An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics

فرهنگ ریشه شناختی اخترشناسی-اخترفیزیک

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second contact
  پرماس ِ دوم   
parmâs-e dovom

Fr.: deuxième contact   

The beginning of the total phase of a solar eclipse when the leading edge of the Moon touches the eastern edge of the Sun completely obscuring the Sun.

second; → contact.

second core
  مغزه‌ی ِ دوم   
maqze-ye dovom

Fr.: deuxième cœur   

A hydrostatic object predicted to result from the → second collapse of a → molecular cloud in an early stage of star formation.

second; → core.

second dredge-up
  برونکشید ِ دوم   
borunkašid-e dovom

Fr.: deuxième dragage   

A → dredge-up process that occurs after core helium burning, in which the convective envelope penetrates much more deeply, pushing hydrogen burning shell into close proximity with the helium burning shell (→ first dredge-up). This arrangement is unstable and leads to burning pulses. The reason is that the hydrogen shell burns out until there is enough helium for the helium combustion to occur and all the helium is rapidly burnt. Afterward the hydrogen shell again burns outward and the process repeats.

second; → dredge-up.

second generation star
  ستاره‌ی ِ آزانش ِ دوم   
setâre-ye âzâneš-e dovom

Fr.: étoile de deuxième génération   

A star whose formation is induced by an older star itself formed previously in the same region. See also → stimulated star formation, → sequential star formation, → triggered star formation.

second; → generation; → star.

second law of black-hole mechanics
  قانون ِ دوم ِ مکانیک ِ سیه‌چال   
qânun-e dovom-e mekânik-e siyah-câl

Fr.: deuxième loi de la mécanique des trous noirs   

The surface area of a black hole's horizon can never decrease.

second; → law; → black hole; → mechanics.

second law of thermodynamics
  قانون ِ دوم ِ گرماتوانیک   
qânun-e dovom-e garmâtavânik

Fr.: deuxième loi de la thermodynamique   

1) Heat cannot be transferred from a colder to a hotter body without some other effect, i.e. without → work being done. Expressed in terms of → entropy: the entropy of an → isolated system tends toward a maximum and its available energy tends toward a minimum.
2) In language of → statistical physics, an isolated physical system will tend toward an equilibrium → macrostate with as large a total → entropy as possible, because then the number of → microstates is the largest. See also → Kelvin's postulate, → Clausius's postulate.

second; → law; → thermodynamics.

second quantization
  کو‌آنتومش ِ دوم   
kuântomeš-e dovom

Fr.: deuxième quantification   

In quantum mechanics, the quantization of the field that replaces potential in Newtonian mechanics, whereby the field variables become operators from which the creation (of particle) operators and destruction operators can be constructed.

second; → quantization.

second-order logic
  گوییک ِ رایه‌ی ِ دوم   
guyik-e râye-ye dovom

Fr.: logique du seconde ordre   

An n extension of → first-order logic that quantifies not only → variables that range over → individuals, but also quantifies over → relations.

second; → order; → predicate; → logic.


Fr.: secondaire   

1) Derived or derivative; not primary or original.
2) Belonging or pertaining to a second order, division, stage, period, rank, grade, etc.
3) → secondary body.
See also:
secondary atmosphere, → secondary calibrator, → secondary cell, → secondary cosmic rays, → secondary crater, → secondary eclipse, → secondary electrons, → secondary emission, → secondary mirror, → secondary star.

From → second + -ary a suffix occurring on adjectives (elementary; honorary; stationary) and nouns denoting objects, especially receptacles or places (library; rosary; glossary).

Dovomân, from dovom, → second.

secondary atmosphere
  جوّ ِ دومان، هواسپهر ِ ~   
javv-e dovomân, havâsepehr-e ~

Fr.: atmosphère secondaire   

An atmosphere of a planet that forms after primordial gases had been lost or had failed to accumulate. A secondary atmosphere develops from internal volcanic outgassing, or by accumulation of material from comet impacts. It is characteristic of terrestrial planets, such as Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. → primordial atmosphere.

secondary; → atmosphere.

secondary body
  جسم ِ دومان   
jesm-e dovomân

Fr.: corps secondaire   

A body that revolves around a more massive body under the → gravitational attraction of the latter is called the → primary body.
The less massive component in a → binary system.

secondary; → body.

secondary calibrator
  کبیزنده‌ی ِ دومان   
kabizande-ye dovomân

Fr.: calibrateur secondaire   

An indicator of extragalactic distances that relies on → primary calibrators in our Galaxy. Secondary calibrators of the distance scale depend on statistical measures of the properties of a class of objects, such as the brightness of H II regions, globular clusters, red and blue stars, or the neutral hydrogen 21-cm line width or velocity dispersion (of spiral galaxies), etc. Same as secondary distance indicator.

secondary; → calibrator.

secondary cell
  پیل ِ دومان   
pil-e dovomân


An electric cell that can be charged by passing a current through it in reverse direction to its discharge. Same as → accumulator. See also → primary cell.

secondary; → cell.

secondary cosmic rays
  پرتوهای ِ کیهانی ِ دومان   
partowhâ-ye keyhâni-ye dovomân

Fr.: rayons cosmiques secondaires   

Atomic fragments - mainly muons - produced by collisions between primary cosmic rays and the molecules in Earth's atmosphere.

secondary; → cosmic rays.

secondary crater
  لاوک ِ دومان، کندال ِ ~   
lâvak-e dovomân, kandâl-e ~

Fr.: cratère secondaire   

A crater formed by the relatively low-velocity impact of fragments ejected from a large primary crater. Secondary craters tend to cluster in a ring around the primary crater.

secondary; → crater.

secondary eclipse
  گرفت ِ دومان   
gereft-e dovomân

Fr.: éclipse secondaire   

Of a transiting → exoplanet, the event and the interval of time during which the planet passes behind its host star. → primary eclipse.

secondary; → eclipse.

secondary electrons
  الکترون‌های ِ دومان   
elektronhâ-ye dovomân

Fr.: électrons secondaires   

Electrons ejected from the atoms of a material when bombarded with high energy electrons. Secondary electrons are produced when an incident electron excites an electron in the material and loses some of its energy in the process. The excited electron moves toward the surface of the sample undergoing elastic and inelastic collisions until it reaches the surface, where it can escape if it still has sufficient energy. The secondary electron yield depends on many factors, and is generally higher for high atomic number targets, and at higher angles of incidence.

secondary; → electron.

secondary emission
  گسیل ِ دومان   
gosil-e dovomân

Fr.: émission secondaire   

The emission of → secondary electrons from the surface of a material when an incident particle (often, charged particle such as electron or ion) impacts the material with sufficient energy.

secondary; → emission.

secondary mirror
  آینه‌ی ِ دومان   
âyene-ye dovomân

Fr.: miroir secondaire   

The second reflecting surface in a → reflecting telescope. It directs the light either out a side opening of the tube (→ Newtonian telescope) or back toward a → focal point behind and through the → primary mirror (→ Cassegrain telescope). The secondary is usually suspended in the beam and therefore obstructs part of the primary.

secondary; → mirror.

secondary rainbow
  رنگین‌کمان ِ دومان   
rangin-kamân-e dovomân

Fr.: arc-en-ciel secondaire   

A fainter rainbow appearing about 10° above the → primary rainbow, as viewed by the observer. The secondary rainbow is about twice as wide, and has its colors reversed.

secondary; → rainbow.

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