Pallas, with a size of 582 × 556 × 500 km. On the other hand, the smallest asteroid ever studied is the 2 meters space rock 2015 TC25, which was observed when it made a close flyby of Earth in October 2015. See also → near-Earth asteroid; → binary asteroid.
2) Math.: A → hypocycloid with four → cusps in which the → radius of the rolling → circle is a → quarter of the radius of the fixed circle. It has the → parametric equations x = a cos3θ, y = a sin3θ, where a is the radius of the fixed circle.

Gk. asteroeides "star-like," from aster, → astro- + → -oid "like, resembling."

Sayyârak "small planet," from sayyâré, → planet, + -ak "diminutive suffix."
Axtarvâr, from axtar, → astro-, + -vâr, → -oid.

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