An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Fr.: praticien   

A professional man, especially in medicine and the law.

Alteration of practician, → practice (+ -ian) + -er, → -or.

Varzmand, from varz, → practice, + -mand, → -ist.

  پرایسپه، کندو، آخور   
Perâysepé, Kandu, Âxor

Fr.: la Crèche   

An → open cluster in the constellation → Cancer containing about 50 stars of 6th magnitude or fainter. It lies 577 light-years away. Also called NGC 2632, the Beehive Cluster, or the Manger.

From L. praesepe "crib," from which cattle or horses are fed, manger; the neighboring brighter stars Gamma and Delta Cancri (Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis) were pictured as asses which fed from a manger.

Perâysepé, loan from L., as above.
Kandu "beehive; a large earthen vessel in which grain is kept;" cf. Skt. kunda- "a bowl-shaped vessel, basin; the lower abdomen."
&ACIRC;xor "manger," prefixed xor "to eat" (semantically like E. manger, Fr. mangeoire, from L. manducare, mandere "to chew, eat"), from Mid.Pers. âxwarr; Av. avô-xvarəna- "drinking fountain; a water spring," from avô- "water" + xvarəna-, from xvar- "to consume, eat;" Mid.Pers. xvardan "to eat, enjoy (food);" Mod.Pers. xordan "to eat, drink, devour," Laki dialect hovârden "to eat;" Proto-Iranian *huar- "to consume, eat."


Fr.: pragmatique   

Concerned with practical results and values; treating things in a practical way.

M.Fr. pragmatique, from L. pragmaticus "skilled in business or law," from Gk. pragmatikos "versed in business," from pragma (genitive pragmatos) "civil business, deed, act," from prassein "to do, act, perform."

Varzâl-gerâ, literally "practice-inclined," from varzâl, → practical, + -gerâ "inclining toward, intending, making for," → -ist.


Fr.: pragmatique   

A branch of → semiotics dealing with the relation between language and the users, especially the constraints they encounter in using language in social interaction, and the corresponding effects on other users in the communication.

pragmatic; → -ics.


Fr.: pragmatisme   

Philo.: The doctrine that the truth or value of a concept or assertion is determined by its practical effects upon human interests.

pragmatic; → -ism.

Prandtl number
  عدد ِ پرانتل   
adad-e Prandtl

Fr.: nombre de Prandtl   

A dimensionless number representing the ratio of the fluid viscosity to the thermal conductivity of a substance; a low number indicates high convection.

Named after the German physicist Ludwig Prandtl (1875-1953); → number.


Fr.: praxis   

1) The practice and practical side of knowledge or skills, as opposed to the → theory.
2) Accepted practice or custom.

M.L. praxis "practice, action," from Gk. praxis "practice, action, doing," from stem of prassein "to do, to act."

Varzidâr, from varzid past stem of varzidan, → practice, + -âr prefix forming nouns of action, such as kerdâr, raftâr, didâr, goftâr, jostâr, etc.

piš- (#)

Fr.: pré-   

A prefix meaning "before, prior to, in advance of, early, beforehand, in front of."

M.E., from O.Fr. pré-, from L. præ (adverb) "before."

Piš- "before; in front," from Mid.Pers. pêš "before, earlier," O.Pers. paišiya "before; in the presence of."

pre-cluster core
  مغزه‌ی ِ پیش-خوشه‌ای   
maqze-ye piš-xuše-yi

Fr.: cœur pré-amas   

A precursor of a small, loosely bound → star cluster (→ bound cluster) as well as an → OB association, with masses ranging from about 10 to 1000 → solar masses or more.

pre-; → cluster; → core.

pre-degenerate star
  ستاره‌ی ِ پیش-واگن   
setâre-ye piš-vâgen

Fr.: étoile pré-dégénérée   

Same as → PG 1159 star.

post-; → degenerate; → star.


Fr.: pré-dispersion   

A technique in spectroscopy which uses a combination of several dispersive elements (prisms in series or a grism) before focusing the light on the primary disperser, usually a grating, in order to achieve high spectral resolutions.

pre-; → dispersion.

pre-main sequence binary
  درین ِ پیش-رشته‌ی ِ فریست   
dorin-e piš-rešte-ye farist

Fr.: binaire pré-séquence principale Markarian's Chain   

A → binary system whose components are → pre-main sequence stars.

pre-; → main sequence; → binary.

pre-main sequence B[e] star (HAeB[e])
  ستاره‌یِ B[e]ی ِ پیش-رشته-ی فریست   
setâre-ye B[e]-ye piš-rešte-ye farist

Fr.: étoile B[e] pré-séquence principale   

A → Herbig AeBe star displaying → forbidden emission lines in its spectrum.

pre-; → main; → sequence; → B[e] star.

pre-main sequence star
  ستاره‌ی ِ پیش-رشته‌ی ِ فریست   
setâre-ye piš-rešte-ye farist

Fr.: étoile pré-séquence principale   

A star that evolves in the → Hayashi phase and has not yet reached the → zero-age main sequence.

pre-; → main sequence, → star.

pre-nova stage
  گامه‌ی ِ پیش-نو-اختری   
gâme-ye piš-now-axtari

Fr.: étape pré-nova   

The stage of a star before its eruption to become a nova.

pre-; → nova; → stage.


Fr.: pré-stellaire   

An adjective relating to a stage before the formation of a → protostar. → pre-stellar core.

pre-; → stellar.

pre-stellar core
  مغزه‌ی ِ پیش-ستاره‌ای   
maqze-ye piš-setâreyi

Fr.: cœur pré-stellaire   

A small, gravitationally unstable molecular → clump of typical size of less than 0.1 pc resulting from → gravitational collapse and → fragmentation of a larger → molecular cloud. It is a centrally concentrated structure which evolves into a → class 0 object, where eventually a single star or a stellar system is formed. Core masses range between 0.5 and 5 solar masses, with a mean number density of at least 104-105 cm-3, and a temperature as low as about 10 K. A pre-stellar core evolves into a → Class 0 object. Also called dense core.

pre-stellar; → core.

pre-WD star
  ستاره‌ی ِ پیش-کوتوله‌ی ِ سفید   
setâre-ye piš-kutule-ye sefid

Fr.: étoile pré-naine blanche   

A → post-planetary nebula star that is approaching the top of the → white dwarf sequence. These stars have exhausted the capacity of → nuclear burning in their cores.

pre-; → white; → dwarf.


Fr.: prébiotique   

Existing before or making possible the appearance of living organisms. Prebiotic molecules are biologically essential components such as amino acids, sugars, and nucleic-acid bases which are precursors of the origin of life.

pre- + → bio- + -tic equivalent of → -ic.


Fr.: précesser   

1) To correct celestial coordinates for → precession.
2) To undergo → precession.

Back formation from → precession.

Back formation from pišâyân, → precession.

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