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Fr.: végétation   

1) All the plants or plant life of a place.
2) (Botany) Plant life as a whole, especially the plant life of a particular region.
3) The act or process of vegetating.

Verbal noun from → vegetate.


Fr.: végétatif   

1) Of, relating to, or characteristic of plants or their growth.
2) Noting the parts of a plant not specialized for reproduction (

vegetate; → -ive.

Giyâhvâr, from giyâh, → plant, + -vâr suffix denoting "resembling, like," → -oid.

vâšâmé (#)

Fr.: voile   

1) A piece of opaque or transparent cloth worn by women as a covering for the head and shoulders.
2) Something that covers, screens, or conceals.

M.E. veile; O.Fr. voile "a head-covering" (also "sail"), from L. vela, plural of velum "curtain, covering; sail."

Vâšâmé "veil," variants vâšâm, bâšâmé, bâšâm, from Mid.Pers. *varšâmak (loaned in Arm. varšamak "veil, scarf"); cf. Sogd. wâršâmé "veil;" from Proto-Ir. *varšāmaka-, from *varšām-, from *varš-, from var- "to cover;" cf. Av. var- "to cover, conceal;" Skt. var- "to cover;" Mid.Pers. warr "garment," prefixed uzvâr-, uzvârdan "to uncover, show, apprehend, interprete;" Mod.Pers. šalvâr "trousers" (literally "thigh cover;" the first component šal "thigh," šelang "thigh; step, distance between feet when walking," cognate with Gk. skelos "leg"); Kurd. (Soriani) barg "cover; clothes," da barg girtin "to wrap in a cover."

Veil Nebula
  میغ ِ واشامه   
miq-e vâšâmé

Fr.: Nébuleuse du Voile   

A part of the → Cygnus loop, an old → supernova remnant.

veil; → nebula.


Fr.: voilage   

1) General: An act of covering with or as if with a veil.
2) A weakening of the → spectral lines of a star that occurs when the spectral lines are filled in by → continuum emission or light from a → companion star.

Verbal noun from veil (v.).

siyâhrag (#)

Fr.: veine   

Any of the tubes forming part of the blood circulation system of the body, carrying mainly oxygen-depleted blood towards the heart (

M.E. veine, from O.Fr. veine "vein, artery, pulse," from L. vena "a blood vessel," also "a water course, a vein of metal," of unknown origin.

Siyâhrag, literally "black vessel," from siyâh, → black, + rag, → vessel.

Bâdbân (#)

Fr.: Voile   

The Sail. A part of the constellation Argo in the Southern hemisphere, which was later divided into three parts, the others being Carina and Puppis. Vela is situated at about 10h right ascension, -50° declination. Abbreviation: Vel; Genitive: Velorum.

From L. vela, plural of velum "sail, curtain, covering," velare "to cover, veil."

Bâdbân "sail," literally "wind keeper," from bâdwind + -bân a suffix denoting "keeper, guard," sometimes forming agent nouns or indicating relation, → host.

Vela pulsar
  پولسار ِ بادبان، تپار ِ ~   
pulsâr-e Bâdbân, tapâr-e ~

Fr.: pulsar du Voile   

A pulsar with a short period (89 milliseconds) associated with the → Vela supernova remnant. It is approximately 1500 light-years distant. The Vela pulsar is one of the few pulsars detectable optically. Its optical flashes, of visual magnitude 26, were detected in 1977. Also named PSR 0833-45.

Vela; → pulsar.

Vela supernova remnant
  بازمانده‌ی ِ اَبَر-نو‌اَختر ِ بادبان   
bâzmânde-ye abar-now-axtar-e Bâdbân

Fr.: reste de supernova du Voile   

A → supernova remnant located in the southern Milky Way in the constellation → Vela. It has a large angular diameter of about 8° and lies 250 ± 30 pc away (Cha et al. 1999, ApJ 515, L25). Its overall emission is dominated by the interaction of the → supernova blast wave with the → interstellar medium. This SNR is also notable for a number of protrusions extending well beyond its rim, which were suggested to be fragments of ejecta from the supernova explosion. X-ray spectroscopy has since confirmed several of these protrusions to indeed be strongly enriched with ejecta. The age of the SNR is estimated to be ~11,000 years, based on the spin-down rate of the associated → Vela pulsar, but ages as large as 20,000-30,000 years have also been argued.

