An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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  اندر-هاوشانی، اندر-هاوشان‌مندی   
andar-hâvešâni, andar-hâvešânmand

Fr.: interdisciplinaire   

Of an approach or study that integrates content, data, methods, tools, concepts, and theories from two or more disciplines or bodies of specialized knowledge in order to advance fundamental understanding, answer complex questions, and solve problems that are too broad or complex for a simple approach. See also → multidisciplinary and → transdisciplinary (Thompson Klein, J. 2010, Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Culture, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.).

inter-; → disciplinary.

  ۱) اندَرَست؛ ۲) اندَرَستیدن   
1) andarast; 2) andarastidan

Fr.: 1) intérêt; 2) intéresser   

1a) The sense of curiosity about or concern with something or someone.
1b) Something in which one is interested.
1c) A right, share, or claim in a business or property.
2) To engage or excite the attention or curiosity of.

M.E., from M.L. from L. interest "it concerns," from M.L. interesse "compensation for loss," noun use of L. interesse "to concern, make a difference, be of importance," literally "to be between," from → inter- "between" + esse "to be," → entity.

Andarast, coined (Adib-Soltani) on the model of the L. word, as above, from andar "between," → inter-, + ast variant hast "is, exists," → entity.

  اندَرَستیده، اندَرَستمند   
andarastidé, andarastmand

Fr.: intéressé   

Having an interest in something; having the attention engaged; being affected or involved.

P.p. of → interest.


Fr.: intéressant   

Inspiring interest, holding the attention.

Adj. from → interest.


Fr.: interface   

1) General: A surface regarded as the common boundary of two bodies, or two parts of a system, whether material or non-material.
2) Astro.: The intersection zone between a hot → H II region and its → associated molecular cloud.
3) Chemistry: The area where two immiscible phases of a dispersion come into contact.
4) Computers: A mechanical equipment or logical program that communicates information from one system of computing devices or programs to another.

inter- + → face.


Fr.: interférer   

Physics: To cause → interference.

Interfere, from M.Fr. entreferer "to strike each other," from entre, → inter-, + ferir "to strike," from L. ferire "to knock, strike."

Andarzadan, from andar, → inter-, + zadan "to strike, beat," from Mid.Pers. zatan, žatan; O.Pers./Av. jan-, gan- "to strike, hit, smite, kill" (jantar- "smiter"); cf. Skt. han- "to strike, beat" (hantar- "smiter, killer"); Gk. theinein "to strike;" L. fendere "to strike, push;" Gmc. *gundjo "war, battle;" PIE *gwhen- "to strike, kill."


Fr.: interférence   

The phenomenon occurring when two or more waves of the same → frequency having a constant → phase difference traverse simultaneously in the same region of a medium and cross each other. In the region of superposition, the the resulting wave intensity is different from the sum of intensities due to individual waves at that point. This phenomenon proved the validity of the wave theory of light. See also → constructive interference, → destructive interference, → interference fringe, → Young's experiment, → wave theory of light.

Interference, from → interfere + -ence a noun suffix equivalent to -ance, corresponding to the suffix -ent in adjectives.

Andarzaneš, verbal noun of andarzadan, → interfere.

interference filter
  پالایه‌ی ِ اندرزنشی   
pâlâye-ye andarzaneši

Fr.: filtre interférentiel   

A filter that uses the phenomenon of optical interferences between plane-parallel semi-transparent reflectors to transmit light selectively over a narrow wavelength band.

interference; → filter.

interference fringe
  فریز ِ اندرزنشی   
fariz-e andarzaneši

Fr.: franges d'interférence   

One of the alternating bright or dark bands produced by optical interference.

interference; → fringe.

interference order
  رایه‌ی ِ اندرزنش   
râye-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: ordre d'interférence   

order of interference.

interference; → order.

interference pattern
  الگوی ِ اندرزنش   
olgu-ye andarzaneš

Fr.: figure d'interférence   

A wave pattern that results when two or more waves interfere with each other, generally showing → interference fringes. In acoustics, the interference pattern appear as the effect of → beats.

interference; → pattern.


Fr.: interféromètre   

1) Physics: A device that divides a beam of light into a number of beams and re-unites them to produce → interference. → Fabry-Perot interferometer; → Michelson interferometer.
2) Astro.: An arrangement of two or more separate telescopes placed at some distance from one another, each one receiving electromagnetic radiation (optical, infrared, or radio) from a celestial object and brought together to form an interference pattern.

Interferometer, from interfer, → interfer, + -o- a connective/euphonic infix + → -meter.

Andarzanešsanj, from andarzanešinterference + -sanj, → -meter.

  اندرزنش‌سنجی، اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
andarzanešsanji, andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: interférométrique   

Of or relating to → interferometry.

interferometer; → -ic.

interferometric array
  آرست ِ اندرزنش‌سنجی، ~ اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
ârast-e andarzanešsanji, ~ andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: réseau interférométrique   

A system of several telescopes coupled together in a particular configuration to carry out → interferometry.

interferometric; → array.

interferometric technique
  تشنیک ِ اندرزنش‌سنجی، ~ اندرزنش‌سنجیک   
tašnik-e andarzanešsanji, ~ andarzanešsanjik

Fr.: technique interférométrique   

An observational technique based on principles of → interferometry.

interferometric; → technique.


Fr.: interférométrie   

1) The technique and study of the → interference phenomenon produced by → coherent electromagnetic waves.
2) Astro.: An observational technique that uses the interference phenomenon to substantially increase the → resolving power of telescopes.

Interferometry, from interfer, → interfer, + -o- a connective/euphonic infix + → -metry.


Fr.: intergalactique   

Of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies. → intergalactic absorption, → intergalactic cloud, → intergalactic matter , → intergalactic medium , → warm-hot intergalactic medium.

inter-; → galactic.

intergalactic absorption
  درشم ِ اندرکهکشانی   
daršam-e andarkahkešâni

Fr.: absorption intergalactique   

Absorption features in the spectra of bright sources like → quasars attributed to a tenuous matter filling the medium between galaxies.

intergalactic; → absorption.

intergalactic cloud
  ابر ِ اندرکهکشانی   
abr-e andarkahkešâni

Fr.: nuage intergalactique   

Intergalactic matter in the form of clouds.

intergalactic; → cloud.

intergalactic matter
  مادّه‌ی ِ اندرکهکشانی   
mâdde-ye andarkahkešâni

Fr.: matière intergalactique   

Very low density material found indirectly in the space between galaxies. → intergalactic absorption.

intergalactic; → matter.

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