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Fr.: congruent   

1) Agreeing; accordant.
2) Math.: → congruent number.
3) Geometry: → congruent angles, → congruent circles, → congruent line segments, → congruent polygons, → congruent triangles.

Congruent "suitable, proper," from L. congruentem (nominative congruens) "agreeing, fit, suitable," p.p. of congruere, literally "to come together, agree, correspond with," from → com- "with" + a lost verb *gruere, *ruere "fall, rush."

Damsâz "agreeing, consenting, harmonious," maybe from hamsâz "unanimous," → compatible.

congruent angles
  زاویه‌های ِ دمساز   
zâviyehâ-ye damsâz

Fr.: angles congrus   

Two angles if they have the same measure. Congruent angles may lie in different orientations or positions.

congruent; → angle.

congruent circles
  پرهون‌های ِ دمساز   
parhunhâ-ye damsâz

Fr.: cercles congrus   

Two circles if they have the same size.

congruent; → circle.

congruent line segments
  برنک‌های ِ دمساز   
borankhâ-ye damsâz

Fr.: segments congru   

Two line segments if they have the same length. They need not lie at the same angle or position on the plane.

congruent; → line; → segment.

congruent number
  عدد ِ دمساز   
adad-e damsâz

Fr.: nombre congru   

Number theory: An → integerN if there exists a → right triangle with → rational sides so that the area of the triangle is N. For example, the number N = 6, because of the 3-4-5 triangle.

congruent; → number.

congruent polygons
  چندبرهای ِ دمساز   
candbarhâ-ye damsâz

Fr.: polygones congrus   

Polygons that have an equal number of sides, and all the corresponding sides and angles are congruent. However, they can be in a different location, rotated or flipped over.

congruent; → polygon.

congruent triangles
  سه‌برهای ِ دمساز   
sebarhâ-ye damsâz

Fr.: triangles congrus   

Two triangles when all corresponding sides and interior angles have the same measure. The triangles will have the same shape and size, but one may be a mirror image of the other.

congruent; → triangle.

maxruti (#)

Fr.: conique   

Same as → conic section.

Adj. from → cone.

conic section
  سکنج ِ مخروطی   
sekanj-e maxruti

Fr.: section conique   

A curve which may be represented as the intersection of a plane with a cone; hence a → parabola, → hyperbola, or → ellipse.

cone; → section.


Fr.: conjecture   

An opinion or theory formed without sufficient evidence for proof; guess; speculation.

M.E., from O.Fr. conjecture "surmise, guess," or directly from L. coniectura "conclusion, interpretation, guess, inference," literally "a casting together (of facts, etc.)," from coniectus, p.p. of conicere "to throw together," from → com- "together" + iacere "to throw," → eject.

Hâšan, from hâ-, variant ham-, → com-, + šan, from ešândan "to throw out," → eject.

  ۱) همیوغ؛ ۲) همیوغیدن   
1) hamyuq (#); 2) hamyuqidan (#)

Fr.: 1) conjugué; 2) conjuguer   

1) An element of a group related to a given element x by y = z-1xz or zy = xz, where z is another element of the group. Also known as → transform.
2) To → inflect a verb.

From L. conjugare "to join together," from → com- "together" + jugare "to join," from jugum "yoke," from PIE *yeug- "to join;" cf. Av. yaog- "to yoke, put to; to join, unite," Mid.Pers. jug, ayoxtan "to join, yoke," Mod.Pers. yuq "yoke," Skt. yugam "yoke," Hittite yugan "yoke;" Gk. zygon "yoke," zeugnyanai "to join, unite," O.C.S. igo, O.Welsh iou, Lith. jungas O.E. geoc.

Hamyuq, from ham- "together," → com- + yuq "yoke," from PIE *yeug- "to join," as above.

conjugate angles
  زاویه‌ها‌ی ِ همیوغ   
zâviyehâ-ye hamyuq

Fr.: angles conjugués   

Two angles whose sum is 360° or 2π radians.

conjugate; → angle.

conjugate axis
  آسه‌ی ِ همیوغ   
âse-ye hamyuq

Fr.: axe conjugué   

One of the two diameters of a conic, so related that a tangent at the end of one is parallel to the other.

conjugate; → axis.

conjugate complex number
  عدد ِ همتافت ِ همیوغ   
adad-e hamtâft hamyuq (#)

Fr.: nombre complexe conjugé   

The conjugate of a → complex number, expressed by ū = a - bi. The complex number and its conjugate have the same real part. Same as → complex conjugate.

conjugate; → complex; → number.

conjugate momentum
  جنباک ِ همیوغ   
jonbâk hamyuq

Fr.: moment conjugué   

If qj (j = 1, 2, ...) are generalized coordinates of a classical dynamical system, and L is its Lagrangian, the momentum conjugate to qj is pj = ∂L/∂q. Also known as canonical momentum.

conjugate; → momentum.

conjugate points
  نقطه‌های ِ همیوغ   
noqtehâ-ye hamyuq

Fr.: points conjugués   

Two points positioned along the principal axis of a mirror or lens so that light coming from one focuses onto the other.

conjugate; → point.

conjugate ray
  پرتو ِ همیوغ   
partow-e hamyuq

Fr.: rayon conjugué   

Of an optical ray, the parallel ray that passes through the center of the → optical system.

conjugate; → ray.

conjugate transpose
  ترانهاد ِ همیوغ   
tarânehâd-e hamyuq

Fr.: transpose conjugé   

Of an m x nmatrix  A with → complex  → elements, the n x m matrix A* obtained from A by taking the → transpose and then taking the → complex conjugate of each element. Same as → adjoint matrix or Hermitian transpose.

conjugate; → transpose.

hamyuqeš (#)

Fr.: conjugaison   

1) Math: An operation of a group G on itself which associates with each ordered pair (x,y) of elements in the group the element xyx-1.
2) Grammar: The → inflection of verbs.

Verbal noun form of → conjugate.

Hamyuqeš, from ham-, as above + yuqeš verbal noun of yuqidan "to yoke, join," from yuq "yoke," from PIE *yeug- "to join," → conjugate.



Any of the component statements of a → conjunction.


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