An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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  گردراه، برقراه   
gardrâh, barqrâh (#)

Fr.: circuit   

1) General: A closed, usually circular line that goes around an object or area.
2) Physics: → electric circuit.

From O.Fr. circuit, from L. circuitus "a going around," from stem of circuire, circumire "go around," from circum "around," → circum- + -ire "to go" (cf. Gk. ienai "to go," Skt. eti "goes," O.Pers. aitiy "goes," Av. aeiti "goes," Mod.Pers. âyad "comes," PIE *ei- "to go, to walk."

Gardrâh, from gard "turning round, revolving," from gardidan "to turn, to change" (Mid.Pers. vartitan, Av. varət- "to turn, revolve," Skt. vartati, L. vertere, O.H.G. werden "to become;" PIE *werto, *wer-) + râh "way, path," from Mid.Pers. râh, râs "way, street" (Mid.Pers. rah, ras "chariot"), from Proto-Iranian *rāθa-; cf. Av. raθa- "chariot;" Skt. rátha- "car, chariot," rathyā- "road;" L. rota "wheel," rotare "to revolve, roll;" Lith. ratas "wheel;" O.H.G. rad; Ger. Rad; Du. rad; O.Ir. roth; PIE *roto- "to run, to turn, to roll").
Barqrâh, from barq, → electricity, + râh, as above.

  دایره‌ای، پرهونی   
dâyere-yi (#), parhuni (#)

Fr.: circulaire   

1) Having the form of a circle.
2) Moving in or forming a circle or a circuit.

M.E. circuler, O.Fr. circuler, from L. circularis, from circulus, → circle, + -aris "-ar," variant of → -al, joined to words in which an l precedes the suffix (circular; lunar; singular).

Dâyere-yi, parhuni, from dâyeré or parhuncircle + -i adj. suffix.

circular polarization
  قطبش ِ پرهونی، ~ دایره‌ای   
qotbeš-e parhuni, ~ dâyereyi (#)

Fr.: polarisation circulaire   

The → polarization of an → electromagnetic radiation in which the electric field vector describes a circle about the direction of propagation at any point in the path of the radiation. Circular polarization is a combination of two perpendicular → linearly polarized waves that are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. Circular polarization may be referred to as "right-hand" or "left-hand," depending on the rotation direction as viewed by the observer.

circular; → polarization.

circular variable filter (CVF)
  پالایه‌ی ِ ورتنده‌ی ِ پرهونی، ~ ~ دایره‌ای   
pâlâye-ye vartande-ye parhuni, ~ ~ dâyereyi

Fr.: filtre circulaire variable   

Circular band-pass interference filter whose thickness and central wavelength vary along the perimeter. They are used in low-resolution spectrophotometers mainly in the infra-red.

circular; → variable; → filter.

circularly polarized light
  نور ِ قطبیده‌ی ِ دایره‌ای   
nur-e qotbide-ye dâyere-yi

Fr.: lumière polarisée circulairement   

Light exhibiting → circular polarization.

circular; → polarized; → light.


Fr.: circulation   

The continuous movement of something from place to place or in an enclosed space. → meridional circulation.

M.E. circulacioun, from M.Fr. circulation or directly from L. circulationem, from circulare "to form a circle," from circulus "small ring," → circle.

Parhuneš, verbal noun from parhunidan, from parhun, → circle.

pirâ- (#)

Fr.: circum-, circon-   

L. prefix meaning "around, round about."

From L. circum "around," accusative of circus "circle, ring," from Gk. kirkos, krikos "ring," PIE *sker-, *ker- "to turn, bend."

Pirâ- "around, about," variants par-, fer-, pâl- (as in ferdows, pardis, pâliz, from Av. pairidaeza- "enclosure, park"); Mid.Pers. pêrâ; O.Pers. pariy "around, about;" Av. pairi "around, over;" cf. Skt. pari; Indo-Iranian *pari- "around;" Gk. peri "around, about, beyond;" L. per "through;" PIE base *per- "through, across, beyond." The word paradize, with various forms in European languages, is a loan from Av. pairidaeza- "enclosure, park" (other Av. examples: pairifrâsa- "asking round about," pairivâra- "circumvallation").