Vela; → supernova remnant.

Vela X
  بادبان X   
Bâdbân X

Fr.: Vela X   

A compact radio source about 1500 light-years distant associated with the Vela supernova remnant. It has a nonthermal radio spectrum and is about 20 percent polarized. It is associated with the Gum Nebula, the Vela pulsar, and the X-ray source 2U 0832-45.

Vela; X for → X ray.


Fr.: vitesse   

The time rate of change of position in a given direction, measured as length per unit time. → speed.

L. velocitatem (nominative velocitas) "swiftness, speed," from velox (genitive velocis) "swift."

Tondâ, from tond "swift, rapid, brisk; fierce, severe" (Mid.Pers. tund "sharp, violent;" Sogdian tund "violent;" cf. Skt. tod- "to thrust, give a push," tudáti "he thrusts;" L. tundere "to thrust, to hit" (Fr. percer, E. pierce, ultimately from L. pertusus, from p.p. of pertundere "to thrust or bore through;" PIE base *(s)teud- "to thrust, to beat") + noun suffix .

velocity curve
  خم ِ تندا   
xam-e tondâ

Fr.: courbe de vitesse   

A plot of the radial velocity of an object against time, derived from the Doppler shift of spectral lines.

velocity; → curve.

velocity dispersion
  پاشش ِ تندا   
pâšeš-e tondâ

Fr.: dispersion de vitesses   

The → standard deviation of a velocity → distribution. It indicates how objects of the sample move relative to one another. Objects with similar velocities have a small velocity dispersion, whereas objects with very different velocities have a large velocity dispersion.

velocity; → dispersion.

velocity gradient
  زینه‌ی ِ تندا   
zine-ye tondâ

Fr.: gradient de vitesse   

Fluid Mechanics: The rate at which the velocity changes with the distance across the flow. When a fluid flows past a stationary wall, the fluid right close to the wall does not move. However, away from the wall the flow speed is not zero. Therefore a velocity gradient exists, which is due to adhesive, cohesive, and frictional forces. The amount of the velocity gradient is characteristic of the fluid.

velocity; → gradient.

velocity law
  قانون ِ تندا   
qânun-e tondâ

Fr.: loi de vitesse   

In the theory of → radiation-driven winds, an equation that describes the behavior of the → wind velocity of → hot stars as a function of distance from the star. This velocity β-law is given by the expression: v(r) = v(1 - R*/r)β, where v is the → terminal velocity, R* is the stellar radius, and r the distance from the center. For → O-type stars, the exponent is estimated to be β = 0.8.

velocity; → law.

velocity of light
  تندی ِ نور، تندای ِ ~   
tondi-ye nur, tondâ-ye ~

Fr.: vitesse de la lumière   

A → physical constant which represents the ultimate speed limit for anything moving through space, according to the theory of → special relativity. It is the speed of propagation of → electromagnetic waves in a vacuum, equal to 299,792.458 km/s (nearly 3 x 108 m/s). The velocity of light appears as the connecting link between mass and energy in the → mass-energy relation. Usually denoted by c, from L. celeritas "swiftness," from celer "swift," → acceleration.

velocity; → speed; → light.

velocity pressure
  فشار ِ توانیک   
fešâr-e tavânik

Fr.: pression dynamique   

dynamic pressure.

velocity; → pressure.

velocity profile
  فراپال ِ تندا   
farâpâl-e tondâ

Fr.: profil de vitesse   

A plot of the fluid velocity as a function of position.

velocity; → profile.

velocity space
  فضای ِ تندا، ~ تنداها   
fazâ-ye tondâyi, ~ tondâhâ

Fr.: espace de vitesses   

Of a dynamical system, a three-dimensional space which consists of the set of values that the velocity can take (vx, vy, vz). → phase space.

velocity; → space.

velocity-distance relation
  باز‌آنش ِ تندا-دورا   
bâzâneš-e tondâ-durâ

Fr.: relation vitesse-distance   

The linear relation wherein all galaxies are moving away from one another, with velocities that are greater with increasing distance of the galaxy. Same as → Hubble's law.

velocity; → distance; → relation.

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