Fr.: circumbinaire   

Of or relating to an object that revolves around a → binary system.

circum- + → binary.

circumblack-hole disk
  گرده‌ی ِ پیرا-سیه‌چال   
gerde-ye pirâ-siyah câl

Fr.: disque autour de trou noir   

An → accretion disk formed around a → black hole.

circum-; → black; → hole.

pirâmun (#)

Fr.: circonférence   

1) The boundary line of a circle.
2) The boundary line of a figure, area, or object.

From M.E., from O.Fr. circonference, from L. circumferentia, from circumferens, circumferent-, pr.p. of circumferre "to carry around," from → circum- + ferre "to carry," from PIE root *bher-; "to carry;" cf. Av./O.Pers. bar- "to bear, carry," barəθre "to bear (infinitive)," barəθri- "a female that bears (children), a mother," Mod.Pers. bordan "to carry," Skt. bharati "he carries," Gk. pherein, P.Gmc. *beranan (O.H.G. beran, Goth. bairan "to carry").

Pirâmun, from Mid.Pers. pêrâmôn, from O.Pers./Av. mâ-, mây- "to measure," from PIE *me- "measure," cf. Skt. mati "measures," matra "measure," Gk. metra "lot, portion," L. metri "to measure." In Mod.Pers. this stem is extant in peymaân, peymaâné, âzmun, âzmâyeš.


Fr.: circumfixe   

An → affix made up of two separate parts which surround and attach to a base.

circum-; → affix.

circumgalactic medium (CGM)
  مدیم ِ پیراکهکشانی   
madim-e pirâkahkešâni

Fr.: milieu circumgalactique   

The interface between a galaxy and the → intergalactic medium. The circumgalactic medium comprises gas located in the → halo of a galaxy extending out to the → virial radius.

circum-; → galactic.

  پیرامانگی، پیراماهی   
pirâmângi, pirâmâhi (#)

Fr.: circumlunaire   

Surrounding or revolving around the Moon.

Circumlunar, from → circum- + → lunar.


Fr.: circumnucléaire   

Situated around a → nucleus, as of a → circumnuclear disk.

circum- + → nuclear.

circumnuclear disk
  گرده‌ی ِ پیراهسته‌ای   
gerde-ye pirâhasteyi

Fr.: disque circumnucléaire   

A thick disk of gas and dust clouds surrounding the → Galactic Center up to about 20 → light-years. The disk is very clumpy; the → clumps have densities of several 105 particles/cm3, radii of about 0.3 light-years, and gas temperatures above 100 K. The hydrogen mass of the disk is a few 104 → solar masses. Such circumnuclear disks are present also in other galaxies.

circumnuclear; → disk.

pirâqotbi (#)

Fr.: circumpolaire   

Situated around or near a pole, as of the Earth or the sky. → circumpolar star.

circum-; → polar.

circumpolar star
  ستاره‌ی ِ پیراقطبی   
setâre-ye pirâqotbi (#)

Fr.: étoile circumpolaire   

Star that, from a given observer's → latitude, does not rise or set, but circles around the → celestial pole. To be circumpolar, a star must have a polar distance that is less than the observer's latitude. Whether a given star is circumpolar at the observer's latitude (φ) may be calculated in terms of the star's → declination (δ). The star is circumpolar if φ + δ ≥ +90° (observer in northern hemisphere), or φ + δ ≤ -90° (observer in southern hemisphere).

circumpolar; → star.


Fr.: circonscrire   

To draw a line around; encircle.

L. circumscribere "to draw a line around, confine," from → circum- + scribere "write," from PIE *skreibh-, from *sker- "to cut, incise."

Pirâkašidan, from pirâ-, → circum- + kašidan "to draw," Mid.Pers. kašitan, Av. karš- "to draw," Skt. kars-, kársati "to pull, drag, plough."

circumscribed sphere
  سپهر ِ پیراکشیده، کره‌ی ِ ~، گوی ِ ~   
sepehr-e pirâkašidé, kore-ye ~, guy-e ~

Fr.: sphère circonscrite   

A sphere containing a polyhedron (such as a pyramid) all of whose vertices lie on the surface of the sphere. The polyhedron so contained is said to be inscribed in the sphere.

Circumscribed p.p. of → circumscribe; → sphere.


Fr.: circumsolaire   

Surrounding or revolving around the Sun, such as circumsolar space, circumsolar dust.

Circumsolar, from → circum- + → solar.

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